Adjectives for Volumes

Adjectives For Volumes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing volumes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe volumes can significantly alter the perception of quantity, importance, or sequence. Describing volumes as large highlights the vastness or significance, while small volumes may suggest something more personal or limited in scope. Using several or many prepares the reader for a diversity or a multitude, inferring abundance or variety. Meanwhile, first can signify the start of a series, imbuing the context with a sense of anticipation or novelty. Conversely, equal volumes emphasize uniformity or fairness. The nuance brought by each adjective paints a unique picture, impacting interpretation and focus. Explore the full list of adjectives below to find the perfect descriptor for your volumes.
largeThe company handles large volumes of data every day.
severalThe library contained several volumes of rare books.
firstThe first volumes were published between 1751 and 1785.
manyThe library contained many volumes of classic literature.
smallWe primarily sell our products in small volumes
equalTwo equal volumes of water were poured into a graduated cylinder.
boundThe bound volumes were arranged in chronological order.
largerThe storage tanks have larger volumes than the old ones.
earlierThey were then distributed in several earlier volumes and then in the Proceedings.
separateHe hid the gold in separate volumes of a set of encyclopedias.
annualThe annual volumes of the journal have been published since 1955.
previousThe referenced page is a continuation of information presented in previous volumes
tidalThe tidal volumes and the breathing patterns were determined from the pressures.
smallerThe store received smaller volumes of goods than expected.
laterWhat was mentioned in earlier volumes is restated and expanded in later volumes
lowProduction of the widget was halted due to low volumes
hugeThe company saw huge volumes of sales in the last quarter.
subsequentThe subsequent volumes of the book were published in the following years.
followingI am reading the following volumes of the encyclopedia.
periodicalHe collected periodical volumes of the proceedings of the Royal Society
threeThe encyclopedia has three volumes
additionalThe additional volumes of his work were published posthumously.
thickThe thick volumes of the encyclopedia filled an entire shelf.
numerousThe library boasts numerous volumes of historical texts.
relative"The relative volumes of the two spheres are 1:8"
printedThe library shelves were packed with printed volumes
handsomeHis library shelves were adorned with handsome volumes each one a treasure trove of knowledge.
futureThat will be explained in detail in future volumes
successiveThe successive volumes of the encyclopedia provided an in-depth analysis of the topic.
atomicThe atomic volumes of the elements in a period generally increase from left to right.
partialThe experimental data were fit by the model that the partial volumes of Mn2+ were 26.78, 24.73 and 26.86 l/mol.
massiveThe company has seen massive volumes of users signing up for its service.
bulkyThe bulky volumes of the encyclopedia took up nearly an entire shelf.
enormousThe factory produces enormous volumes of waste every day.
oneThis book has one volumes
substantialShe shipped substantial volumes of coffee to clients around the world.
fourI have read four volumes of this series.
rareThe library houses rare volumes that are not found anywhere else.
oddShe had a few odd volumes of Dickens she had picked up at a flea market.
molecularThe molecular volumes of liquids are nearly additive.
precedingThe first volume, The Invisible Man, was published in 1897, and the two preceding volumes Island of Doctor Moreau and The Time Machine, were published in 1896.
vastThe library contained vast volumes of knowledge on a wide range of topics.
yearlyThe yearly volumes of the journals indicate a steady increase in the number of submissions.
supplementaryThe supplementary volumes have been added to the library.
residualThe lungs retain a certain amount of air, known as residual volumes which cannot be exhaled.
slimHer slim volumes of poetry were praised for their delicate insights.
ponderousThe wise old man spent his days poring over ponderous volumes seeking knowledge and wisdom.
respectiveThe liquid and the solid have respective volumes of 100 ml and 100 cm³.
fatThe librarian spent hours sifting through fat volumes in search of the rare manuscript.
logicalThe system utilizes logical volumes to manage storage space efficiently.
relevantThe relevant volumes were extracted from the database.
cumulativeData was collected from these databases in three studies with cumulative volumes of 79, 501, and 120 mice, respectively.
preciousThe precious volumes were carefully stored in the library.

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