Adjectives for Visits

Adjectives For Visits

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing visits, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'visits' can significantly alter the expression and context of our communications. Describing 'visits' with adjectives like 'frequent', 'several', 'regular', 'occasional', and 'many' can hint at the nature, purpose, and intensity of these interactions. For instance, 'frequent visits' might suggest a close relationship or an ongoing need, while 'occasional visits' could imply less regular contact, possibly for leisure or non-urgent matters. Selecting the right adjective enriches the narrative, providing readers with insight into the frequency and significance of these visits. Dive deeper into the subtleties of language by exploring the full list of adjectives associated with 'visits' below.
frequentHis frequent visits to the library helped him become well-read.
severalThe couple have made several visits to the area over the past few months.
regularHer regular visits helped her grandmother feel less alone.
occasionalThe old oak tree served as a landmark, witnessing occasional visits from curious hikers.
manyI have fond memories of our many visits to the beach.
suchSuch visits necessitate advance planning to ensure a smooth experience for the guests.
subsequentOur subsequent visits to the clinic were more productive.
personalThe growth in fraud has meant that personal visits are required for the most sensitive transactions.
shortI enjoy short visits to my hometown.
dailyThe nurse made daily visits to check on the patient's progress.
fewI made few visits to my uncle's house during the summer.
periodicThe doctor recommended periodic visits to monitor the patient's progress.
briefThe students went on brief visits to several museums.
moreThe doctor affirmed that he would need more visits to diagnose the ailment.
previousI had a great time on my previous visits to the city.
weeklyThe patient's weekly visits to the clinic helped to improve their overall health.
officialWe should check his passport's stamps for any suspicious or lengthy official visits abroad.
annualThe clinic expects to have 25,000 annual visits
numerousThe doctor recommended numerous visits to the physical therapist to alleviate the pain.
outpatientThe hospital reported a 10% increase in outpatient visits last year.
rareMy grandmother's rare visits were always a treat.
periodicalThe doctor scheduled periodical visits to monitor the patient's progress.
domiciliaryThe doctor performs domiciliary visits to patients who are unable to attend the clinic.
routineThe doctor scheduled routine visits to monitor her progress.
monthlyThe doctor scheduled monthly visits to monitor her progress.
infrequentDespite infrequent visits they remained close friends
medicalI have to schedule my medical visits for this year.
prenatalPrenatal visits are important for ensuring the health of both the mother and the baby.
earlierI have no earlier visits to speak of.
futureWe have a great time and look forward to your future visits
pastoralThe bishop made pastoral visits to the churches in his diocese.
friendlyI enjoyed our friendly visits when we were neighbors.
laterThe patient did not adhere to later visits
fewerI had fewer visits to the doctor last year.
siteThe consultant conducted thorough site visits to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization's operations.
extendedMy extended visits to the library helped me research my family's history.
dentalMy dental visits are usually painless.
constantThe constant visits from the neighbors were starting to get on her nerves.
formalThe company will arrange formal visits to each of the work sites.
nocturnalThe prowler's nocturnal visits were a cause of concern for the neighborhood.
patientThe number of patient visits has increased significantly in recent years.
royalPrime Minister Narendra Modi received the royal visits from Saudi Arabia and Japan.
initialThe initial visits were more successful than expected.
multipleThe doctor recommended multiple visits to the physical therapist to fully recover from the injury.
physicianThe coverage does not include physician visits
yearlyThe doctor recommended yearly visits to monitor her health.
mutualThe two leaders plan to hold mutual visits to each other's countries in the future
unannouncedI loathe when people make unannounced visits
professionalMy sister has professional visits with her dentist every six months.
nightlyThe nightly visits from the mysterious figure had become an unwelcome part of her routine.
successiveThe successive visits to the doctor allowed her to monitor her patient's progress.
informalMy friends often make informal visits to my house.
secretThe spies conducted clandestine secret visits to the enemy's headquarters.
reciprocalThe two presidents made reciprocal visits to each other's countries.
ceremonialThe president participated in several ceremonial visits to foreign dignitaries.
casualI enjoy casual visits to my old neighborhood.
overnightThe children were excited for overnight visits with their grandparents.
supervisoryMy supervisor said I need to arrange for supervisory visits
levelThe doctor offered level visits to the patient.
dayThe museum lets you choose whether to purchase tickets for day visits or overnight visits.
lengthyHer lengthy visits made me uncomfortable.
unexpectedI loathe unexpected visits because they always catch me unprepared.
ambulatoryThe ambulatory visits for the month of June totaled over 1000.
overseas Frequent overseas visits are necessary for our business to succeed.
shorterShe had always enjoyed her shorter visits to the mountains, but this time, they felt too short.
prolongedWe don't allow prolonged visits
unnecessaryJane postponed her unnecessary visits to the clinic.
sporadicMy grandmother makes sporadic visits to the local library.

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