Adjectives for Vic

Adjectives For Vic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe vic can profoundly impact the nuance of your sentence, transforming a mere mention into a vivid depiction. The adjective old conjures images of a vic with a rich history, while little endears it, making it seem diminutive or less significant. The geographical adjectives western and eastern not only locate the vic but also imbue it with the cultural and historical connotations of its region. Meanwhile, poor evokes sympathy or distress, and dear adds a layer of affection or costliness. Together, these adjectives paint a diverse portrait of vic, revealing just how versatile and nuanced language can be. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe vic below.
oldThe Old vic is a famous theatre in London.
littleLittle vic helped the police with their inquiries.
westernWestern vic is a beautiful part of Australia.
easternEastern vic is a type of oil.
poorPoor vic was left all alone.
dearDear vic did we get to the bottom of this?
13thThe 13th vic said something about being stabbed.
32-33A police sergeant numbered 32-33 vic was called to the scene of the crime.
24thI met with the 24th vic and then talked with the 3rd guy.
secondThe defendant was found guilty as a second vic
9thThe 9th vic was a catastrophic event.
youngThe Young vic is a theatre in the Waterloo area of London.
60-61A 60-61 victory over Gateshead brought the Northern sides into the quarter finals.
54-55The act was given Royal Assent on the 25th of July 1891 and is titled as "An Act respecting the incorporation of the Joliette and St. Jerome Railway Company," and cited as "54-55 Vic., c. 52."
lesLes vic étaient en train de jouer au football.
4thJohn came in 4th vic
12thThe deputies are the 12th vic of the kingdome.
51-52The 51-52 vic statute provides a framework for the regulation of employment in the UK.
bigBig vic was a formidable opponent in the boxing ring.
southernI love the southern vic
57-58I will be there at 57-58 vic.
5th5th vic left twice and intercepted the ball near midfield.
16thAt the beginning of the 16th vic a Portuguese army led by Francisco de Almeida conquered Goa which was under the rule of the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur.
blackThe black vic screeched to a stop.
compareI intend to compare Vic's new creation to his prior work.
15thMy 15th vic was two years ago.
10thThis is information is protected as per the 10th vic it should not be shared with anyone.
oneI need one vic to help me with this task.
8thThe 8th vic was a mystery to the police.
northernI'm travelling to northern vic next week
whiteThe white vic swerved to avoid the dog.
38-39I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "38-39 vic".
centralThe central vic is a region in Victoria, Australia.
20thThe 20th vic is a master of disguise.
rcaRca vic is a brand of electronics.
14thThe 14th vic was named John Smith.
47-48The 47-48 vic is a type of Victorian house.
18thThe 18th vic was not very good.
34thThe 34th vic was a good man.
blueThe blue vic is parked in the driveway.
specimensSpecimens vic are no longer accepted for the coccids exhibit.
outcomeThe outcome vic can be either favorable or unfavorable.
28thHe is the 28th vic of the country.
46-47The game of 46-47 vic will start soon at the local stadium.
regionalThe regional vic's door had been vandalized.
thoroughbredThey kept their thoroughbred vic in the barn.
9-10I got 9-10 vic last time.
nohantNohant vic was found guilty of murder.
decisiveThe decisive vic of the war signified the end of the conflict.
longerThe longer vic is an exotic game fish.
belovedSuch kindness was the beloved vic's last gift to her.
62-63The case of 62-63 vic was a significant legal precedent.
6thThe 6th vic walked slowly away, his footsteps heavy with fatigue.
19th"The donkey's 19th vic came on a cold morning."
20-21It is now the 20-21 vic, and the situation is still dire.
sinteredThe sintered vic catalyzed the reaction.
liveWe can live vicariously through celebrities by following their lives on social media.
easyThe easy vic could not be stopped.
1stThe 1st vic was handled by the attending resident.
westThe west vic farmer milked forty cows.
maroonThe maroon vic was parked in the driveway.
famousThe famous vic at the bar was a local celebrity.
17thThe 17th vic waited impatiently for her turn to speak.
29thThe 29th vic who is also the incumbent, is expected to win the upcoming election.
helplessThe helpless vic was left alone in the dark.
50-51My favorite holiday is October 31st because I get to dress up in a 50-51 vic costume.
femaleThe female vic was found strangled with a rope.

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