Adjectives for Wallet

Adjectives For Wallet

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wallet, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe a wallet can subtly change the narrative of a sentence, giving it depth and a more vivid mental picture. An empty wallet evokes a sense of loss or lack, while an old wallet might carry a nostalgic value or suggest long-standing reliability. A fat wallet is often synonymous with wealth and abundance, in contrast to a small wallet, which may imply simplicity or minimalism. Describing something as your own wallet adds a personal touch, indicating possession and perhaps a hint of pride. Each adjective unfolds a different story, painting the wallet in a unique light. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe 'wallet' and explore the nuances each brings to your narrative below.
emptyThe man sighed as he looked at his empty wallet
oldI found my old wallet in the back of my closet.
fatHe had a fat wallet that was filled with money.
blackI left my black wallet on the kitchen counter.
smallI lost my small wallet yesterday.
ownI keep my money in my own wallet
littleHe left the little wallet on the table.
largeHe carried his large wallet in his back pocket.
brownHe left his brown wallet on the kitchen table.
openThe thief ran off with the open wallet
electronicI paid for my groceries using my electronic wallet
thickHe pulled out his thick wallet and handed me a crisp hundred dollar bill.
bigHe walked around with a suspiciously big wallet
plasticHe took out his plastic wallet from his pocket and showed me his ID card.
wornJohn took out his worn wallet proudly.
redI lost my red wallet yesterday.
leathernHe took out his leathern wallet and paid the bill.
magicI lost my magic wallet that I always carry with me.
fullJohn opened his full wallet and paid the bill without hesitation.
skinI keep my ID in a skin wallet
flatHe checked his flat wallet and left the store.
digitalI've been using my digital wallet to make all my payments lately.
batteredHe took out his battered wallet and paid for the coffee.
slimShe pulled out her slim wallet and handed it to the cashier.
greenI lost my green wallet yesterday.
heavyHe was a wealthy man with a heavy wallet
shabbyI found a shabby wallet on the ground.
coloredThe little boy lost his favorite colored wallet at the park.
hugeHe pulled out his huge wallet and paid for the meal.
leatherHe kept his money safe in his leather wallet
bulgingHis bulging wallet suggested he had a comfortable income.
tatteredHe pulled out his tattered wallet and paid for the meal.
greasyThe greasy wallet was a testament to his careless spending habits.
stuffedHe opened his stuffed wallet and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill.
bulkyI hate carrying my bulky wallet in my back pocket.
enchantedJenna was ecstatic to find an enchanted wallet with an endless supply of money.
capaciousHe carried a capacious wallet filled with credit cards and cash.
softI keep my cryptocurrency in a soft wallet for easy access.
niceI like your nice wallet
blueI left my blue wallet on the table.
handsomeHe pulled out a handsome wallet made of fine leather.
cheapHe lost his cheap wallet last night.
beautifulHer new beautiful wallet matched her dress perfectly.
enormousHe was a wealthy man with an enormous wallet
expensiveHe looked for his expensive wallet but he could not find it.
yellowI left my yellow wallet on the bus.
slenderHe took out his slender wallet and paid for the groceries.
dirtyI found a dirty wallet on the ground.
stainedHe searched for his stained wallet under the sofa.
overstuffedHe pulled out his overstuffed wallet and paid for the meal.
waterproofI put my ID card and money in my waterproof wallet before going kayaking.
preciousI keep my precious wallet close to me at all times.
twinedTom reached into his back pocket to fetch his twined wallet
shinyHe carried his shiny wallet in his pocket.
sideHe put his side wallet into his pocket.
tooledThe tooled wallet was made of fine leather and had intricate designs.
leanHer lean wallet reminded her of her difficult financial situation.
snakeskinHe took out his snakeskin wallet and paid for the meal.
damnI lost my damn wallet again.
mobileI use a mobile wallet to pay for my purchases conveniently.
immenseThe man had an immense wallet filled with cash and credit cards.
fatterI'm hoping to get a fatter wallet from my new job.
raggedHe pulled out his ragged wallet and paid for the meal.
neatI kept my money in a neat wallet
foldedHe stuffed his folded wallet into his back pocket.
onlineI store my cryptocurrency in an online wallet
frayedHe pulled out his frayed wallet and counted the remaining bills.
foldHe put his fold wallet in his bag.
cardboardI keep my money in a cardboard wallet
elegantI bought an elegant wallet at the store yesterday.

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