Adjectives for Vietnamese

Adjectives For Vietnamese

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vietnamese, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vibrant world of Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and history reveals the rich tapestry of experiences and narratives. With adjectives like many, highlighting the plethora of Vietnamese traditions, to most, signifying the widespread influence of this culture, each adjective adds a layer of nuance. The term sino reflects the deep historical and cultural connections with China, while ethnic emphasizes the diverse ethnic groups within Vietnam. Describing something as young captures the youthful energy and dynamism of Vietnam today, in contrast to few, which might denote the rare or unique aspects of Vietnamese experiences. Delve deeper into the complexities and beauties of Vietnamese descriptions with our full list of carefully selected adjectives below.
manyMany vietnamese people live in the United States.
mostMost vietnamese come from Vietnam.
ethnicThe ethnic vietnamese people are a proud and resilient people.
youngThe young vietnamese students enthusiastically participated in the school's traditional Lunar New Year celebration.
fewFew vietnamese live in this country.
overseasThere are many overseas vietnamese living in the United States.
moreThere are more vietnamese people living in the United States than in any other country outside of Vietnam.
sovietThe Soviet vietnamese became the most popular cafe in Hanoi.
chineseMy parents are chinese vietnamese
northThe North vietnamese army was defeated in 1975.
severalI met several vietnamese people on my trip to Ho Chi Minh City.
localThe local vietnamese restaurant is well-known for its pho.
ruralThe rural vietnamese are known for their hard work and dedication.
averageThe average vietnamese person is 5 feet 2 inches tall.
southThe south vietnamese were a resilient people.
ordinaryOrdinary vietnamese eat pho for breakfast every day.
nativeHe taught Vietnamese to many native vietnamese
olderMy older vietnamese friend told me a story about the war.
southernThe southern vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling metropolis.
wealthyThe wealthy vietnamese have been investing in real estate and other assets in recent years.
urbanI love the food and culture of urban vietnamese
traditionalThe traditional vietnamese dish consists of rice noodles, vegetables, and meat.
victoriousThe victorious vietnamese army marched through the streets.
northernA northern vietnamese province has recorded a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.
elderlyThe elderly vietnamese woman sat on a bench in the park.
classI am learning class vietnamese
proI am pro vietnamese
patrioticThe patriotic vietnamese people fought bravely against the foreign invaders.
bornI was born vietnamese and raised American.
loyalThe loyal vietnamese fought bravely against the Chinese invaders.
educatedThe educated vietnamese monk sat and meditated peacefully.
innocentThe innocent vietnamese were affected by the war.
indigenousIndigenous vietnamese people have maintained their tradition through the centuries.
friendlyThe friendly vietnamese welcomed us with open arms.
rapidThere was a rapid vietnamese victory in 1975.
noncommunistI met a noncommunist vietnamese man at the store.
thaiI love the thai vietnamese food so much.
armedThe armed vietnamese soldiers defended their country bravely.
speakingI was surprised to hear her speaking vietnamese
fellowI met many fellow vietnamese people at the festival.
contemporaryDuring my travels, I was particularly interested in contemporary vietnamese cuisine.
tallThe tall vietnamese man walked down the street.
braveThe brave vietnamese people fought for their independence for many years.
prominentHo Chi Minh is a prominent vietnamese revolutionary leader.
civilianThe civilian vietnamese were caught in the crossfire.
uniquelyThis food is uniquely vietnamese
ethnicallyShe is ethnically vietnamese but was born in the United States.
knowledgeableThe knowledgeable vietnamese gained him respect throughout the community

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