Adjectives for Ware

Adjectives For Ware

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ware, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'ware' significantly influences the imagery and perception in descriptive language. Opting for colors like 'red', 'black', 'grey', 'brown', or 'white' not only conveys the appearance but also sets the tone and mood of the narrative. Describing 'ware' as 'fine' elevates its perceived quality and value, adding a layer of sophistication. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of 'ware', guiding the imagination towards a specific visual and tactile experience. Dive deeper into the world of description and discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'ware' to enhance your writing and communication.
redThe red ware pottery is very fragile.
blackThe museum had a display of beautiful black ware pottery.
greyThe grey ware was found in the excavation site.
brownThe brown ware was found in the excavation site.
fineThe fine ware was carefully packed in tissue paper.
whiteThe company produced white ware such as refrigerators and washing machines.
coarseI saw many broken coarse wares in the antique shop.
earthenThe museum houses a collection of fragile earthen ware pottery.
buffThe buff ware had geometric designs
hollowThe hollow ware was made of silver.
ceramicShe is fond of collecting ceramic ware
burnishedThe young woman placed the delicate burnished ware on the table with practiced hands.
hardThe hard ware is very heavy.
polishedThe Neolithic team produced many pieces of high quality polished ware
plainThe dining room was decorated with simple plain ware
samian"Samian ware" is a type of fine Roman pottery.
glazedThe museum had a collection of glazed ware including vases, bowls, and plates.
sandyThe sandy ware was a perfect match for the beach house.
sanitaryThe bathroom is equipped with high-quality sanitary ware
porcelainThe delicate porcelain ware was displayed prominently in the glass cabinet.
woodenThe skilled artisans crafted exquisite wooden ware showcasing their mastery of woodworking.
commonIt is important to use common ware when cooking for a crowd.
platedI carefully dusted the silver plated ware and put it away.
darkThe police raided the warehouse, discovering a large cache of dark ware
temperedThe tempered ware is a type of earthenware that is fired at a high temperature.
lightThe light ware was delivered to the store.
orangeHe has a collection of sixth-century BC orange ware pottery.
decoratedShe placed the beautifully decorated ware on the table.
yellowYellow ware is a pottery decorated with a yellow glaze.
tableThe elegant table ware set was a perfect match for the occasion.
blueMy mom keeps her grandmother's blue ware china in the glass cabinet.
reddishThe shape of the reddish ware is elegant.
grayThe potters of this village specialized in gray ware
greenThe green ware was fired properly in the kiln.
thinThe dishes were made of thin ware
domesticShe had a vast collection of antique domestic ware that she displayed in her dining room.
silverThe silver ware was polished to a high shine.
chineseThe Chinese ware was delicate and beautiful.
colouredThe collection included an interesting piece of coloured ware
lacqueredThe traditional lacquered ware has been finely preserved in Japan.
lateWe can see the late ware begin to dominate during this period.
typeOur old windows were replaced with type ware in an effort to modernise our home.
enamelledThe enamelled ware was beautifully decorated with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.
madeThe ancient pottery made ware with intricate designs.
paintedThe excavation team found pottery fragments from vessels decorated with painted ware
grittyThe gritty ware was cheap and durable, made for everyday use by regular people.
unglazedThis unglazed ware is fired at a high temperature, giving it a beautiful golden color and a matte finish.
metalMy grandmother collects metal ware from old abandoned houses.
plasticWe don't use plastic ware in our home; we use only ceramic dishes.
ordinaryThe ordinary ware was perfect for everyday use.
smoothThe smooth ware on the table was very delicate.
calledThe called ware was a gift from my mother.
coatedThe food was served on coated ware
thickThe thick ware was perfect for holding heavy items.
pinkThe shiny pink ware was the most expensive in the store.
polychromeThe polychrome ware is a type of pottery that is decorated with multiple colors.
pewterThe pewter ware was carefully polished and displayed on the mantel.
roughThe rough ware was piled high in the back of the truck.
lustreThe iridescent lustre ware vase shimmered in the sunlight.
ironThe blacksmith had a shop full of iron ware
beautifulThe beautiful ware arrived this morning.
firedThe fired ware was placed in a kiln to cool.
granularShe keeps her silverware in granular ware drawers.
utilitarianThe new line of utilitarian ware is made of durable plastic and comes in a variety of colors.
dullThe dull ware was not very exciting.
typicalThe typical ware was a simple, undecorated vessel.
glassThe delicate glass ware was carefully handled to prevent it from breaking.
finestShe took the finest ware and placed it on the table.
coloredColored ware was often used for dishes and other household items.
groovedThe grooved ware was found in an archaeological excavation.
crockeryMy grandmother's prized crockery ware is displayed in the china cabinet.
bronzeI have bronze ware with a very distinctive pattern.
micaceousThe micaceous ware is a type of pottery with a high content of mica.
lustrousThe lustrous ware was a beautiful piece of art.
ornamentalHer main purchases from the city were decorative utensils and ornamental ware
lacquerThe lacquer ware is made from a resin that is applied to wood or metal and then hardened.
roman"The recent carbon isotope analyses of human bone collagen and 'roman ware' from Oxford have indicated a mainly herbivorous diet."
paleThe pale ware glistened on the shelves, reflecting the soft glow of the morning sun.
vitreousThe vitreous ware cracked after it was dropped on the floor.
monochromeMy dining table is decorated with a monochrome ware vase.
distinctiveThe pottery shop is known for its distinctive ware which is characterized by its unique patterns and colors.
brassThe store had a large selection of brass ware
celadonThe celadon ware was a beautiful shade of green.

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