Adjectives for Wallpaper

Adjectives For Wallpaper

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wallpaper, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right wallpaper can transform any room, but the impact greatly depends on the adjectives used to describe it. Opting for new wallpaper can give your space a modern and updated feel, while flowered or floral patterns introduce a touch of nature and femininity. Alternatively, old wallpaper might evoke a sense of nostalgia or vintage charm, perfect for creating an ambient, retro atmosphere. Meanwhile, striped wallpaper can add depth and the illusion of height to rooms, and a yellow hue can infuse your space with brightness and energy. Each adjective nuances your decor in unique ways, unveiling layers of personality and style. Discover more adjectives and their transformative effects on wallpaper below.
newI love the new wallpaper in the living room.
floweredThe walls were adorned with an intricate flowered wallpaper
oldI removed the old wallpaper and painted the walls a new color.
floralThe floral wallpaper added a touch of elegance to the room.
stripedThe living room had striped wallpaper that was a bit too busy for my taste.
yellowShe stared at the intricate yellow wallpaper its swirling patterns dancing before her eyes.
patternedThe patterned wallpaper was a nice touch to the room.
redThe living room had bright red wallpaper
blueThe bedroom had blue wallpaper with a floral design.
greenThe walls were covered in green wallpaper that was starting to peel.
chineseThe Chinese wallpaper had an intricate pattern of dragons and clouds.
darkThe dark wallpaper made the room feel cozy and inviting.
whiteThe white wallpaper in the bedroom was starting to peel.
pinkThe walls were covered in a soft pink wallpaper
frenchThe french wallpaper had a beautiful pattern of flowers and birds.
brownThe walls were covered in a dull brown wallpaper
originalThe walls were adorned with original wallpaper that had been carefully preserved.
flockedThe living room featured flocked wallpaper with an intricate floral pattern.
coloredThe walls were adorned with intricately patterned colored wallpaper
paleThe pale wallpaper made the room look even more spacious.
floweryThe walls were covered in a flowery wallpaper creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.
scenicThe scenic wallpaper with a tranquil forest scene set the perfect ambiance in the room.
brightThe bright wallpaper clashed with the dark furniture.
expensiveThe expensive wallpaper was the highlight of the room.
washableThe new washable wallpaper is perfect for the kitchen.
victorianThe old house was decorated with intricate Victorian wallpaper
paintedThe painted wallpaper added a splash of color to the room.
printedThe walls were adorned with intricate printed wallpaper creating a sense of elegance and grandeur.
stainedThe stained wallpaper in the hallway added to the dreary atmosphere.
cheapI need to take down this old cheap wallpaper
tornThe torn wallpaper hung loosely on the wall, peeling away in strips.
texturedThe room's textured wallpaper hid the unevenness of the walls.
uglyThe ugly wallpaper in the room made me feel nauseous.
ancientThe ancient wallpaper was peeling off the wall.
goldThe walls were covered in gold wallpaper shimmering in the candlelight.
centuryThe antique furniture in the house was paired with century wallpaper
prettyThe bedroom had pretty wallpaper with a floral pattern.
grayThe gray wallpaper in the living room was a perfect backdrop for the new furniture.
beautifulThe room was decorated with beautiful wallpaper
lightThe living room has light wallpaper with a floral pattern.
tatteredThe tattered wallpaper peeled away from the wall, revealing the plaster beneath.
decorativeThe elegant living room was adorned with intricate decorative wallpaper
beigeThe walls were covered in beige wallpaper
fashionedThe walls were adorned with elegantly fashioned wallpaper
looseThe loose wallpaper was peeling off the wall.
dingyThe dingy wallpaper made the room seem even more cramped.
windowsThe windows wallpaper was a beautiful nature scene.
hideousThe hideous wallpaper clashed terribly with the plush velvet curtains.
colorfulThe room was adorned with colorful wallpaper that depicted scenes from a whimsical garden.
freshThe newly renovated room had fresh wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern.
dirtyI have to get rid of this dirty wallpaper
crimsonThe crimson wallpaper in the room cast an eerie glow on the faces of the guests.
plainThe plain wallpaper in the living room made the space feel dull and uninviting.
heavyThe heavy wallpaper was peeling off the wall.
richHer rich wallpaper was covered with sprawling flowers and leaves.
colouredThe walls were adorned with intricate coloured wallpaper
gayI think the walls in his house have on gay wallpaper
antiqueThe antique wallpaper in the old house was peeling off the walls.
auralThe monotonous hum of traffic became aural wallpaper for the weary commuters.
fancyThe room was decorated with fancy wallpaper and plush furniture.
greyThe walls were covered in a dull grey wallpaper
delicateThe delicate wallpaper in the hallway had a beautiful floral design.
dampThe damp wallpaper sagged from the walls, threatening to peel away completely.
attractiveThe living room looked elegant because of the attractive wallpaper
roomThe room wallpaper was a beautiful shade of blue.
styleJenny decided to go with a chic style wallpaper for her dining room.
elegantThe elegant wallpaper adorned the walls of the opulent mansion.
ornateThe grand foyer featured an ornate wallpaper with intricate floral patterns.
garishThe living room was decorated in a garish wallpaper that clashed with the furniture.
cheerfulThe room was decorated with a cheerful wallpaper
cleanThe walls were adorned with clean wallpaper
busyThe busy wallpaper clashed with the minimalist furniture.
embossedThe embossed wallpaper hid the imperfections on the walls.
purpleThe walls were adorned with vibrant purple wallpaper
leftoverI have some leftover wallpaper from when I redecorated my bedroom.
gaudyThe walls were covered in gaudy wallpaper
pastelThe soft hues of the pastel wallpaper created a tranquil atmosphere in the room.
softThe soft wallpaper provided a calming atmosphere to the room.
thickThe thick wallpaper on the walls of the hallway created a cozy atmosphere.
dullThe walls were covered in dull wallpaper making the room feel drab and uninspiring.
spriggedThe quaint cottage was adorned with dainty sprigged wallpaper
lovelyThe hallway had lovely wallpaper that I had never seen before.
horridThe horrid wallpaper was peeling off the walls.
handpaintedMy living room is decorated with handpainted wallpaper depicting scenes from nature.

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