Adjectives for Veterinary

Adjectives For Veterinary

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing veterinary, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe "veterinary" services or qualities can profoundly impact the perception and effectiveness of communication. Whether discussing local veterinary clinics that provide community-centric care, the essential stages of pre veterinary education, or the meticulous details of medical veterinary procedures, each adjective unveils unique nuances. Adjectives such as good veterinary practices reflect on quality, while oral veterinary might focus on dental expertise. Similarly, old veterinary could evoke a sense of tradition or experience. Understanding these subtle distinctions enriches our discussions, offering deeper insights into the veterinary world. Dive deeper into the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'veterinary' below.
localI took my sick cat to the local veterinary clinic.
preI am a pre veterinary student at the University of Florida.
medicalHer father is a medical veterinary
goodThe clinic has a good veterinary team that is very attentive to detail.
oralThe oral veterinary clinic provides comprehensive dental care for pets.
oldThe old veterinary slowly walked down the hall with his cane.
comparativeThe comparative veterinary research aided in the development of new treatments for animal diseases.
nearestI'll get the address of the nearest veterinary
sameThe same veterinary practiced medicine on both of my dogs.
youngThe young veterinary examined the cat's injured paw.
subThe sub veterinary advised us to keep the dog away from other animals.
modernHe took his dog to the modern veterinary clinic for a checkup.
competentThe competent veterinary cared for the sick dog.
agriculturalVeterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with animal diseases, injuries, and treatment; agricultural veterinary medicine specifically focuses on livestock.
nationalPets are being cared for by national veterinary services.
licensedMy sister is working as a licensed veterinary in the animal hospital.
dunThe dun veterinary helped the horse.
professionalThe professional veterinary staff at the clinic could answer all my questions.
civilThe civil veterinary team works to improve animal health and welfare in the community.
ruralThe rural veterinary clinic provides essential healthcare services to animals in remote areas.
paidI took my dog to the paid veterinary clinic for a checkup.
officialThe official veterinary examined the dog's wound.
fairThe fair veterinary examined the sick dog with care and compassion.
mereThe mere veterinary seems to have a good command of his work.
decentThe veterinarian provided decent veterinary care to my pet.
amateurThe amateur veterinary doctor examined the injured cat.
properThe dog received proper veterinary care throughout its life.
respectiveThe trained veterinary team are devoted to offer excellent service to the respective veterinary clients with compassion.
medicoThe medico veterinary is attending to the injured cat
importantThe important veterinary treated the sick cow.

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