Adjectives for Violations

Adjectives For Violations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing violations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'violations' can significantly impact the interpretation of legal and ethical contexts. Adjectives like 'human', 'serious', and 'gross' highlight the severity and nature of the violations, pointing to deeply concerning issues. 'Alleged' and 'possible' introduce a layer of uncertainty, indicating that the violations might not be confirmed, impacting the accused's reputation and the legal proceedures that follow. Each adjective carries its own weight and implication, painting a picture that can sway opinions, legal judgments, and societal perception. Delve into the full list of adjectives for a more comprehensive insight into the complexities surrounding 'violations'.
humanThe human violations of the regime are well-documented.
suchThe Ministry will take strict action against such violations
seriousHe was charged with multiple serious violations of the law.
grossThe report documented gross violations of human rights under the previous regime.
allegedThe firm is being investigated for alleged violations of environmental regulations.
possibleAn exhaustive audit will help identify possible violations
flagrantThe company was fined for flagrant violations of safety regulations.
minorThe driver was cited for minor violations
antitrustThe company was found guilty of antitrust violations and fined heavily.
civilThe driver was issued a citation for multiple civil violations
criminalThe police are investigating a series of criminal violations in the area.
constitutionalThe ruling found numerous constitutional violations in the search and seizure.
numerousNumerous violations were discovered by the police.
technicalThe team was penalized for several technical violations
potentialThe company was cited for several potential violations of the Clean Water Act.
futureWe will not tolerate any future violations of the policy.
furtherWe will not tolerate any further violations of our terms of service.
pastThe company was fined for past violations of environmental regulations.
specificShe was arrested for specific violations including reckless driving.
willfulThe willful violations of the law by the corporation resulted in a hefty fine.
frequentThe company was fined for frequent violations of safety regulations.
widespreadThe report documented widespread violations of human rights.
sovietThe Cuban Missile Crisis was a direct result of Soviet violations of the Monroe Doctrine.
apparentThe apparent violations of the constitution were met with wide criticism.
egregiousThere were egregious violations of human rights during the war.
clearClear violations of the law must be reported.
sexualSexual violations are unacceptable and should not be tolerated.
legalThe company was charged with various legal violations
environmentalThe company was fined for environmental violations
blatantThe company was accused of blatant violations of safety regulations.
severeThe auditors found several severe violations of accounting standards.
fireThe company was fined for several fire violations
curfewThe police arrested several people for curfew violations during the riot.
obviousThe obvious violations may result in account suspension.
multipleThe driver was cited for multiple violations
federalThe company was fined for several federal violations
deliberateThe deliberate violations of ethical guidelines resulted in severe consequences.
intentionalThe player was penalized for intentional violations
proceduralThe company has been cited several times for procedural violations during the past year.
regulatoryThe company was found guilty of several regulatory violations
statutoryThe company was found guilty of several statutory violations including environmental and safety breaches.
fewerThe city council voted to give fewer violations to parking offenders.
continuedThe company was fined for continued violations of environmental regulations.
persistentWe will not tolerate persistent violations of our policies.
relatedThe charges are related violations of state narcotics laws.
occasionalThere were occasional violations of the curfew.
worstThe company was found guilty of the worst violations of the Environmental Protection Act.
copyrightWe must be vigilant against any potential copyright violations
wholesaleThe report detailed wholesale violations of human rights.
scaleThe scale violations of the cosmological model caused a number of problems with the predictions.
boundaryThe therapist's boundary violations made the client feel uncomfortable and unsafe.
suspectedThe agency investigated suspected violations of the law.
bipolarThe company was cited for several bipolar violations including exceeding the allowable pollutant discharge limits.
priorHis prior violations meant that he was denied bail.
corporateThe company was fined for numerous corporate violations
reportedAuthorities are investigating reported violations of safety regulations.

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