Adjectives for Vice

Adjectives For Vice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'vice' reveals a rich tapestry of insight into our collective imagination and moral landscapes. Words like 'inherent' and 'unnatural' delve into the intrinsic or contradictory nature of vices, suggesting a spectrum of acceptance and rejection. 'Only' and 'secret' touch upon the solitude and concealment often associated with vice, reflecting societal norms and personal battles. Meanwhile, 'common' and 'national' expand the conversation to collective and culturally anchored practices, inviting a broader dialogue on ethics and identity. Each adjective, from the intimate to the communal, opens a window into how we navigate the complex terrains of vice. Discover the full range of adjectives and the nuanced perspectives they offer below.
inherentThe movie's inherent vice is its slow pacing.
onlyThe only vice she had was her sweet tooth.
secretHer secret vice was a passion for gambling.
commonMany people are tempted by the common vice of gossiping.
nationalThe national vice is a drinking habit.
particularIn life, everyone has their particular vice
privateSmoking is a private vice that should not be banned.
singleHis single vice was smoking.
solitaryThe solitary vice of smoking had taken its toll on his health.
radicalThe politician's radical vice was revealed when he was caught in a compromising position with a lobbyist.
worstSmoking is my worst vice
greatestGreed is often considered the greatest vice
muchThere was much vice in the town.
dangerousThe adrenaline rush he felt from his dangerous vice was exhilarating.
openThe open vice gripped the metal sheet tightly.
moralThe law enforcement agency was cracking down on moral vice in the city.
grossThe politician was accused of gross vice but the charges were never proven.
chiefThe chief vice of the proposed bill is that it could potentially lead to unintended consequences.
fashionableSmoking has become a fashionable vice among the young.
characteristicHis characteristic vice was an unyielding stubbornness.
detestableSmoking is a detestable vice
fundamentalThe fundamental vice of our contemporary world is preoccupation with the self.
prevalentIndulging in the prevalent vice of procrastination, he had delayed his work.
formerI work with the former vice president of the company.
degradingHis degrading vice of gambling had ruined his life.
peculiarThe peculiar vice was his love of collecting antique doorknobs.}
abominableThe abominable vice left a stain on his reputation.
positiveThe positive vice of curiosity often leads to great discoveries.
maleDespite the male vice of smoking, the surgeon general has yet to issue a warning for secondhand meditation.
terribleHis terrible vice was losing his temper.
cardinalThe cardinal vice of procrastination is prevalent in many students.
habitualHis habitual vice was smoking cigarettes.
destructiveHis destructive vice led him down a dangerous path.
constitutionalThe constitutional vice of this law is that it violates the separation of powers.
commercialThe commercial vice of the city was rampant, with corruption and illicit activities at every turn.
fatalHis fatal vice was his excessive drinking.
favouriteMy favourite vice is eating chocolate.
executiveThe executive vice president was responsible for overseeing the company's global operations.
contraryHe is accused of a contrary vice
horribleHis horrible vice led him down a path of self-destruction.
vulgarThe vulgar vice of drinking had taken control of him.
universalUniversal vice is the lust for power.
urbanI've heard gossip about the urban vice that is rampant throughout the city.
correspondingThe excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a corresponding vice of laziness.
hiddenThe seller was unaware of the hidden vice in the car, which was a faulty transmission.
supremeThe supreme vice is the pursuit of pleasure without regard to moral principles.
favoriteMy favorite vice is reading juicy gossip magazines.
minorThe minor vice of procrastination often leads to missed deadlines.
hereditaryGambling is an example of a hereditary vice
perniciousWhat was once a harmless pastime had become a pernicious vice
flagrantThe flagrant vice of the city shocked the new visitors.
predominantHer predominant vice was a reluctance to face reality.
sordidThe sordid vice that had once controlled him was something to be avoided at all costs.

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