Adjectives for Walks

Adjectives For Walks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing walks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'walks' can paint a vivid, compelling picture of the experience. A 'long walk' suggests a journey of endurance or discovery, appealing to those who cherish persistence. 'Many walks' evokes a sense of routine or exploration, perfect for depicting a life filled with adventures. 'Daily walks' highlight the importance of consistency in one's routine, promoting health and mindfulness. Opting for 'random walks' introduces an element of unpredictability and spontaneity, appealing to the adventure-seeker. 'Different walks' speaks to diversity of experience, ideal for showcasing variety. Lastly, 'solitary walks' can convey a peaceful, introspective journey, often sought for personal reflection. For a deeper exploration into how each adjective uniquely alters the essence of 'walks', continue reading below.
longThe couple took long walks along the beach every evening.
manyShe went on many walks during her vacation.
dailyThe doctor recommended daily walks to improve her health.
randomThe students engaged in random walks to explore the museum's sprawling exhibits.
differentWe all come from different walks of life.
solitaryHe enjoyed his solitary walks through the desolate park.
variousThe park offered various walks catering to different fitness levels.
shortThe doctor recommended short walks to improve his patient's health.
publicThe public walks were crowded with people enjoying the warm weather.
pleasantI enjoy taking pleasant walks in the park on sunny days.
higherThe enlightened guru embarked on higher walks in the Himalayas.
shadyWe strolled through the cool, shady walks of the park.
beautifulWe enjoyed the beautiful walks in the park.
lonelyThe old man took his lonely walks every evening.
delightfulWe enjoyed the delightful walks in the park.
sheepThe sheep walks through the meadow.
lowerTake the lower walks to the beach.
humblerThe employees in humbler walks of the company are the backbone of the organization.
quietThe peaceful old couple took quiet walks along the beach every evening.
broadWe strolled along the broad walks of the park.
frequentMy daily frequent walks help me stay healthy and reduce stress.
regularRegular walks in the park helped improve her mood.
ordinaryThe ordinary walks of my daily life help me escape the extraordinary chaos of my mind.
longerThe dog enjoyed longer walks in the park.
fineI like the fine walks in the park.
humbleIn this era of technological brilliance, we should not neglect the wisdom that often resides in humble walks
briskThe brisk walks in the fresh air helped to clear my mind and revitalize my energy levels.
lovelyThe park offers lovely walks through the woods.
gravelledThe house was surrounded by gravelled walks and herbaceous borders, with a paddock beyond.
coveredThe covered walks provided a pleasant route for pedestrians.
gravelThe well-groomed dog walked along the gravel walks
concreteHe enjoyed his walk down the concrete walks around the block.
highestThe towering peaks have some of the highest walks in the world.
shadedWe enjoyed the shaded walks in the park during the hot summer days.
pavedThe paved walks around the lake were perfect for a leisurely stroll.
charmingThe charming walks along the river were a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.
ruralI enjoy taking rural walks on weekends.
humblestFrom the humblest walks of life to the heights of power, everyone is affected by the decisions made in the corridors of government.
narrowThe narrow walks were crowded with people.
numerousWe enjoyed the morning with numerous walks through the forest.
favouriteThe park has many favourite walks along the river.
interestingI enjoy taking interesting walks in the countryside.
niceEnjoying the beautiful weather today by going on nice walks
occasionalThe park is a great place for occasional walks and picnics.
prettyWe took some pretty walks around the lake.
agreeableThese agreeable walks led them past many fine old houses, neglected gardens, and the ruins of former wealth.
greenThe green walks home.
easyRelaxing in the park. Easy walks can be enjoyed daily.
slowHis slow walks in the park calmed him.
dayThe day walks slowly away from us.
endlessThey spent countless days lost in endless walks through the misty forest.
silentHe vanished into the forest, his silent walks leaving no trace behind.
guidedGuided walks are available each day at 10 am and 2 pm.
minuteI take short minute walks every hour.
variedWe went to the park for varied walks
favoriteHer favorite walks were along the edge of the meadow during summer evenings.
crossRemember to use cross walks when crossing the street.
serpentineThe tourist wandered through the museum's serpentine walks
happyThe happy walks through the park brought smiles to everyone's faces.
nocturnalThe nocturnal walks were always filled with a sense of adventure and mystery.
shorterThe dog owner took shorter walks with the dog during the hot weather
lowestThey always took the lowest walks
linedWe walked hand-in-hand along the lined walks
peacefulThe peaceful walks through the park were a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.
retiredHe enjoyed his retired walks in the park.
nightlyI enjoy my nightly walks in the park.

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