Adjectives for Vol

Adjectives For Vol

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vol, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the diverse landscape of language, the noun 'vol' becomes a beacon of specificity when paired with carefully chosen adjectives. The adjective 'first' can signify precedence or the pioneering essence of a volume, while 'large' expands its significance into the realm of size, indicating something of substantial magnitude. 'Second' introduces a sequential narrative, marking a continuation or an addition. The unique 'hansard' adjective ties the noun to official government records, embedding it in a context of formal documentation. '1st' mirrors 'first' in denoting primary position but with a succinct, numerical symbolism. 'International' elevates the subject to a global scale, hinting at widespread relevance or influence. Each adjective not only modifies 'vol' but also unlocks new dimensions of interpretation and understanding. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'vol' to appreciate the richness of language.
firstThis is the first vol of the series.
largeThe large vol of tourists at the amusement park made it difficult to enjoy the rides.
secondThe second volume of the series is now available.
hansardI need to check the Hansard vol for the minutes of the meeting.
1stThis is the 1st vol of the series.
internationalI'm going to travel by international vol
thickThe thick vol of air was difficult to breathe.
4th"Today is the 4th vol of Flash."
originalThe original vol is the volume of a material in its natural state.
secThe sec vol reached 38900 on the 14th.
compareCompare volumes to establish data integrity.
thirdThe third vol could not believe his ears.
5thThe 5th vol of this journal contains several interesting articles.
quarterlyOur quarterly vol is so low that we are not going to make the payment.
historyHistory vol of the group is measured by plotting the change in total concentration of all detectable proteins over time.
britishThe British volunteer has a lot of experience.
netnet vol displays a list of the names of the volumes defined on the local device with their sizes.
handsomeThe handsome vol was not handsome.
presentThe professor handed out the present vol of a 17th-century manuscript to the graduate students.
6thYou can find more info on the 6th vol
correspondenceCould you please forward me a copy of the correspondence vol?
finalThe total final vol is 1 mL.
videVide vol n'y a nul plaisir.
extraWe have extra vol in stock!
3rdThe 3rd vol of the series is due out next week.
equalThe two mixtures have equal vol ions of water.
fourthI'm not sure what you mean by 'fourth vol'.
survivalSurvival vol is difficult
contentsThe contents vol of the bottle is 500ml.
independentHe maintains his need to be independent vol
oneThe concert hall was filled with one vol of music.
annualThe annual vol of sewage and stormwater received at the plant was 305,200,000 gallons.
8thThis is the 8th vol in the series.
amdThe procedure failed with error code 895 and additional message: 'amd vol read: Read Read TOC block(2048) failed: 2'
7thI'll see you at the 7th vol the highest volume of my life.
fifthThe fifth volume of the encyclopedia is missing.
neatIt's a neat vol used for carrying little things.
10thThe 10th vol was published.
seeI can see vol along the way.
presidentialThe presidential vol is the head of state of a republic.
comparativeHis comparative vol was admirable.
9thHe will defend his 9th vol title on Saturday night.
htdI'm sorry, I don't know what htd vol means.
undEs regnete und vol wolkte.
pvpPvP volume is decreasing due to the rise of casual battlegrounds and solo queueing.

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