Adjectives for Veteran

Adjectives For Veteran

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing veteran, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the landscape of language, veteran garners a rich tapestry of adjectives that weave into its meaning nuances both subtle and profound. An old veteran speaks to experience and longevity, painting a picture of a life steeped in history. A young veteran, conversely, brings forward the vigor of youth, coupled with the early onset of profound experiences. The term seasoned accentuates a wealth of practical knowledge, while confederate harks back to specific historical contexts. The adjective disabled highlights the sacrifices made and the challenges faced post-service. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, enriching our appreciation of the term. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives detailing the multifaceted profiles of veterans below.
oldThe old veteran shared stories of his time in the war.
yearHe is a 10 year veteran of the force.
seasonedThe seasoned veteran guided the team to victory with his wealth of experience.
confederateThe Confederate veteran was proud of his service to the Confederacy.
disabledThe disabled veteran was proud to serve his country.
youngThe young veteran returned home from war, eager to start a new life.
grizzledThe grizzled veteran had seen countless battles.
decoratedThe decorated veteran was honored for his bravery in the war.
scarredThe scarred veteran returned home from the war, haunted by memories.
blackThe black veteran received a Purple Heart for his service in the war.
gallantThe gallant veteran was honored with a parade for his service.
americanThe American veteran was honored for his service.
experiencedThe experienced veteran shared his knowledge with the new recruits.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary veteran was honored for his bravery and service.
agedThe aged veteran was honored with a parade in his hometown.
hairedThe gray-haired veteran shared stories of his youth.
hardenedThe hardened veteran had witnessed the horrors of war firsthand.
militaryI met a military veteran who served in Afghanistan.
braveThe brave veteran had served his country with honor and distinction.
distinguishedThe distinguished veteran was honored for his service.
hardyBob's long and decorated military career makes him a true hardy veteran
civilHe is a civil veteran and was a member of the Civil Air Patrol for 5 years.
toughThe tough veteran had seen many battles and was not afraid of anything.
armedThe armed veteran stood proudly in front of the flag.
retiredThe retired veteran proudly displayed his medals.
deceasedThe deceased veteran was honored with a military funeral.
wornThe worn veteran returned to battle one last time, defying age and fate.
eligibleThe eligible veteran received a 90% disability rating.
fellowMy fellow veteran served in the Air Force for 20 years.
respectedThe respected veteran was honored with a parade.
headedThe headed veteran led the troops into battle.
koreanMy grandfather was a korean veteran
worthyThe worthy veteran was honored for his bravery.
oldestThe oldest veteran in attendance was 101 years old.
sturdyThe sturdy veteran withstood the harsh conditions with ease.
elderlyThe elderly veteran received a heartfelt welcome home.
blindThe blind veteran served his country with honor and distinction.
wilyThe wily veteran had seen it all and knew how to survive.
honestI am an honest veteran who served his country with honor.
crippledThe crippled veteran hobbled down the street.
leggedThe legged veteran marched proudly in the parade.
nobleThe noble veteran had fought bravely for his country.
olderThe older veteran spoke at length about his war experiences.
famousThe famous veteran was honored with a parade.
honoredThe honored veteran received a standing ovation from the assembly.
crimeanThe Crimean veteran was a hero in his community.
navalThe naval veteran had seen many battles during his time at sea.
eyedThe eyed veteran watched over the sleeping camp.
beardedThe bearded veteran gazed into the roaring campfire, lost in memories of a distant war.
proudThe proud veteran had experienced many battles.
grimThe grim veteran stood alone, his face etched with the scars of a thousand battles.
wiseThe wise veteran shared his experiences with the eager young recruits.
longtimeThe longtime veteran has worked for the company for over 20 years.
tallThe tall veteran walked slowly down the street.
woundedA wounded veteran worked tirelessly to support fellow veterans.
wearyThe weary veteran struggled to keep his eyes open as he listened to the general's speech.
shockedThe shocked veteran stared blankly at the horrors of war.
triedThe tried veteran guided the young troops through the dangerous terrain.
mexicanThe Mexican veteran fought bravely in the war.
timeMy grandpa, a Vietnam War time veteran has been awarded a medal for his service.
crustyShe was a crusty veteran of many battles.
facedThe faced veteran was a hero.
romanThe roman veteran returned to Rome.
qualifiedThe qualified veteran has a proven track record of success in the military.
batteredThe battered veteran had seen better days.
venerableThe venerable veteran shared his war stories with the eager young recruits.
hoaryHe is a hoary veteran of the local theater scene.
unemployedThe unemployed veteran struggled to find a job that matched his skills.
dischargedThe discharged veteran had difficulty finding work in his field.
marineThe team celebrated the marine veteran's return.
shrewdThe shrewd veteran outmaneuvered his younger opponent with ease, much to the surprise of the spectators.
eraThe era veteran was honored for his service.
canadianThe canadian veteran served his country with honor.
afghanI met a very brave afghan veteran at the park.

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