Adjectives for Waiver

Adjectives For Waiver

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing waiver, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a waiver can significantly alter its perception and implications. A valid waiver immediately conveys its acceptability and enforceability, whereas an implied waiver might suggest subtlety in its existence, requiring more scrutiny. Mention of a judicial waiver emphasizes its legal grounding, offering a sense of formality and procedural acknowledgment. A special waiver implies particular conditions or exceptions, hinting at a bespoke arrangement. Furthermore, an intelligent waiver might suggest a well-considered and strategically wise choice. Each adjective unlocks a unique perspective on the waiver, enriching the dialogue around its nature and effects. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'waiver' for more nuanced insights.
suchThe court granted his request for such waiver
validThe court held that the release was a valid waiver of the plaintiff's right to sue.
impliedThe implied waiver of the right to counsel was not error.
judicialThe recent Supreme Court decision narrowed the scope of judicial waiver
specialThe special waiver allowed the team to exceed the salary cap.
intelligentThe intelligent waiver allowed the patient to make an informed decision about their medical treatment.
voluntaryThe voluntary waiver of rights must be made with full knowledge of the consequences.
effectiveThe effective waiver of the right to a jury trial requires a knowing and voluntary decision.
partialThe general manager granted a partial waiver to the employee's absence.
temporaryThe temporary waiver allowed the organization to operate without a license for six months.
presidentialThe president issued a presidential waiver to allow the company to continue operating.
generalThe defendant was released from jail pending trial under a general waiver
mutualThe parties agreed to a mutual waiver of their claims against each other.
federalThe state requested a federal waiver to extend the deadline for submitting Medicaid applications.
fullI have a full waiver for my medical bills.
limitedDue to a limited waiver I am able to access the restricted information you requested.
completeIn accordance with the settlement agreement, the defendant was granted a complete waiver of the late fees.
yearThe player will be required to serve a one year waiver if they wish to play in another Rec League.
oralShe sought an oral waiver of the confidentiality of her mental health records.
explicitThe explicit waiver in the contract rendered the signed non-compete invalid.
contractualThe contractual waiver was signed by both parties.
legislativeThe legislative waiver was necessary to allow the project to proceed.
medicalThe medical waiver allowed the patient to receive treatment that was not normally covered by their insurance.
formalI would like to request a formal waiver of the late fee.
specificThe specific waiver process was initiated by the County Counsel.
clearThe clear waiver of rights must be in writing.
mereThe mere waiver of a lien does not extinguish the lien.
nationalPresident Biden plans to sign a national waiver to boost testing for COVID-19.
separateThe separate waiver requires you to sign and agree to the terms.
subsequentThe subsequent waiver of the statute of limitations was invalid.
conditionalThe conditional waiver is subject to the approval of the relevant authority.
automaticThe bank offered an automatic waiver on late fees for customers affected by the storm.
expressThe court found that the defendant had not made an express waiver of his rights.
allegedThe alleged waiver was not valid and therefore the contract was not binding.
lienThe lien waiver protects the contractor from future claims against the property.
selectiveThe selective waiver of copyright laws allowed for the fair use of materials in educational settings.
unlimitedThe insurance contract includes an unlimited waiver for damages caused by accidents.
similarThe similar waiver is valid for one year from the date of issue.
implicitThe defendant's failure to object to the admission of the evidence constituted an implicit waiver of their right to do so.
permanentThe permanent waiver will allow him to travel without a visa.
actualThe actual waiver was signed by the player's agent.
necessaryThe company required a necessary waiver to release the funds.
prosecutorialThe prosecutor's office has filed a motion for prosecutorial waiver
statutoryIn some cases, a statutory waiver may be available to provide relief from certain legal obligations.
purportedThe purported waiver was found to be invalid by the court.
legalThe legal waiver protected the organization from liability.
possibleIf the carrier specifies a possible waiver for the age of the vehicle, make sure you read the fine print.
discretionaryThe court granted the petitioner's request for a discretionary waiver
absoluteThe absolute waiver of all rights and liabilities was a necessary component of the contract.
juvenileThe juvenile waiver was granted by the judge, allowing the 16-year-old to be tried as an adult.
courseI was able to get a course waiver for the prerequisite, so I could take the class without taking the prerequisite.
prospectiveThe prospective waiver was granted by the board, allowing him to attend college without taking the SAT.
unconditionalThe enterprise shall obtain from the contractor an unconditional waiver of any responsibility of the contractor.
writtenThe patient signed a written waiver before the surgery.
informedThe patient signed an informed waiver before the surgery.
basedThe magistrate granted a based waiver for the accused.
intentionalThe contract was void due to the intentional waiver of the parties.
inadvertentThe inadvertent waiver of the right to counsel rendered the plea agreement invalid.
timeThe insurance company offered a time waiver for the policyholder who was unable to make payments on time due to an accident.
verbalShe gave a verbal waiver of her right to a lawyer.
broadI signed a broad waiver before participating in the extreme sports event.
subjectThe subject waiver allowed the student to take a course without fulfilling the usual prerequisites.
priorThe renter will be responsible for any damages beyond the limits of the prior waiver
administrativeThe administrative waiver was granted due to the extenuating circumstances.
calledThe injured player called waiver on his contract.
routineThe routine waiver will be processed within two business days.
affirmativeBy signing the contract, the parties provided an affirmative waiver of the right to a jury trial.
irrevocableThe defendant made an irrevocable waiver of his right to a jury trial.
congressional"The bill would waive the congressional waiver for the sales tax."
optionalThe optional waiver is available at no additional cost.
undueThe undue waiver of our legal rights has led to this unfortunate situation.
parentalStudents under the age of 18 must obtain a parental waiver in order to participate in the field trip.
constructiveThe constructive waiver doctrine provides that a party's conduct can constitute a waiver of a contractual right even in the absence of an express waiver.
reciprocalThe parties agreed to a reciprocal waiver of all claims.
tacitThe tacit waiver of his rights was evident in his failure to object.
unequivocalThe plaintiff's unequivocal waiver of the statute of limitations barred his claim.
minimumThe minimum waiver for the policy is $500.

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