Adjectives for Visibility

Adjectives For Visibility

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing visibility, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the relationship between the word 'visibility' and its accompanying adjectives unveils subtle differences in perception and expectation. The adjective 'high' conveys a sense of clarity and ease of perception, often desirable in various contexts such as driving or digital marketing. Conversely, 'poor' or 'low' visibility suggests challenges and potential hazards, creating a cautious or negative impression. 'Good' visibility, on the other hand, strikes a balance, indicating satisfactory conditions, while 'greater' hints at improvement or enhanced capacity. Incorporating 'public' opens another dimension, tying visibility to awareness and recognition in society. Each adjective nuances 'visibility' with specific connotations and implications, enriching our understanding and communication. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives color the concept of visibility below.
highThe construction workers wore high visibility vests.
poorDense fog caused poor visibility on the A12 dual carriageway.
lowWe experienced low visibility while hiking through the dense fog.
goodWith good visibility the road stretches out before you.
greaterWith greater visibility the company was able to increase its sales by 20%.
publicThe public visibility of the document was set to private.
betterThe new windshield wipers provided better visibility during the storm.
limitedThe thick fog created limited visibility on the road, making it difficult to drive safely.
maximumThe driver proceeded with maximum visibility
socialSocial visibility is important for businesses to connect with their customers.
moreThe new website has given our products more visibility
politicalThe governor's political visibility increased after the televised debate.
excellentThe weather forecast predicts excellent visibility tomorrow.
restrictedThe fog caused restricted visibility on the highway.
badDue to bad visibility the flight was delayed.
clearThe clear visibility made it easy to spot the distant mountaintops.
nationalTheir efforts have helped to raise national visibility for the issue of climate change.
higherThe new traffic light has higher visibility making it easier for drivers to see.
reducedThe fog reduced visibility to a few feet.
relativeThe relative visibility of the object was low.
fullThe pilot had full visibility throughout the flight.
archaeologicalSeveral features showed very low archaeological visibility due to alluvial deposits covering the remains.
forwardKeep following the lane markings until you have forward visibility
internationalThe company's latest product launch has garnered international visibility
horizontalThe pilots found the horizontal visibility down to 600 meters
underwaterUnderwater visibility was reduced due to the sediment stirred up by the storm.
improvedThe improved visibility allowed drivers to see further down the road.
adequateThe weather forecast predicted adequate visibility for the upcoming flight.
easyThe clear glass window provided easy visibility
lessDue to the fog, the driver had less visibility
perfectThe clear skies offered perfect visibility for miles around.
averageVisibility was low, with average visibility at one mile.
gayGay visibility is important for LGBTQ+ individuals to feel seen and represented.
heightenedThe heightened visibility of the project drew widespread attention.
enhancedThe enhanced visibility feature makes it easier to see in low-light conditions.
culturalRecent events have put the issue of cultural visibility into sharp relief.
greatestThe telescope provided the greatest visibility in the night sky.
highestThe billboard had the highest visibility on the busy highway.
globalThe company's global visibility increased significantly after the acquisition.
minimumThe minimum visibility was five hundred feet.
unlimitedThe telescope's advanced optics provided unlimited visibility into the distant galaxy.
enoughThe weather report predicted enough visibility for the flight to take off.
sufficientThe driver had sufficient visibility to see the pedestrian crossing the street.
mutualThe two parties had mutual visibility allowing them to see each other clearly.
microscopicThe microscopic visibility of the bacteria allowed scientists to study its structure in detail.
fringeThe fringe visibility was excellent, allowing us to resolve the fine details of the image.
verticalThe vertical visibility was limited due to the thick fog.
eyeThe patient's eye visibility was significantly reduced due to the cataracts.
atmosphericThe atmospheric visibility was reduced due to the thick fog.
overallThe growth of online shopping has increased the overall visibility of small businesses.
mileWe checked the weather forecast and it predicted one mile visibility
zeroThe dense fog created zero visibility making it impossible to drive safely.
racialPeople of color often experience racial visibility in their daily lives.
unprecedentedThe prospect of unprecedented visibility excites the team.
roundThe visibility was 0.3 to 0.4 km due to fog, with round visibility less than 5 km.
sheerThe sheer visibility of the road is perfect for driving tonight.
queerThe rising queer visibility is a testament to the progress we have made towards equality.
consciousThe conscious visibility of the moon was fading as the sun rose.
meteorologicalThe meteorological visibility was reduced to a few meters due to the dense fog.
exceptionalWe enjoyed skiing today with exceptional visibility and sunny weather.
interThe inter visibility of the two buildings was excellent.

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