Adjectives for Vertex

Adjectives For Vertex

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vertex, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of mathematics and geometry, the term 'vertex' is pivotal. Choosing the right adjective to describe a vertex can significantly affect the understanding and visualization of geometrical shapes and theories. For example, a 'common' vertex in polygons brings forth the idea of shared corners, while a 'new' vertex might indicate the addition or discovery within a geometrical figure. A 'single' or 'first' vertex often highlights the starting point or a unique aspect in shapes, whereas an 'opposite' vertex underlines symmetrical or relational properties. Each adjective unravels a different facet of the vertex, offering a richer comprehension of its role and characteristics in geometry. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'vertex' below to explore the depth of its usage and implications.
commonThe two angles share a common vertex
newThe software update has introduced a new vertex to the algorithms calculations.
sameThe two triangles have the same vertex
singleThe shape has a single vertex
firstThe first vertex is located at the origin.
oppositeThe line segment drawn between both opposite vertex of parallelogram divides the parallelogram into two equal triangles.
nextThe next vertex is colored blue.
lastThe last vertex on the graph has the smallest degree.
initialThe parabola has its initial vertex at the origin.
thirdThe third vertex of the triangle is located at the point (3, 5).
secondThe second vertex of the triangle is at the point (3, 4).
primaryThe primary vertex is the point at which the beam particles collide with the target.
currentThe current vertex is the vertex that is currently being considered by the algorithm.
terminalThe parabola's terminal vertex is at (3, 4).
correspondingThe corresponding vertex is located at the intersection of the two lines.
topThe top vertex of the parabola is at (2, 3).
leftThe left vertex of the rectangle is at the origin.
particularThis particular vertex has three edges connected to it.
centralThe central vertex of the graph is represented by the node with the highest degree.
lowerThe lower vertex of the triangle is the most prominent angle.
isolatedThe isolated vertex in the graph is node 5.
upperThe upper vertex of the triangle is the one that is the highest.
rightThe right vertex of the triangle is obtuse.
adjacentThe adjacent vertex to vertex A is vertex B.
fourthThe fourth vertex of the square is located at (4, 0).
internalThe internal vertex of this graph is labeled as 'v'
arbitraryThe arbitrary vertex was chosen as the starting point for the algorithm.
cornealThe corneal vertex was defined as the apex of the anterior corneal surface.
finalThe final vertex is the last vertex in a sequence of vertices.
previousThe previous vertex's color is red.
gluonThe gluon vertex is a fundamental building block of quantum chromodynamics.
nearestThe nearest vertex to the starting point is the vertex with the smallest Euclidean distance.
uniqueThe graph has a unique vertex
principalThe principal vertex of the parabola is located at the point (h, k).
perEach of the triangles that make up the model has three colors, one per vertex
innerThe inner vertex of the triangle is the point where the three sides meet.
oddThe odd vertex is the one that is not connected to any other vertex.
bottomThe bottom vertex is the lowest point on the curve.
backThe back vertex of the graph is the last vertex in the topological ordering.
markedThe marked vertex in the graph has been found.
fixedThe classification problem with fixed vertex is to separate items in a metric space into several predefined classes by constructing a function whose values for points in each class are equal.
closestThe closest vertex to the user's location is at approximately (10,15).
effectiveThe effective vertex of the triangle is the point where the altitudes meet.
unvisitedThe unvisited vertex is the vertex that has not been visited yet.
distinguishedThe distinguished vertex in the graph is marked with a red dot.
photonThe photon vertex is an electromagnetic interaction that occurs at a quantum level.
lowestThe lowest vertex is situated three meters above the ground
pointThe point vertex of the cone is located at the origin.
optimalThe algorithm was designed to find the optimal vertex cover for the given graph.
handThe hand vertex is the point where the hand comes into contact with the object.
extraTo create a new ear, remove the cartilage from the extra vertex of the ear and sew it back together.
cranialThe cranial vertex is the highest point on the skull.
highestThe mountain's highest vertex soared majestically towards the heavens.
electromagneticResearchers have discovered a new electromagnetic vertex in the Standard Model of particle physics.
leftmostThe leftmost vertex of the triangle is marked with a dot.
bareThe bare vertex in the graph has a degree of 0.
middleThe middle vertex of the isosceles triangle is the same distance from the base as the other two vertices.
submentalThe submental vertex is the point on the mandible where the mental foramen is located.
outerThe outer vertex of the polygon is the point where the sides meet.
weakThe footing has a weak vertex angle
pointedThe pointed vertex of the mountain was a subject of the painting.
tripleThe triple vertex of water is located at 273.16 K and 611.73 Pa.
neighboringThe neighboring vertex of the graph is c.
anteriorI'll begin the procedure with an incision at the anterior vertex
convexThe curve has a convex vertex at the point where it turns from decreasing to increasing.
posterior"On physical examination, her posterior vertex is located at S2–3."
reconstructedThe reconstructed vertex of the muon track was found to be consistent with the primary vertex of the event.
concaveThe parabola has a concave vertex at the point (-2, 3).
artificialThe artificial vertex was created to increase the stability of the graph.
meshThe mesh vertex is a fundamental building block of 3D models.
worstThe worst vertex is the one that is most difficult to reach.
feasibleThe feasible vertex of the polytope is the vertex that satisfies all the constraints.

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