Adjectives for Victim

Adjectives For Victim

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing victim, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'victim' can significantly alter the perception and emotional impact of a sentence. 'First' and 'next' may suggest a sequence of events or victims, imbuing the context with anticipation or dread. 'Innocent' and 'helpless' evoke sympathy and highlight the victim's lack of culpability or power, deepening the reader's emotional engagement. 'Intended' shifts the focus to the victim's role within a larger scheme, adding an element of suspense. Meanwhile, 'sacrificial' introduces a narrative of greater purpose or suffering for a cause, opening a path to discussions on morality or destiny. Each adjective shapes our understanding of the victim in subtle yet profound ways. Dive deeper into how different adjectives frame the narrative and explore the full list below.
firstThe first victim was found in the woods.
innocentThe innocent victim was left in the crossfire.
intendedThe intended victim was unharmed.
nextThe next victim was a young woman who had been walking home from work.
helplessThe innocent child was a helpless victim of the abusive parent.
unfortunateThe unfortunate victim was left traumatized by the experience.
poorThe poor victim was left alone to fend for herself.
potentialThe police officer identified a potential victim in the case.
humanThe murder suspect admitted to killing the human victim
lastThe last victim of the serial killer was a young woman.
passiveThe passive victim was found unharmed.
onlyThe only victim of the accident was a young woman.
femaleThe female victim was found dead in her apartment.
allegedThe alleged victim of the crime was found unharmed.
unhappyThe unhappy victim was left alone in the dark.
willingShe became a willing victim enduring unspeakable cruelties.
haplessThe hapless victim was an easy target for the ruthless criminals.
latestThe latest victim of the deadly virus was a 72-year-old man with underlying health conditions.
unsuspectingThe unsuspecting victim was oblivious to the danger lurking in the shadows.
maleThe male victim was found dead in his apartment.
wretchedThe wretched victim lay helpless on the ground.
thirdThe third victim was found dead in the alleyway.
chiefThe chief victim of this scam was an elderly woman.
unconsciousThe unconscious victim was rushed to the hospital.
unwillingThe unwilling victim was forced to testify against his will.
principalHe was the principal victim of the accident.
tragicThe tragic victim was left alone and forgotten.
prospectiveThe stalker targeted the prospective victim for months.
fallenJohn has fallen victim to the latest scam.
typicalThe typical victim is an elderly woman.
miserableThe miserable victim was left alone to suffer.
fellowThe fellow victim reported the incident to the police.
perfectThe perfect victim was an easy target for the predator.
likelyThe likely victim was not present at the time of the crime.
devotedThe devoted victim sacrificed everything for the cause.
deadThe dead victim was found lying in a pool of blood.
unwittingThe unsuspecting shopper was an unwitting victim of the pickpocket's theft.
fourthThe search for the fourth victim who was believed to be trapped under the debris, continued.
ultimateThe ultimate victim of his own greed, he lost everything.
illustriousThe illustrious victim was found dead in his mansion.
injuredParamedics rushed to the scene to aid an injured victim
nobleHe was hailed as a noble victim of the cruel, unfeeling system.
readyThe unsuspecting hiker became a ready victim for the ambush.
surrogateThe surrogate victim was used to make the real victim appear more innocent.
elderlyThe elderly victim was found in her home, the target of a brutal crime.
frequentThe frequent victim of theft was starting to worry about her safety.
theThe victim was a young woman who had been brutally murdered.
prominentThe prominent victim was a well-known businessman.
apparentPolice are still searching for the apparent victim
famousThe famous victim of the crime was a wealthy businessman.
adultThe adult victim was found unconscious on the side of the road.
royalThe unsolved murder of the royal victim has haunted the kingdom for centuries.
powerlessThe powerless victim was unable to escape the clutches of his tormentor.
idealThe ideal victim is often seen as someone who is vulnerable, naive, and trusting.
expiatoryThe expiatory victim suffered greatly, but he was ultimately able to save his village.
obviousThe obvious victim of the crime was an elderly woman.
predestinedAs I am a predestined victim my death is to be expected.

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