Adjectives for Wales

Adjectives For Wales

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wales, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives to describe Wales opens up a colorful palette of the region's geographical, cultural, and atmospheric nuances. From the industrial and vibrant South Wales, with its rich history and modern cities, to the rugged, scenic beauty of North and Northern Wales, marked by ancient castles and mountains. West and Western Wales allure with breathtaking coastlines and serene landscapes, while Rural Wales whispers tales of pastoral life and traditional Welsh culture. Each adjective not only locates but imbues the noun with a distinct identity, reflecting the diversity that Wales represents. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that capture the essence of Wales below.
southI'm going to visit Cardiff, South wales
northThe mountains of North wales are a popular destination for hikers.
northernThe northern wales coast is known for its beautiful beaches.
westThe beautiful coastline of West wales is a popular destination for tourists.
ruralThe rolling hills of rural wales are a beautiful sight to behold.
westernThe quaint villages of western wales beckon with their charm and tranquility.
southernSouthern wales is a beautiful region with rolling hills and stunning coastline.
centralCentral wales is a beautiful and rugged region of Wales with stunning scenery.
newI'm from New wales Australia.
eastEast wales is a beautiful region with stunning scenery.
midMid wales is a beautiful region of rolling hills and valleys.
easternThe eastern wales has a rich history and culture.
medievalMedieval wales was a period of great upheaval and change.
centuryFor more than a century wales had been subject to the laws of England.
nativeThe native wales ponies graze peacefully on the hillsides.
earlyThe early wales were much smaller than the modern whales.
modernModern wales is a land of contrasts, with its ancient mountains and castles set against its modern cities and industries.
southwestThe southwest wales is beautiful and breathtaking.
wildThe wild wales offers breathtaking landscapes for hikers and nature lovers.
northeasternNortheastern wales is a beautiful region with stunning scenery and a rich history.
southeasternThe beautiful Brecon Beacons spread across southeastern wales
southeastThe city of Newport is located in southeast wales
southwesternThe southwestern wales coastline is known for its dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches.
northwesternNorthwestern wales is a beautiful region with stunning scenery and a rich history.
northwestSnowdonia is a mountainous region located in northwest wales
contemporaryThe contemporary wales of today is a vibrant and diverse nation with a rich cultural heritage.
horizontalThe boat rocked from side to side, its horizontal wales creaking in protest.
colonialColonial wales was a period of profound social and economic change.
nineteenthNineteenth wales are among the largest whales that have ever lived.
mediaevalMediaeval wales was a time of great change and turmoil.
aridThe arid wales roamed the desert in search of food and water.
unitedProudly sporting the red dragon, United wales stands as a symbol of national identity and community.
mountainousThe mountainous wales provided a stunning backdrop for the hikers' journey.
quaritchQuaritch wales is a multinational military and security company.
remoteThe remote wales of the Scottish Highlands
chainThe chain wales were the thickest part of the ship's hull.
nearbyI spotted several nearby wales while traveling by the coast.
adjacentThe adjacent wales were swimming close to each other.
tradeThe trade wales were mostly successful in their journey.
discontentedThe discontented wales swam to the surface of the lake.
bloodyThe bloody wales howled in agony as the hunter's spear pierced their flesh.
cornThe corn wales were soft and sweet.
neighbouringThe small island nation of the United Kingdom sits just off the coast of its neighbouring wales
sunnyThe sun shines brightly over the rolling hills of sunny wales
wildestThe wildest wales swim in the deepest waters.

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