Adjectives for Visa

Adjectives For Visa

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing visa, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjectives to describe a visa can significantly affect the perception of its type and purpose. A immigrant visa suggests a pathway to residency, while a temporary visa denotes a short-term stay. Mention of an American visa specifically points to the United States as the destination, highlighting its geographic-centric nature. The condition of a visa, whether it is valid or not, directly impacts one's travel plans, whereas a permanent visa opens the conversation about long-term settlement. Lastly, an entry visa delineates the basic allowance into a country. Each adjective unveils a unique layer of intention and legality. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives tied to the noun 'visa' for richer insights.
immigrantShe applied for an immigrant visa last year.
temporaryThe temporary visa allowed her to stay in the country for six months.
americanHe applied for an American visa last month.
validPlease ensure that you have a valid visa if you are traveling internationally.
permanentJohn applied for a permanent visa to stay in the United States.
entryThe entry visa for the United States is valid for one year.
monthI applied for a three month visa to visit the country.
nonimmigrantThe woman travelled to the United States on a nonimmigrant visa
specialThe applicant needs a special visa to enter the United States.
frenchI applied for a french visa last week.
sovietI applied for a soviet visa but was rejected.
russianI need a russian visa to visit the country.
britishI applied for a british visa last week.
properA valid passport and a proper visa are required to visit the United States.
necessary Obtaining the necessary visa is crucial prior to traveling abroad.
yearI applied for a three-year visa to the United States.
diplomaticThe diplomat was granted a diplomatic visa to enter the country.
termI will need to apply for a term visa to enter the country.
chineseThe chinese visa application process can be complex and time-consuming.
multipleAs a United States citizen, I was able to obtain a multiple visa to enter Schengen zone countries.
germanI need to apply for a german visa
residentHe applied for a resident visa to stay in the country permanently.
israeliI need to apply for an Israeli visa
spanishI need to apply for a Spanish visa before my trip.
appropriateShe did not have an appropriate visa to stay in the country.
polishI need to apply for a polish visa
indianThis Indian visa was approved without any issues.
swissThe swiss visa is valid for 90 days.
mexicanI need to get a Mexican visa before I can travel to Mexico.
cubanI need a Cuban visa to visit the country.
consularA consular visa is a travel visa that is issued by a consular officer of the country you are planning to visit.
canadianI applied for a Canadian visa last week.
regularA regular visa is a type of visa that allows the holder to stay in a country for a specific period of time for a specific purpose.
portugueseI need to apply for a portuguese visa
japaneseI applied for a Japanese visa last week.
weekI need to apply for a week visa before travelling
italianI need to apply for an Italian visa soon.
officialThe official visa was required for entry into the country.
legalI need to obtain a legal visa before visiting the country.
australianJohn Doe recently obtained an australian visa to study at the University of Melbourne.
turkishI need to apply for a Turkish visa this week.
hourThe tourist had to apply for a 72-hour visa before entering the country.
egyptianI need an egyptian visa to travel to Egypt.
nonquotaA nonquota visa is required for individuals who are not subject to numerical limitations.
limitedThe limited visa only allowed her to stay in the country for a short period.
standardWe have applied for a standard visa to travel to India.
belgianI need to apply for a belgian visa
schengenI need a Schengen visa to travel to Europe.
austrianI need to apply for an Austrian visa
brazilianHe needs a brazilian visa
preciousI was so relieved when I finally received my precious visa
uniformTravelers not holding a uniform visa will need to get a visa from the embassy of the country to be visited.
swedishI need to apply for a swedish visa
vietnameseI need a Vietnamese visa to visit the country.
extendedThe traveler applied for an extended visa due to unforeseen circumstances.
syrianI need to apply for a syrian visa
soleHe needs a sole visa for this business trip.
exitWe need an exit visa to leave the country.
southI need to apply for a south visa for my trip.
unexpiredThe visitor presented an unexpired visa at the border.
collectiveU.S. citizens are able to obtain a collective visa that allows multiple people to enter and exit the country on a single visa.
czechThe Czech visa application process can be completed online or by mail.
hungarianI need to get a Hungarian visa before I can travel to Budapest.
basedThe candidate will need to apply for a based visa to work in this position.
quotaI'm sorry, I can't write a sentence with "quota visa".
correctShe came to the United States with the correct visa
indonesianI need an Indonesian visa to visit Indonesia.
iranianI need to apply for an Iranian visa soon.
cambodianI'll help you get your cambodian visa renewed.
yugoslavMy application for a Yugoslav visa was denied.

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