Adjectives for Ward

Adjectives For Ward

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ward, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'ward' can significantly change the narrative or information being conveyed. A 'psychiatric ward' paints a vastly different picture from a 'surgical ward,' highlighting the specialized care and atmosphere each setting offers. Similarly, a 'medical ward' suggests a broader range of treatments compared to a 'general ward,' which might be perceived as less specialized. Adjectives such as 'second' or 'open' add layers of meaning, indicating hierarchy, accessibility, or openness within the context. Exploring these adjectives reveals the rich tapestry of healthcare environments and their specific functions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'ward' and the unique connotations each brings to the table below.
psychiatricThe man was admitted to the psychiatric ward after he was found wandering the streets in a confused state.
surgicalThe patient was admitted to the surgical ward after the operation.
medicalThe patient was admitted to the medical ward for further observation.
generalThe patient was admitted to the general ward for further evaluation.
secondThe map shows the house was located in the second ward
openThe patient was admitted to the open ward
mentalThe patient was admitted to the mental ward after a suicide attempt.
thirdThe third ward is the most populous ward in the city.
youngThe young ward was afraid and alone.
fourthThe candidate won handily in the fourth ward
wholeShe had spent the whole ward in the hospital.
innerThe inner ward of the castle was a place of great security.
pediatricThe new toys were a welcome addition to the pediatric ward
specialThe patient was admitted to the hospital's special ward
femaleThe female ward was filled with patients of all ages.
casualHe was taken to the hospital's casual ward where he was treated for minor injuries.
fifthThe fifth ward is located on the west side of the city.
outerThe outer ward of the castle held the barracks and stables.
sickHe was admitted to the hospital and taken to the sick ward
geriatricThe nurse was assigned to work in the geriatric ward
acuteThe patient was admitted to the acute ward for observation.
bedThe bed ward was full of patients.
privateThe patient was moved to a private ward after the surgery.
intensiveThe patient was transferred to the intensive ward due to their critical condition.
westWe sailed west ward towards the new land.
sixthThe sixth ward is the most populous in the city.
closedThe patient was admitted to the closed ward for intensive monitoring.
seventhThe house is located in the seventh ward
lateI went to the late ward at the hospital.
eastThe ship was heading east ward
separateThe patient was kept in a separate ward for his safety.
southThe birds flew south ward for the winter.
maleThe male ward was full of patients.
northThe geese flew north ward for the winter.
inpatientThe patient was admitted to the inpatient ward for further observation.
upperThe upper ward of the castle was reserved for the lord and his family.
formerThe former ward councilor was accused of corruption.
convalescentThe convalescent ward was full of patients recovering from surgery.
ninthThe Ninth ward is a historic neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana.
psychoShe was admitted to the psycho ward after a suicide attempt.
chronicThe patient was admitted to the chronic ward for long-term care.
busyThe busy ward was filled with the sounds of medical equipment and the conversations of doctors and nurses.
eighthThe eighth ward is known for its historic architecture.
cityThe city ward held a meeting to discuss the new park plans.
orthopedicI had to stay in the orthopedic ward for a week after my surgery.
paediatricThe paediatric ward was filled with the sound of children's laughter.
5thBorn in the 5th ward he grew up in poverty
tenthThe tenth ward voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bond issue.
barringtonBarrington ward is a former British Army officer and politician.
middleThe middle ward was reserved for the most serious offenders.
royalThe royal ward was staffed with highly skilled healers.
disturbedI visited him in the disturbed ward of the hospital, where he was recovering from a nervous breakdown.
nineteenthThe nineteenth ward is the most populous ward in the city.
downThe spiral staircase led down ward to the basement.
alcoholicI was admitted to the alcoholic ward of the hospital.
6thThe 6th ward is located in the northwest corner of the city.
offThe train was waiting off ward
orthopaedicMy father is in the orthopaedic ward recovering from surgery.
insaneThe old asylum's insane ward echoed with the haunting sounds of forgotten voices.
dearPlease be careful, my dear ward
crowdedThe crowded ward was filled with the sound of coughing and moaning.
adolescentThe adolescent ward was filled with the laughter of children playing.

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