Adjectives for Vision

Adjectives For Vision

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vision, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'vision' carries a vast spectrum of meanings, shaped profoundly by the adjectives that precede it. A 'clear vision' speaks to the clarity and sharpness of perception, evoking a sense of certainty and focus, while a 'blurred vision' conjures images of uncertainty and confusion, affecting how we interpret the visual world. 'Binocular vision' emphasizes depth and the ability to perceive life in three dimensions, contrasting sharply with 'double vision,' which disrupts our sense of reality. Meanwhile, 'peripheral vision' expands our scope, highlighting what lies on the fringe of our direct focus. Each adjective not only modifies 'vision' but also deeply influences our understanding and experience of sight. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the nuanced ways we experience and describe vision below.
clearThe doctor has a clear vision for the patient's recovery.
binocularThe hawk's keen binocular vision allowed it to spot prey from afar.
doubleThe double vision made it difficult for me to read the menu.
peripheralI saw the car in my peripheral vision
directWe had a direct vision of the future.
normalPeople with normal vision can see objects clearly at a distance.
centralThe doctor checked her central vision
spiritualWith spiritual vision we can see the beauty and hidden truths in all things.
sharedThe team had a shared vision of the future of the company.
propheticThe visionary's prophetic vision foretold the coming of a great upheaval.
mentalHis mental vision was clear and precise.
moralThe artist's moral vision came through in their depiction of social injustice.
personalHer personal vision for a perfect world included one where everyone could be themselves.
innerShe had a strong inner vision of what the future held for her.
beatificThe saint was surrounded by a beatific vision of angels.
poorThe elderly man squinted to read the newspaper due to his poor vision
defectiveI have defective vision so I need to wear glasses.
utopianThe utopian vision of a world without poverty or injustice inspired the revolutionaries.
nearHe needs glasses for near vision
distinctHis distinct vision shaped the course of the company's future.
poeticShe possessed a poetic vision that painted vibrant tapestries with words.
strategicThe company's strategic vision is to become a global leader in the industry.
apocalypticThe apocalyptic vision haunted his dreams, threatening to consume him entirely.
originalThe original vision of the project was to create a sustainable energy source.
limitedThe driver's limited vision made it difficult to see the oncoming car.
distantHer distant vision made her stare into the horizon.
stereoscopicThe stereoscopic vision of the hawk allows it to accurately gauge the distance to its prey.
artisticHer painting showcased her artistic vision and minimalist style.
heavenlyThe artist's heavenly vision was reflected in his ethereal paintings.
broadThe CEO's broad vision inspired his employees to think outside the box.
alternativeShe had an alternative vision for how the community could be run.
clearerThe application of new technology has given us a clearer vision of the future.
largerThe larger vision of the project is to create a sustainable future for all.
romanticThe romantic vision of the perfect couple is often unattainable.
tragicThe tragic vision of the world is one that sees only the suffering and pain in it.
broaderThe broader vision for the company is to become a global leader in the industry.
intellectualStudents witnessed an amazing intellectual vision in the debate.
perfectShe had perfect vision which allowed her to see every detail with clarity.
imaginativeThe innovative project was conceived by David, whose imaginative vision knows no bounds.
termThe company's term vision is to become the world's leading provider of renewable energy solutions.
grandThe project's grand vision is to create a world where no one is left behind.
suddenHer sudden vision surprised all of the doctors.
creativeHer creative vision was evident in the vibrant colors of her paintings.
christianThe project's Christian vision is to help people find hope and healing in Christ.
divineThe divine vision that came to her illuminated her path.
widerWith a wider vision you can see the bigger picture and make better decisions.
overallThe overall vision of the project is to create a sustainable and inclusive community.
mysticalShe saw a mystical vision of the future.
globalWith her global vision and wealth of experience, the CEO is well-positioned to lead the company into a new era of growth and success.
narrowHis narrow vision prevented him from seeing the wider implications of the decision.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive vision of the new leader inspired hope and confidence.
usefulA useful vision emboldened us to surpass the challenges.
monocularThe patient suffered from severe monocular vision due to a traumatic brain injury.
gloriousThe glorious vision of the future filled his mind with hope.
uniqueThe artist's unique vision was evident in the abstract paintings.
coherentThe team's coherent vision guided them towards unprecedented success.
inwardShe closed her eyes and let her inward vision guide her.
keenThe eagle's keen vision allowed it to spot prey from afar.
brightThe bright vision of the future filled him with hope and optimism.
spatialThe spatial vision capabilities of cats allow them to accurately judge distances and catch prey.
impairedThe patient has impaired vision in his left eye.
unifiedThe company's leadership presented a unified vision for the future at the annual shareholder meeting.
dimHis dim vision made it hard to read the small print.
idealShe has ideal vision despite her age.
radicalThe researcher had a radical vision for the future of healthcare.
strangeHer strange vision made her question her sanity.
mysticHer mystic vision allowed her to see things that were hidden to others.
liberalThe liberal vision of society is one in which all people are equal and have the same opportunities.

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