Adjectives for Ver

Adjectives For Ver

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ver, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'ver' can drastically change the meaning and tone of a sentence, revealing nuances and deeper insight into the context. Descriptions can range from 'springer,' highlighting the freshness and start of something, to 'first,' denoting the originality and uniqueness. The adjective 'new' suggests a recent beginning or renewal, while 'different' introduces variety and divergence. Using 'own' emphasizes possession and personal connection, and 'normal' implies conformity or usual standards. Each adjective brings its own flavor and dimension to 'ver,' carefully crafting the narrative's fabric. Dive into the full list below to explore the multifaceted ways 'ver' can be described and understand the subtle shifts in meaning with each adjective.
springerHe has worked at Springer ver 20 for more than 10 years.
firstOur first version of the product is still in development.
newI'm not sure what you mean by 'new ver'.
differentI have a different version of the document.
ownHe likes to read books on his own ver
normalShe checked to see if it was normal ver before signing the contract.
originalThe original ver of this is hard to find.
abnormalHe was found to have an abnormal version of the gene.
madI'm mad ver about her.
secondI have a second version of the software.
finalThe publisher will have the final ver of the manuscript by 4:00 pm today.
commonThe play was not common ver for me.
earlierWe discussed this issue earlier ver
dearDear ver I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for your support and guidance.
14thThis project was approved on 14th ver of board meeting.
20thThe 20th ver is the last ver of the book.
secSec ver is what I need.
ancientI found a very ancient ver yesterday
quickQuick ver she sped away in her fancy sports car.
averageThe average ver of 10, 12, 14 is 12.
5thThe 5th version of the software is now available.
denMin far er den ver bedste far.
potentialThe project has the potential ver for success.
lustyLusty ver can be a powerful force for good or evil, and it is important to use it wisely.
doubtfulThe doubtful veracity of the news left me unconvinced.
4thThe 4th version of the app is now available.
16thThe 16th ver is the last verse in a sonnet.
exegeticalThe exegetical ver of the Bible remains controversial.
corticalThe cortical ver is a type of brainwave that is associated with deep sleep.
10thHis 10th ver ended with an emphasis on his gratitude.
13thThe 13th verse of the poem is my favorite.
visualThe visual ver of the article is impressive.
penalThe penal version of the code was adopted in 1621.
addedHe added ver to the code
olderI prefer the newer version over the older ver
notableThe notable ver did not surprise me.
12thI am currently in the 12th ver grade.
bilateralThe bilateral ver was signed by both parties.
6thLet us meet at the 6th ver tomorrow.
17th"This is the 17th ver"
meanI mean very little to you.
35thHappy 35th ver anniversary!
gracingThe children's presence was gracing ver the event.
reasonableWith rising temperatures, a reasonable version of the carbon tax is more essential than ever.
slightThe trees had a slight ver due to the strong breeze.
soufletThe souflet ver was perfect.
bitBit ver bit ver bit ver bit ver bit ver
opaqueThe opaque ver covered the entire window.
successiveThe successive versions of the software fixed the bugs.
strongerWith every single challenge, she grew stronger ver
apothekerDer Apotheker verabreichte dem Patienten das Medikament.
7thThe 7th version of the software is now available.

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