Adjectives for Victims

Adjectives For Victims

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing victims, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'victims' can evoke powerful emotions and imagery, greatly influenced by the adjectives paired with it. Descriptors like 'many' highlight the scale of a tragedy, while 'innocent' underscores the unjust nature of their plight. The word 'first' can denote those most directly affected or the initial casualties in a series of events. 'Human' reminds us of the personal, emotive connection, stressing empathy and understanding. 'Potential' victims speak to those at risk, illuminating issues of security and prevention. 'Female' victims often draw attention to specific forms of violence or discrimination. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, enriching our understanding of the noun. Embrace the depth and nuances of these descriptors in our comprehensive list below.
manyThere were many victims in the tragic accident.
innocentThe innocent victims were left traumatized by the experience.
firstThe first victims were innocent bystanders.
humanThe serial killer stalked his human victims in the darkness.
potentialThe police warned potential victims of the serial killer.
femaleFemale victims of violence often face additional challenges in accessing justice.
mostWhile most victims experience only mild symptoms, some develop life-threatening complications
helplessThe children were helpless victims of the war.
moreUnfortunately, there were more victims than we initially thought.
unfortunateThe tragic accident left several unfortunate victims
sacrificialThe sacrificial victims were chosen carefully from among the most devout of the tribe.
intendedThe intended victims were able to escape before the attack.
maleI am deeply concerned about the number of male victims of sexual assault.
poorThe poor victims were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
easyThe criminals targeted easy victims who were unable to defend themselves.
haplessThe hapless victims were left stranded in the wilderness.
individualThe stories of the individual victims are not often told.
chiefThe women and children were the chief victims of the war.
principalThe principal victims were children and the elderly.
wretchedThe wretched victims were left to fend for themselves in the aftermath of the disaster.
numerousThe relentless storm caused numerous victims
frequentFrequent victims of crime should be offered more protection.
primaryThe primary victims of the earthquake were the residents of the town
formerThe former victims are now able to live their lives without fear.
unsuspectingThe unsuspecting victims wandered into the trap, unaware of the danger that awaited them.
civilianThe bombing resulted in numerous civilian victims
willingThe con artist preyed on willing victims
freshThe predator was always on the lookout for fresh victims
countlessThe relentless predator left countless victims in its wake.
miserableThe miserable victims of the accident were taken to the hospital.
futureThe police were unaware of the future victims' identities.
allegedThe alleged victims were interviewed by the police
multipleThe accident resulted in multiple victims
domesticDomestic victims have a right to live without fear or violence.
deadThe police discovered five dead victims at the crime scene.
prospectiveThe detectives questioned prospective victims and witnesses about the crime.
adolescentThe police are searching for the man who attacked adolescent victims late at night.
immediate"Make no mistake, the immediate victims in this conflict are the civilians around the world who will suffer from a crippled economy."
earliestThe earliest victims of the attack were two young children.
fellowWe, the fellow victims met at the support group to share our experiences.
unwillingThe unwilling victims were left traumatized by the ordeal.
injuredThe paramedics rushed to aid the injured victims
tragicThe tragic victims are remembered by their families.
vulnerableThe campaign was specifically targeting vulnerable victims
illustriousThe attack claimed many illustrious victims
unwittingThe unwitting victims were unaware of the danger they were in.
youngerReports revealed the first victims were younger victims
innumerableThe war left innumerable victims in its wake.
powerlessThe powerless victims were left to fend for themselves.
riotThe riot victims received assistance from the Red Cross.
prominentThe prominent victims of the disaster were given priority assistance.
readyThe easy marks stood there as ready victims
fewerThere were fewer victims this year than last year.
unconsciousThe unconscious victims were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.
latestThe latest victims were two young children.

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