Adjectives for Vessel

Adjectives For Vessel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vessel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a <em>vessel</em> illuminates not just its size or origin, but also its purpose and essence. A <strong>small</strong> vessel might evoke images of a minimalist voyage, while a <strong>large</strong> one suggests grand adventures. The term <strong>American</strong> vessel instantly ties the boat to a specific heritage and potentially, design ethos. Contrastingly, a <strong>blood</strong> vessel opens an entirely different conversation about life and biology, underscoring the diversity in the word's use. Whether referring to a <strong>single</strong> vessel's solitary journey or the intimate details of our circulatory system, each adjective unlocks a new facet of understanding. Dive into the full list of adjectives below to explore the myriad ways in which these descriptors bring a simple noun to life.
smallThe small vessel sailed across the harbor.
largeThe large vessel was carrying a load of grain.
littleThe little vessel bobbed along on the waves.
americanThe American vessel was seized by the British.
bloodThe doctor examined the blood vessel closely.
singleThe single vessel sailed through the calm waters.
closedThe chemical reaction took place in a closed vessel
britishThe British vessel was docked at the port.
englishThe English vessel sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
cylindricalThe cylindrical vessel was filled with a clear liquid.
largerThe larger vessel was able to carry more cargo.
navalThe guided-missile destroyer is a naval vessel equipped with long-range missiles.
frenchThe French vessel reached the port safely.
earthenThe earthen vessel was carefully crafted by the skilled potter.
openThe open vessel contained a strange liquid.
emptyThe empty vessel made a loud noise as it fell to the ground.
armedThe pirate ship was an armed vessel carrying cannons and muskets.
neutralThe neutral vessel sailed through the strait without incident.
woodenThe wooden vessel sailed across the vast ocean.
foreignThe foreign vessel was impounded by the Coast Guard.
smallerThe smaller vessel was tossed around in the rough seas.
largestThe largest vessel in the world is the Prelude FLNG, a floating liquefied natural gas facility.
spanishThe Spanish vessel sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
shapedThe widened-top shaped vessel was used to fill up the smaller cylindrical containers.
suitableThe suitable vessel was finally acquired for the expedition.
dutchThe Dutch vessel sailed through the calm waters of the harbor.
lymphaticThe lymphatic vessel is a capillary-like structure that collects interstitial fluid and transports it to the lymph nodes.
weakerEven though she might appear to be the weaker vessel she is actually very strong.
fineThe fine vessel glided through the water with effortless grace.
dorsalThe circulatory system comprises a ventral coronary vessel, a dorsal vessel and a network of anastomosing sinuses.
latterThe latter vessel was a Spanish brigantine.
mastedAnchored in the bay were several three-masted vessels.
outer"Grab me a screwdriver and an old or damaged outer vessel."
threeBring those three vessel waters to the man over there.
shallowThe shallow vessel was filled with water for the birds.
sacredThe priest carried a sacred vessel containing the ashes of the deceased.
strangeThe sudden appearance of the strange vessel perplexed the astonished observers.
tonThe ton vessel was large enough to hold the entire cargo.
riggedThe rigged vessel sailed into the harbor with great fanfare.
innerThe inner vessel was filled with a clear liquid.
wreckedThe wrecked vessel lay beached upon the sandy shore.
closeThe close vessel sailed across the vast ocean.
cleanThe holy bread must be placed in a clean vessel before consumption.
coveredSome dishes are cooked in a covered vessel to seal in the moisture.
japaneseThe japanese vessel was a large wooden ship with a single mast.
hugeThe huge vessel was carefully maneuvered into the harbor, its towering hull a testament to human ingenuity.
occludedThe neurologist ordered an MRI to investigate the patient's symptoms, which revealed an occluded vessel in the brain.
walledThe walled vessel's sturdy construction prevented the precious contents from spilling.
portugueseThe Portuguese vessel sailed along the coast.
hollowThe hollow vessel reverberated with an ethereal sound.
holyThe priest consecrated the holy vessel for use in the sacrament.
drivenThe driven vessel cleave the icy waters as a dolphin.
strandedThe stranded vessel was in danger of sinking.
coronaryThe coronary vessels supply blood to the heart muscle.
goldenThe golden vessel a priceless heirloom, was passed down through generations.
lightTheir yellow hulls with white trim made them as conspicuous as light vessels.
injuredThe injured vessel was taken to port for repairs.
ceramicThe ceramic vessel was carefully crafted by the artisan.
mixingThe mixing vessel was filled with a variety of ingredients.
frailHe was a frail vessel barely able to withstand the storm's wrath.
rupturedThe ruptured vessel caused internal bleeding.
cerebralThe cerebral vessel was occluded by a thrombus.
sphericalThe spherical vessel contained a precious liquid.
russianThe Russian vessel sailed through the Bering Strait into the Pacific Ocean.
tinyThe tiny vessel sailed across the vast ocean.
builtThe built vessel was launched into the water.
nobleThe noble vessel sailed through the calm waters.
pressureThe pressure vessel's maximum allowable working pressure is 2,000 psi.

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