Adjectives for Wage

Adjectives For Wage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Picking the right adjective to describe the noun 'wage' can significantly shift the meaning of a sentence and its impact on the reader. A 'minimum wage' speaks to the baseline of what is legally acceptable, highlighting socioeconomic challenges. A 'low wage' might evoke feelings of sympathy or injustice, pointing towards financial struggle. An 'average wage' suggests a standard or a benchmark, giving a sense of normalcy. The term 'real wage' introduces the concept of purchasing power, touching on economic realities beyond mere numbers. Meanwhile, a 'high wage' brings about notions of success and affluence. Lastly, a 'daily wage' focuses on the day-to-day earnings, often associated with freelance or manual labor. Dive deeper into how each adjective shapes the conversation around wages, revealing different facets of employment and compensation.
minimumThe minimum wage is a significant factor in determining the standard of living for many workers.
lowThe company is criticised for its low wage policy.
averageThe average wage in the United States is about $56,000 per year.
realThe real wage is the wage adjusted for inflation.
highThe high wage offered by the company enticed many applicants.
dailyThe workers received their daily wage at the end of the day.
hourlyThe hourly wage is $15.
higherThe worker is demanding a higher wage
weeklyShe earns an impressive weekly wage of $1,500.
basicThe minimum basic wage is determined by the government.
monthlyI have been working at this company for 5 years and my monthly wage has increased by 20% each year.
lowerThey had to hire more workers at a lower wage
annualThe annual wage for the position is $50,000.
fairThe employees are asking for a fair wage
non'Non wage' benefits are those that are not paid in the form of money.
nominalThe nominal wage is the amount of money an employee earns before taxes and other deductions.
nationalThe national wage is set by the government and is reviewed regularly.
decentShe was offered a decent wage for her work.
legalThe company was accused of not paying its employees the legal wage
federalThe federal wage is the minimum hourly wage set by the government.
standardI hope this is within our company's standard wage
relativeThe data supports the relative wage hypothesis, which posits that an increase in minimum wage leads to an increase in the relative gap between highly skilled labor and those with lower skills.
regularMaria is paid $15 per hour at her regular wage
fixedThe employees are paid a fixed wage regardless of how much work they do.
lowestThe company was forced to raise its lowest wage in order to attract more employees.
highestHe consistently ranked among the employees with the highest wage
medianThe median wage for software engineers in the United States is $107,510.
maximumThe maximum wage for this position is $15 per hour.
netThe net wage is the amount of money that an employee receives after taxes and other deductions have been taken out of their gross wage.
justThe employees of the company are requesting a just wage
maleThe male wage is typically higher than that of the female wage.
grossThe gross wage for the employee is $3,000 per month.
statutoryEmployees are entitled to receive the statutory wage set by the government.
agriculturalThe agricultural wage is the amount of money paid to agricultural workers for their labour.
urbanThe urban wage is much higher than the rural wage.
meanThe mean wage for all occupations was $24.95 per hour in May 2022.
adequateHe was offered an adequate wage for his work.
reasonableThe company offered a reasonable wage for the position.
yearlyAn employee's yearly wage is the amount of money they earn annually for their work.
competitiveThe company is offering a competitive wage and benefits package.
timeThe time wage was higher than I expected.
dayThe day wage was not enough to cover his expenses.
priceThe price wage ratio is expected to rise in the coming months.
livingA living wage is a wage that is enough to meet the basic needs of a worker and their family.
uniformThe minimum wage is a uniform wage for all workers, regardless of their age, experience, or job title.
taxThe tax wage is the amount of an individual's income that is subject to income tax.
bareThe factory workers were paid a bare wage
unskilledThe unskilled wage rate has remained stagnant for decades.
guaranteedThe guaranteed wage was a safety net for workers in the event of a downturn in the economy.
livableThis company needs to raise wages so single parents can afford a livable wage
moneyThe company has raised the money wage by 10%.
marginalThe company employs a marginal wage of ten dollars.
meagerDespite working long hours, he only earned a meager wage
minimalThe minimal wage in our state is $7.25 per hour.

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