Adjectives for Walking

Adjectives For Walking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing walking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe walking can create vivid imagery and convey precise feelings. A brisk walk in the morning invigorates the senses, while much walking can be a testament to endurance. Normal walking portrays a routine action, but when it's easy, it implies a comfortable, effortless stride. Opting for more walking suggests a journey of improvement or discovery, whereas slow walking is often reflective, a gentle meandering through thoughts or sceneries. Each adjective adds a unique shade to the simple act of walking, enriching narratives with subtle undertones. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with walking and explore how each transforms this everyday action into something descriptive and nuanced.
briskBrisk walking is a great way to get exercise and stay healthy.
muchI did much walking on my holiday.
normalThe old man resumed his normal walking pace after the brief rest.
easyThe trails are easy walking and suitable for all levels of fitness.
moreWhile the terrain is flat, you will still get more walking than you'd expect.
slowThe elderly couple took their time slow walking through the park.
goodIt was a good walking day.
hardThe hike was hard walking but the views were worth it.
rapidThe professor encouraged rapid walking as a way to improve cardiovascular health.
independentThe child developed independent walking at 13 months.
bipedalHumans are the only extant primate species that are capable of bipedal walking
ordinaryI took my dog for an ordinary walking in the park.
comfortableThe shoes provided comfortable walking for miles.
roughThe rough walking slowed our progress as we hiked through the rocky terrain.
uprightThe ancestors of humans started upright walking about six million years ago.
pleasantThe stroll was pleasant walking
sleepIn the dead of night, my brother wandered the house in a state of deep sleep walking
regularRegular walking has great benefits for health.
steadyThe old man was doing steady walking along the beach.
constantConstant walking is an ideal way to improve cardiovascular health.
badHe had some bad walking habits.
dailyDaily walking can improve your health and well-being.
fastThe group met after fast walking through the forest.
quickHe arrived at the station after a quick walking
waryMy wary walking prevented me from falling in the dark.
vigorousHe enjoyed vigorous walking along the promenade.
gentleTake a gentle walking along the lake.
excessiveThe excessive walking left her exhausted.
continuousContinuous walking helped him lose weight.
deadThe zombies were dead walking the streets.
betterThe woman is better walking
actualI prefer actual walking to running on a treadmill.
aerobicAerobic walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health.
horizontalThe athlete did a horizontal walking movement before planting his foot.
lateI was late walking to school this morning.
hotHe was hot walking on the road.
streetThe man was street walking and was arrested for soliciting.
mereMere walking can be a great way to get exercise.
distanceShe enjoyed the distance walking with her dog every weekend.
lessI prefer less walking
mindfulPracticing mindful walking involves paying attention to each step and the sensations associated with movement.
unnecessaryThe unnecessary walking made her legs tired.
knuckleThe orangutan quickly moved through the trees by knuckle walking
stiltThe acrobat performed graceful moves while stilt walking
prolongedThe prolonged walking wore out his shoes.
endlessThe endless walking wore me down to the bone.
lameThe old man was lame walking due to his injured leg.
moderateI enjoy moderate walking in the park every evening.
uncomfortableThe uncomfortable walking forced him to pause often.
holyThe pilgrim was on a holy walking tour of all the famous cathedrals.
dynamicShe moved with dynamic walking along the busy street.
pedestrianThe pedestrian walking along the street was oblivious to the danger approaching from behind.
hillI enjoy hill walking in the Lake District.
quadrupedalThe robot uses quadrupedal walking to navigate through rough terrain.
strenuousThe strenuous walking tired me out.
strangeThe old man's strange walking made everyone stop and stare.
extraI got some extra walking in today.
silentThe silent walking of the ninja was like a ghost in the night.
toeShe went toe walking across the entire house.
continualThe continual walking of the hikers was taking its toll on their feet.
quietShe enjoyed her quiet walking by the riverside.
halfThe children were half walking and half running to the playground.
plainHe preferred plain walking to any other form of traveling.
excellentShe enjoys excellent walking in the park.
happyHappy walking in the fresh air!
extensiveThe extensive walking was tiring, but it was also a great way to get some exercise.
solitaryI enjoy solitary walking in the park.
outdoorI enjoy outdoor walking in the park.
sharpThe hikers engaged in a brisk and sharp walking pace along the trail.
fieldThe team of archaeologists conducted field walking in the area to search for artifacts.
correctHe was correct walking down the stairs.

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