Adjectives for Volume

Adjectives For Volume

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing volume, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'volume' can be significantly nuanced by a range of adjectives, illustrating various aspects such as sequence, size, and time. Using 'first' or 'second' before 'volume' not only indicates its position in a series but also suggests a progression or development. Likewise, adjectives like 'large' or 'small' provide immediate insight into the scale, potentially affecting the reader's perception of importance or impact. Similarly, 'total' and 'present' offer a sense of completeness or current relevance, anchoring the noun in specific contexts. These subtle shades of meaning highlight the power of adjectives in transforming a simple noun into a vivid, nuanced concept. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'volume' and explore the diverse implications each one can introduce.
totalThe total volume of the cylinder was calculated using the formula for the volume of a cylinder.
secondLet's start reading the second volume of Harry Potter.
presentI am happy to present volume 2 of our scientific journal.
largeThe store had a large volume of items on display.
smallThe small volume of the container was inadequate for the amount of liquid it held.
thirdI'm looking for the third volume of this book.
equalThe two containers have an equal volume
tidalThe tidal volume is the amount of air that is moved in and out of the lungs with each breath.
constantThe reaction proceeds under constant volume conditions.
finalThe final volume of the solution was 100 ml.
singleThe single volume can be purchased for $19.99.
specificThe specific volume of water is 0.001 cubic meters per kilogram.
largerThe holiday camper had a larger volume than the budget sedan.
greaterThe greater volume of water caused the river to overflow.
fourthI'm still not finished with the fourth volume of the manga.
originalThe original volume was 100 decibels.
entireI read the entire volume of the encyclopedia.
lowThe speaker's voice was barely audible due to the low volume
annualThe annual volume of sales for the company was $10 million.
sheerThe sheer volume of data made it difficult to process.
residualResidual volume is the volume of air left in the lungs after a normal expiration.
extracellularThe extracellular volume is the volume of fluid that is outside of cells and in the interstitial spaces.
handsomeI purchased this handsome volume at a used bookstore.
smallerThe smaller volume of the gas meant that it took up less space in the container.
averageThe average volume of the container is 10 liters.
fifthThe fifth volume of the encyclopedia gives a detailed account of the history of the world.
considerableThe water flowed at a considerable volume creating a thunderous roar.
separateThe separate volume was bound in red leather.
boundThe bound volume contained a collection of vintage photographs.
intravascularIntravascular volume is the amount of fluid in the blood vessels.
initialThe initial volume of the solution was 100 mL.
sufficientThe orchestra played with sufficient volume to fill the concert hall.
sacredThe sacred volume contained the history of their people.
effectiveThe effective volume of the container is 2 liters.
diastolicThe diastolic volume of the heart is the amount of blood in the ventricles at the end of diastole.
meanThe mean volume of all samples is 100 ml.
maximumThe maximum volume of the sound system was deafening.
minuteMinute volume increased during exercise, an effect caused primarily by increased cardiac output.
expiratoryThe patient's expiratory volume was significantly reduced.
hugeThe huge volume of data made it impossible to process in a timely manner.
slimThe slim volume was filled with intricate illustrations.
minimumThe minimum volume required for the experiment is 10 milliliters.
interestingThe book has an interesting volume
adequateThe chef added an adequate volume of water to the soup.
sixthThe sixth volume is now available for purchase.
largestThe largest volume of sales occurred during the holiday season.
enormousHis loud scream filled the enormous volume of the empty stadium.
voidThe void volume of the column was determined using unretained neutral compounds.
partialThe partial volume of the liver was 800 cubic centimeters.
apparentThe apparent volume of the enlarged liver suggested the advanced stages of the disease.
editedThe edited volume includes contributions from leading scholars in the field.
substantialThe substantial volume of the crowd made it difficult to move around.
thickThe thick volume on quantum physics sat on the bookshelf.
molecularThe molecular volume of a substance is the volume occupied by one mole of its molecules.
overallThe overall volume of the container is 20 cubic meters.
dailyThe daily volume of the stock is over 1 million shares.
measuredThe measured volume of the liquid was 100 milliliters.
netThe net volume of the liquid is 100 ml.
atomicThe atomic volume of an element is a measure of the size of its atoms.
definiteWater is a liquid with a definite volume
seventhI've been waiting for the seventh volume of this light novel for ages.
cerebralThe researchers found that people with larger cerebral volume had better cognitive function.
latestI enjoyed reading the latest volume in the series.

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