Adjectives for Verification

Adjectives For Verification

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing verification, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'verification' can significantly change the depth and focus of your message. 'Experimental verification' speaks to a process of testing new theories or concepts, hinting at innovation and discovery. Meanwhile, 'empirical verification' underscores the reliance on observed and measured evidence, evoking a sense of scientific rigor. Opting for 'independent verification' suggests a level of objectivity and trustworthiness, as the process is carried out without bias. 'Formal verification', on the other hand, aligns with structured and methodical approaches, often within legal or official frameworks. 'Further verification' implies a continuation of scrutiny, a search for additional evidence, while 'direct verification' emphasizes a straightforward, unmediated confirmation. Each adjective opens a different dimension of analysis or assurance. Understand the full spectrum of nuances by exploring our comprehensive list of adjectives commonly used with 'verification'.
experimentalThe experimental verification of the hypothesis was successful.
empiricalOur conclusion is based on empirical verification
independentNo independent verification of the claims was possible.
formalFormal verification is a process of checking that a system meets its specifications.
furtherThe document requires further verification to ensure its authenticity.
directI had to check for the validity of the rumors by direct verification
scientificScientific verification provided conclusive evidence supporting the hypothesis.
completeThe record requires complete verification before it can be released.
finalThe final verification must be completed before we can proceed.
objectiveThe objective verification process ensures that the data is accurate and reliable.
automaticAutomatic verification is a common way to verify user identities.
statisticalThe statistical verification confirmed the validity of our hypothesis.
physicalThe physical verification process was completed without any discrepancies.
additionalWe require additional verification before we can release the funds.
functionalFunctional verification ensures the correct behavior of a design.
adequateThe bank requires adequate verification before approving the loan.
historicalThe historical verification of the event is still being debated by scholars.
externalThe new framework for the investment analysis process includes external verification from a third party.
subsequentThe subsequent verification of documents revealed discrepancies in the information provided.
effectiveThe effective verification process ensured the accuracy of the data.
carefulThe team conducted careful verification before signing the contract.
quantitativeThe project manager provided quantitative verification of the team's progress.
visualPlease complete the visual verification to prove that you are not a robot.
actualThe actual verification of the data revealed some inconsistencies.
properThe proper verification of documents is essential for maintaining accuracy and security.
histologicalThe diagnosis of allergic granulomatous angiitis was made on the basis of histological verification
internationalInspectors will conduct on-site visits and interviews with the help of international verification mechanisms.
possibleThe possible verification of the data is still pending.
partialThe partial verification of the data allowed us to proceed to the next stage.
practicalPractical verification allows for the confirmation of a hypothesis through empirical observation.
detailedThe detailed verification process confirmed the authenticity of the document.
rigorousRigorous verification is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the data.
immediateWe need immediate verification of your identity.
systematicThe systematic verification process ensured the accuracy and reliability of the data.
inductiveInductive verification is a method of verifying the correctness of a program by using test cases to prove its correctness.
sitePlease complete the site verification process to verify your website's ownership.
successfulThe mobile application required successful verification of the user's email address before allowing access to the premium content.
eschatologicalThe eschatological verification of the text revealed its apocalyptic nature.
linePlease provide your full name during the line verification
histologicBiopsy of the perinephric mass revealed a metastatic papillary renal cell carcinoma with clear cells variant upon histologic verification
easyThe application requires easy verification of the user's identity.
conclusiveThe study provides conclusive verification of the hypothesis.
partyThe party verification process was completed successfully.
factualFactual verification is important to ensure the accuracy of information.
compositionalCompositional verification allows for the verification of complex systems by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable components.
sufficientThe evidence provided is not deemed sufficient verification to process your request.
numericalNumerical verification was used to confirm the accuracy of the data.
extensiveThe extensive verification process ensured the accuracy of the data.
exactWe require exact verification of all submitted information.
thoroughThe procedure requires a thorough verification before it can be executed.
absoluteThe document provided absolute verification of the individual's identity.
strikingThe striking verification of her claim was undeniable.
periodicThe financial services industry requires periodic verification of client information.
accurateAccurate verification is crucial for ensuring the reliability of data.
ultimateThe ultimate verification of a theory is its predictive power.
mathematicalThe sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees, a mathematical verification easily confirmed by experiment.
levelPlease, carry out a level verification
automatedThe system uses automated verification to ensure the accuracy of the data.
staticStatic verification guarantees that a design meets its requirements before it is manufactured.
strictThe strict verification process ensured the accuracy and reliability of the results.
dynamicTo enhance security, the bank implemented dynamic verification for all online transactions.
bibliographicThe bibliographic verification confirmed the accuracy of the citation.
manualTo ensure security, the transaction requires manual verification
mechanicalThe mechanical verification of the software was successful.
pathologicalThe research team received pathological verification of the diagnosis.
logicalLogical verification of the hypothesis was achieved through empirical experimentation.
modularThe modular verification approach ensures the correctness of each component independently.
preciseThe precise verification was completed with the utmost accuracy.
ampleThe ample verification of his alibi eliminated any doubt of his innocence.
efficientThe proposed method provides efficient verification and can be extended to improve the precision.
preliminaryThe preliminary verification has shown that the account is valid.
satisfactoryThe council will provide satisfactory verification to the bank.
mutualThe mutual verification of the two sources ensures the accuracy of the information.
continuousThe agile development approach requires continuous verification of the software increments.
reliableThe reliable verification confirmed the authenticity of the document.

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