Adjectives for Warning

Adjectives For Warning

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing warning, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a warning can significantly alter its reception and perceived urgency. An early warning suggests a proactive measure, potentially giving enough time to avert the situation. A fair warning implies a sense of justice or ethics, stressing the reasonableness behind the caution. The usage of first warning might indicate a patience in dealing with the matter, whereas a solemn warning conveys a more serious, perhaps grave, concern. Describing a warning as little might diminish its perceived importance, while a timely warning underscores its relevance. The nuance each adjective introduces shapes the context and urgency of the advice or danger signified by the warning. Discover the full range of adjectives that can accompany the noun 'warning' to capture the precise tone and implication you wish to convey.
earlyThe early warning system detected the approaching storm, giving residents time to prepare.
fairI gave him fair warning before I left the room.
firstThe first warning bell rang.
solemnThe judge issued a solemn warning to the jury.
littleThe storm arrived with little warning
timelyThe timely warning gave us just enough time to escape the danger.
sternThe captain issued a stern warning to the crew about the dangers of sailing in a storm.
finalHe had received his final warning and knew he was now on thin ice.
clearThe clear warning from the doctor was ignored by the patient.
sufficientHe gave sufficient warning before quitting his job.
lastThis is your last warning
ampleThe school gave ample warning about the upcoming test.
priorI received prior warning about the upcoming changes.
previousShe left without previous warning
dueI informed him of the situation with due warning
friendlyI gave you a friendly warning to be cautious.
seriousThe doctor gave her a serious warning about the risks of smoking.
adequateThe management gave adequate warning before the layoff.
slightestI hope the slightest warning would suffice for everyone.
furtherAny further warning will be subjected to disciplinary action.
strongThe strong warning deter the trespassers from entering the private property.
awfulThe awful warning echoed through the empty halls.
similarThe similar warning came after a recent incident.
ominousThe ominous warning sent shivers down my spine.
propheticThe oracle's prophetic warning proved uncannily accurate.
salutaryShe wished she had heeded the salutary warning which would have prevented a lot of pain.
direThe dire warning from the scientists went unheeded, leading to catastrophic consequences.
verbalThe supervisor gave him a verbal warning for being late.
terribleThe terrible warning echoed through the empty corridor.
minuteThe tornado siren gave only a two-minute warning before the storm hit.
earlierThe earlier warning system allowed us to evacuate the area before the storm hit.
writtenHe received a written warning for his repeated tardiness.
raidThe raid warning system alerted the villagers to the approaching danger.
grimThe doctor issued a grim warning that the patient's condition was worsening rapidly.
sharpShe gave her son a sharp warning after he disobeyed her.
graveThe grave warning from the doctor came as a shock to the family.
officialThe official warning was issued due to the violation of company policy.
formalThe employee received a formal warning for their repeated tardiness.
urgentThe urgent warning was issued by the authorities.
usefulA useful warning can save lives.
severeThey issued the travelers a severe warning about the dangers of the route.
preliminaryThe preliminary warning from the security team prompted us to evacuate the building immediately.
divineThe divine warning echoed through the temple, sending a chill down the spines of the faithful.
enoughHe didn't have enough warning to get out of the way of the car.
explicitThe explicit warning was clear and impossible to miss.
strategicThe intelligence community issued a strategic warning about the imminent threat.
advancedThe teacher gave us advanced warning that the test would be difficult.
usualHe crossed the road with his usual warning
leastThe storm hit with the least warning
airborneThe airborne warning system detected the incoming aircraft.
gentleThe doctor gave me a gentle warning about the risks of surgery.
audibleThe audible warning alerted us to the approaching storm.
veiledHis veiled warning hinted at a more significant threat beneath the surface.
plainThe doctor gave him a plain warning about the risks of the surgery.
earnestHeeding the earnest warning she braced herself for the impending storm.
oralThe driver received an oral warning for speeding.
implicitHis expression was one of implicit warning
silentThe silent warning was clear: stay away.
definiteThe stranger's gaze lingered on me with a definite warning
briefA brief warning emerged before the perilous expedition set forth.
subtleThe subtle warning was lost on the oblivious passerby.
tacticalThe tactical warning gave the commander time to prepare for the attack.
bluntThe blunt warning from the experts put the company on edge.
mysteriousThe mysterious warning left us with a sense of unease.
impressiveThe towering cliffs stood as an impressive warning against the dangers of the stormy sea.
visualThe visual warning alerted the pilot to the impending danger.
unmistakableThe unmistakable warning came too late.
fearfulThe scientist gave a fearful warning about the potential consequences of ignoring climate change.
famousDon't judge a book by its famous warning

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