Adjectives for Vii

Adjectives For Vii

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vii, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'vii' significantly impacts the conveyed meaning, setting the tone and context of your sentence. For example, 'plate vii' might imply a specific part of a collection or study, while 'cranial vii' delves into more scientific or anatomical discussions. 'Late vii' introduces a temporal aspect, hinting at historical or evolutionary significance. Meanwhile, 'class vii' and 'future vii' respectively evoke discussions about categorization and potential advancements or changes. Each adjective unlocks a unique nuance, painting a more vivid picture for the reader. Explore the full list of adjectives below to discover the perfect match for your 'vii'.
platePlate vii contained the glass model of the pool at Bath and the model of the octagonal bath at Pompeii.
partPart vii of the agreement is in force.
classThe class vii students were excited for their upcoming field trip.
futureI am excited about the future vii
pageI found the information I needed on page vii
compareCompare vii with the others.
activatedThe activated vii chord created a dissonant sound in the music.
famousYet, what fascinated most were its famous vii wonders, rich in history, culture, and excellence.
popePope vii was the 154th pope of the Catholic Church.
summaryYou can summarize it in fewer words in summary vii
parisParis vii is a very nice and historic area.
standardThe standard vii students were eager to learn about the new topic.
secThe sec vii should be in the same format as the sec vi.
genusIt has been assigned to the genus vii
chapterThe story continues in Chapter vii
abdominalThe abdominal vii chord is often used in jazz and blues music.
numberThe number vii in Roman numerals is 7.
demosthenesDemosthenes vii is a speech delivered by the Athenian orator Demosthenes in 344 BC.
murineMurine vii is a mouse cell line.
facialThe patient's facial vii palsy was on the left side of their face.
testTest vii is a reasonable test.
paceThe book contains 356 pages with pace vii
xiiThe xii vii are a group of twelve sevens.
categoryThe Category vii storm caused widespread damage across the region.
mucopolysaccharidosisMucopolysaccharidosis vii is a rare genetic disorder.
spanishI am taking Spanish vii this semester.
typeThe type vii supernova SN 2009jf was discovered in the galaxy UGC 2227.
packHe decided to pack vii of his belongings for the trip.
belovedThe beloved vii was a treasure to his family and friends.
formDarth Vader fought with enemies using Form vii
subjectSubject vii is interesting.
goryThe gory vii was a sight to behold.
venerableThe venerable vii M. Veloso bore the brunt of the expense.
appendixThe author provides additional information in Appendix vii
4thHe lives at 4th vii avenue.
gradeHer son was studying in grade vii
reactionaryThe reactionary vii measured the length of the wall with calipers.

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