Adjectives for Version

Adjectives For Version

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing version, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'version' can subtly change its meaning, bringing attention to different aspects such as its novelty, language, chronology, authenticity, or completeness. For instance, a 'new version' often suggests recent improvements or updates; an 'English version' indicates a linguistic adaptation; the 'first version' could highlight its originality or innovations; while the 'original version' points to its authenticity. Meanwhile, a 'final version' suggests completion and finality, as opposed to an 'earlier version' that may indicate a work in progress or something obsolete. Each adjective shapes the perception of the noun, inviting readers to explore more about the nuances and contexts behind them. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'version' in our comprehensive list below.
newI am excited to use the new version of the software.
firstThe first version of the software was released in 2001.
originalThe original version of the film was released in 1977.
finalHere is a short sentence with the phrase "final version": The final version of the report is now available.
earlierThe earlier version of the software was more user-friendly.
ownShe gave me her own version of the story.
secondI am working on the second version of the project.
modifiedWe used a modified version of the original software.
frenchThe french version of the book is much better than the english version.
currentPlease update to the current version of the application.
earlyThe early version of the software had a lot of bugs.
latestI am running the latest version of the software.
modernThe modern version of the classic novel is more accessible to contemporary readers.
laterLet me know when a later version of this document is available.
officialThe official version of the story has been released.
greekThis is the Greek version of the text.
previousCould you please send me the previous version of that document?
shorterThe shorter version of the sentence is...
recentThe most recent version of the software is much faster than the previous one.
abbreviatedHere's an abbreviated version of the main points.
abridgedHere is an abridged version of the story.
completeI have the complete version of the software.
smallerYou can always print a smaller version of the game.
spanishI need the spanish version
condensedThis is the condensed version of the document.
extendedThe extended version of the movie was released last month.
standardUse the standard version of the software.
chineseYou can easily access the Chinese version of our website.
electronicI prefer the electronic version of the book.
downI need to change the down version of the app.
longerThe longer version is more detailed.
popularThe popular version of the software is more user-friendly.
extremeThe 'Extreme Version' is the most challenging level in the game.
correctThe correct version is now available.
earliestThe earliest version of the software was released in 1995.
onlineYou can find the online version of the manual here.
preliminaryThe preliminary version of the report is incomplete.
sophisticatedHer new hairstyle was a sophisticated version of the classic bob.
newerI would recommend that you upgrade to the newer version
syriacThe Syriac version of the Christian Bible is called the Peshitta.
alternativeI prefer the original version over the alternative version
japaneseYou can find the Japanese version of the website here.
editedI prefer the edited version of the video.
russianthe russian version of the novel was very popular
centuryI can't believe it's been a century version since I graduated from high school.
contemporaryThis is a contemporary version of the classic novel.
miniatureI have a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower on my desk.
metricalI composed a metrical version of this poem.
simplerThe simpler version can be found online.
printedThe printed version will only be available next week.
idealizedHe remained an idealized version of himself in her mind.
simplestThis is the simplest version of the sentence.
musicalI was excited to see the musical version of my favorite book.
refinedThis is a refined version of the original sentence.
languageI am using the latest language version
definitiveHe is in possession of the definitive version of the document.
enlargedThe enlarged version of the photo was blurry.
youngerI met a younger version of myself in my dream.
dramaticThe dramatic version of the play was much more intense than the original.

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