Adjectives for Voices

Adjectives For Voices

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing voices, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with the noun 'voices' can significantly alter the conveyed image or atmosphere. 'Many voices' suggests a crowd or a cacophony, hinting at either a collective or dissonance. 'Loud voices' amplify the presence of emotion or urgency, cutting through silence or competing sounds. 'Several voices' imply diversity yet manageability, whereas 'different voices' celebrate uniqueness and variety. 'Low voices' bring an intimacy or a conspiratorial element, setting a different tone altogether, just as 'human voices' ground us in the reality of personal experience and connection. Each adjective opens a new dimension of interpretation, elevating the simple notion of voices into a rich tapestry of human sound. Explore the full range of adjectives paired with 'voices' to discover the impact each has on your understanding.
manyThere were many voices in the crowd.
loudThe loud voices outside made it hard to concentrate.
severalSeveral voices chattered and overlapped in the crowded room.
differentThe choir sang in many different voices
lowThe children spoke in hushed, low voices
humanThe human voices echoed through the quiet forest.
fewThere were few voices in the empty hallway.
maleThe male voices filled the room with their beautiful harmonies.
femaleThe female voices filled the air with an ethereal harmony.
angryThe angry voices of the protestors echoed through the streets.
shrillThe tiny birds called out to each other in shrill voices
sweetThe choir sang with sweet voices
softThe children whispered their secrets in soft voices
innerHe obeyed his inner voices and felt peaceful afterward.
individualThe symphony swelled as the individual voices all blended together.
strangeWhispering strange voices echoed through the empty hallway.
excitedExcited voices could be heard echoing through the halls.
hushedThe students whispered in hushed voices their words a conspiratorial murmur.
criticalThere were critical voices among the students.
deepThe deep voices of the bass singers filled the hall.
muffledMuffled voices could be heard from behind the closed door.
distantThe faint distant voices echoed through the deserted town, carrying stories of a forgotten past.
strongThe demonstrators made their strong voices heard at the protest.
powerfulTheir powerful voices filled the auditorium.
familiarTheir familiar voices brought back memories of the past.
pitchedThe chorus sang in pitched voices
clearThe clear voices of the children sang through the hallways.
hoarseThe crowd cheered with hoarse voices
upperThe upper voices of the choir sang a beautiful melody.
merryThe merry voices of the children filled the air with laughter.
mixedA chorus of mixed voices filled the air with a harmonious blend of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.
harshThe harsh voices grated on her nerves.
discordantThe discordant voices of the crowd made it difficult to hear the speaker.
beautifulThe choir sang with beautiful voices
happyThe happy voices of children filled the playground.
quietThey spoke in quiet voices their words barely audible above the gentle breeze.
stridentThe strident voices of the protesters echoed through the streets.
subduedThe subdued voices carried softly through the room.
propheticThe prophetic voices warned of the impending doom.
influentialHis influential voices led to the development of the new policy.
disembodiedThe disembodied voices whispered secrets in the darkness.
faintFaint voices whispered secrets through the empty halls.
freshThe anthology features a diverse range of fresh voices from emerging writers.
cheerfulThe cheerful voices of children filled the playground.
dissidentThe government sought to silence dissident voices
distinctThe concert featured a variety of distinct voices ranging from soaring sopranos to deep baritones.
mysteriousI heard mysterious voices echoing through the empty hallway.
roughThe rough voices of the sailors echoed through the fog.
alternativeThe discussion included alternative voices that challenged the prevailing narrative.
heavenlyThe heavenly voices sang in harmony, filling the air with a celestial melody.
childishThe playground echoed with childish voices
musicalThe choir sang with musical voices
raucousThe raucous voices echoed through the hallways, disturbing the peaceful atmosphere.
ancestralThe ancestral voices whispered ancient secrets through the wind.
eagerWe knew the children were eager to help by the sound of their eager voices
mutedTheir muted voices carried on the wind.
pleasantThe choir members had pleasant voices
gentleThe gentle voices of the children filled the air with a sense of peace.
melodiousThe choir filled the hall with their melodious voices
authenticThe novel is praised for its authentic voices representing a diverse cast of characters.
feminineThe choir's feminine voices soared through the cathedral.
authoritativeWe need to find some authoritative voices to corroborate this claim.
friendlyI could hear friendly voices coming from the house.
myriadThe myriad voices of the crowd filled the air with a cacophony of sound.
unitedTheir united voices filled the square with an urgent plea for justice.
africanWe need to amplify African voices in global conversations.
gayI heard some gay voices coming from the other room.
thinThe ghosts had thin voices
distinctiveThe band members had distinctive voices each with its own unique timbre and range.

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