Adjectives for Wake

Adjectives For Wake

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wake, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a wake can vividly alter the perception of your narrative. An immediate wake evokes a sense of urgency and suddenness, gripping the reader's attention. The imagery of a white wake paints a serene, almost ethereal picture of tranquility on water. Describing a wake as turbulent adds a layer of chaos and unpredictability, perfect for more dramatic scenes. An Irish wake introduces cultural depth, hinting at rituals and communal mourning. Meanwhile, a sleep wake could offer a juxtaposition between rest and alertness, and speaking of one's own wake might delve into introspective or somber tones. Curious about more adjectives? Explore the full spectrum of nuances below.
immediateThe loud noise caused an immediate wake of the sleeping residents.
whiteThe white wake of the ship stretched out behind it like a long, flowing scarf.
turbulentThe turbulent wake from the boat left a trail of ripples in the water.
irishThe raucous Irish wake kept the neighbors awake all night.
sleepThe sleep wake cycle is regulated by the circadian rhythm.
ownThe modest vessel left its port city and traveled down the river in its own wake
nearThe near wake of a ship is the region of water directly behind the ship where the water is disturbed by the ship's passage.
longThe long wake left by the ship made the water look like a mirror.
phosphorescentOur little boat cut a phosphorescent wake through the calm waters of the bay.
broadThe broad wake from the passing ship rocked the boat.
farThe far wake of the ship disappeared into the horizon.
lykeThe lyke wake lasted for three days and three nights.
foamyThe boat sped past me, leaving a foamy wake in its path.
straightThe boat left a straight wake
shapedThe speedboat left a long arrow-shaped wake as it cut through the water.
bigThe boat left a big wake as it sped across the lake.
frothyThe boat left a frothy wake behind it as it sped across the water.
narrowThe narrow wake behind the boat disappeared quickly.
dimensionalThe boat left a dimensional wake in its path.
dustyBehind the pickup truck, a dusty wake obscured the road.
primaryThe turbulence behind an object is called its primary wake
thinA thin wake trailed behind the boat as it moved through the water.
steadyThe steady wake was broken by the occasional splash of a fish.
luminousThe luminous wake of the ship trailed behind it like a celestial highway.
frictionalThe flow past the cylinder contains a frictional wake and the drag is primarily due to viscous effects.
hugeThe ship was enormous, leaving a huge wake behind it.
traditionalThe traditional wake was held at the local funeral home.
laminarTurbulence after the projectile is laminar wake
deadThe dead wake left behind by the sinking ship was a chilling reminder of the tragedy that had unfolded.
bloodyThe ship left a bloody wake in its path.
goldenThe setting sun left a golden wake on the surface of the lake.
viscousThe viscous wake of a swimmer disturbs the water's otherwise smooth surface.
smoothThe boat left a smooth wake behind it as it moved quietly across the lake.
visibleThe boat's path was marked by a visible wake
fieryThe comet left a fiery wake in its path across the night sky.
fairThe ship sails through calm waters with a fair wake behind.
telltaleThe telltale wake of the ship cut through the calm ocean waters.
greenThe green wake of the boat rippled across the glassy surface of the lake.
brightThe boat left a bright wake in its path.
tinyThe rowboat left a tiny wake as it glided across the calm lake.
troubledThe troubled wake of the ship rocked back and forth in the stormy sea.
gentleThe gentle wake of the boat left a rippling trail behind it.
entropyThe entropy wake of the dying star stretched out across the galaxy.
unsteadyThe unsteady wake created by the airfoil caused turbulence downstream.
sternThe ferry's stern wake rocked the small boat violently.
cleanThe ship moved through the water with a clean wake
silveryThe silvery wake of the boat stretched out behind it like a shimmering ribbon.
emotionalThe emotional wake of the tragedy lingered in the hearts of the community for years to come.
grandThe grand wake left a trail of debris along the shoreline.
endlessThe endless wake of the ship stretched out behind it like a ghostly presence.
merryThe merry wake only ended when the candlelight waned.
finnegansFinnegans wake is a novel by James Joyce.
muddyThe propeller churned the water, leaving a muddy wake in its path.
novelThe novel wake was a somber affair.
oilyThe ship left an oily wake in its path.
destructiveThe comet left a destructive wake in its path.
silentA silent wake swept through the crowd.
slightThe slight wake rippled across the water, spreading outward in a series of concentric circles.

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