Adjectives for Walls

Adjectives For Walls

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing walls, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe walls can paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind, highlighting not just the physical characteristics, but also suggesting subtle connotations. High walls might evoke feelings of being protected or trapped, while thick walls can imply security or isolation. The outer walls set boundaries, distinguishing between what's inside and outside. A white wall could symbolize purity or emptiness, and old walls whisper tales of the past. Conversely, thin walls might suggest vulnerability or a lack of privacy. Each adjective tailored to 'walls' opens a realm of narrative possibilities. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives to unlock the stories walls can tell.
highThe towering high walls cast an imposing shadow over the city.
thickThe castle's thick walls kept out the cold wind.
outerThe outer walls were constructed of solid granite, with arrow slits at strategic points.
whiteThe white walls of the room reflected the sunlight, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.
oldThe old walls whispered secrets of a bygone era.
thinThe thin walls of the apartment made it difficult to escape the noise.
exteriorThe exterior walls of the building were painted a bright white.
interiorThe interior walls of the house were painted white.
concreteThe concrete walls echoed with the sound of his footsteps.
innerI believe that your inner walls are a part of your beautiful architecture.
massiveThe castle was protected by massive walls
bareThe room felt hollow with its bare walls
outsideThe outside walls of the castle were ten feet thick.
solidThe castle was protected by solid walls
verticalThe vertical walls of the canyon were a testament to the power of erosion.
lowChildren were playing contentedly in the garden behind the low walls
ancientThe crumbling ancient walls whispered of secrets long forgotten.
veryThe very walls seemed to whisper secrets.
woodenThe old ship creaked and groaned as its wooden walls strained against the relentless waves.
externalThe external walls of the fortress were reinforced with steel plates.
strongThe castle stood firm with its strong walls
whitewashedThe whitewashed walls reflected the bright sunlight.
grayThe gray walls of the castle loomed over the village like a brooding sentinel.
arterialThe arterial walls were thickened due to the buildup of plaque.
muscularThe stomach has strong muscular walls to churn food and extract nutrients.
insideThe old house had crumbling inside walls
darkThe room had dark walls and a low ceiling.
steepThe castle was built on a hill with steep walls
lateralThe fire spread through the lateral walls threatening to engulf the entire building.
greyThe grey walls of the old house stood tall and imposing.
blankThe blank walls of the room stared back at her.
parallelThe parallel walls of the fortress rose high into the sky.
ruinedThe ruined walls of the ancient castle stood as a testament to its former glory.
cellPlant cells have cell walls made of cellulose, which gives them their rigidity and shape.
doubleThe historic building boasts impressive double walls that have stood the test of time.
internalThe internal walls of the house were crumbling.
roughThe rough walls of the old castle stood as a testament to its tumultuous past.
greenThe lush green walls of the forest shimmered in the sunlight.
heavyThe old castle had heavy walls that kept out the cold.
loftyThe castle stood tall with lofty walls that seemed to reach the heavens.
posteriorThe posterior walls of the pharynx are deficient in glands and lymphoid follicles.
rockyThe rocky walls of the canyon towered above them.
upperThe upper walls of the castle were crumbling.
narrowThe narrow walls of the canyon towered over us.
rigidThe rigid walls of the castle prevented the invaders from entering.
paneledThe paneled walls of the room made it feel warm and inviting.
intestinalThe large surface area provided by the folds, villi and microvilli in the intestinal walls help in the absorption of nutrients.
oppositeThe graffiti was painted on opposite walls of the alleyway.
bonyThe skull's inner chamber was shielded by bony walls
sheerThe sheer walls of the canyon towered above us.
perpendicularThe narrow passage had tall, perpendicular walls
plasteredThe plastered walls had a smooth, even finish.
sideThe side walls of the building were repainted.
bacterialThe bacterial walls provide protection against the elements.
defensiveThe town's defensive walls were breached by the invaders.
thickerThe castle had thicker walls than any other fortification in the realm.
romanThe Roman walls defended the city from invaders.
shearShear walls provide lateral stability to a building, preventing it from collapsing sideways during earthquakes or strong winds.
eastThe concrete blocks of the east walls had decorations carved into them.
coloredThe brightly colored walls added a vibrant touch to the room.
coldThe cold walls of the abandoned house sent shivers down her spine.
bearingThe bearing walls in the old house creaked and groaned under the weight of the new roof.
thinnerThe old house had thinner walls than the new one.
protectiveTall, protective walls enveloped the formidable medieval castle.
plainThe plain walls gave the room a simple yet elegant look.
blueThe room had blue walls
hugeThe castle had huge walls and a moat.
coveredThe covered walls were adorned with beautiful paintings.
curvedThe narrow hallway was lined with curved walls that appeared endless in the dim light.
adjacentThe adjacent walls were painted in contrasting colors.
tallThe castle had tall walls that reached up to the sky.
panelledThe library is large and sinister, with tall shelves and panelled walls
dryThe dry walls of the old house creaked and groaned as the wind blew through the cracks.
radialThe cell had radial walls that gave it a distinctive appearance.
bronchialUnderlying the hypertrophic bronchial walls was edema, subepithelial fibrosis, and moderate lymphoid infiltrate.
brownThe cozy living room had warm brown walls
paleThe room had pale walls that reflected the light beautifully.
southThe south walls were crumbling.
medievalThe old, tall medieval walls surrounded the castle.
medialThe medial walls of the temporal lobe are thin and translucent.

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