Adjectives for Warnings

Adjectives For Warnings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing warnings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'warnings' significantly alters its impact and meaning. 'Such warnings' emphasizes the nature, 'many warnings' implies frequency, while 'dire warnings' conveys urgency and severity. An 'early warning' suggests prevention, whereas 'solemn warnings' underscore seriousness and gravity. The descriptive choice paints a vivid picture, signaling the importance or the context of the warnings issued. Each adjective uniquely influences how a warning is perceived, reflecting the intent and tone behind the message. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'warnings' to understand the nuances each combination brings.
suchHe ignored such warnings and pressed on.
manyWe ignored many warnings and now we are paying the price.
direThe dire warnings about the impending storm were ignored.
earlyDespite early warnings the company failed to prepare for the crisis.
solemnThe captain delivered solemn warnings about the impending storm.
severalThe driver ignored several warnings before crashing the car.
sternThe teacher issued stern warnings about cheating on the test.
similarShe also issued similar warnings to the other children.
frequentShe ignored the frequent warnings about the danger of the area.
specialThe doctor provided some special warnings about the medication's side effects.
propheticHis prophetic warnings about the dangers of climate change were ignored, but time proved him right.
clearThe doctor gave clear warnings about the potential side effects of the medication.
numerousHe ignored the numerous warnings and went ahead with the plan.
ominousThe ominous warnings were ignored by the reckless climbers.
earlierWe failed to avoid this tragedy, despite earlier warnings
verbalThe officer gave the man verbal warnings before arresting him.
timelyThe timely warnings from the weatherman enabled us to be prepared for the impending storm.
strongHe disregarded the doctor's strong warnings and continued to smoke
appropriateHeed the appropriate warnings before proceeding.
previousPlease take note of the previous warnings
seriousThere were serious warnings about the dangers of smoking.
constantDespite constant warnings the child continued to play too close to the edge of the pool.
urgentAuthorities issued urgent warnings to stay indoors due to the severe weather.
adequateThe product comes with adequate warnings
specificHeed the specific warnings on the medication label.
officialThe agency issued official warnings to evacuate the area immediately.
graveHe ignored all the grave warnings and ended up in a lot of trouble.
raidThe server sent two raid warnings before the players were able to defeat the boss.
severeThe meteorologists issued severe warnings about the approaching hurricane.
furtherThey continued to issue further warnings
awfulHe ignored the awful warnings and drove through the storm.
explicitThe report included explicit warnings about the potential risks.
usualI have read and understood the usual warnings
divineIgnoring divine warnings can lead to devastating consequences.
vagueThey gave me vague warnings about possible consequences.
earnestHe ignored all the earnest warnings about the dangers of the mission.
falseHeed no heed to false warnings
grimThe scientists issued grim warnings about the impending climate disaster.
apocalypticThe grim message sent apocalyptic warnings of the impending doom.
priorHe ignored the prior warnings and continued his reckless behavior.
navigationalStorm chasers must keep track of navigational warnings and road closures.
ampleNo one can claim they did not have ample warnings about the consequences of their actions.
mysteriousThe old man gave me mysterious warnings about the path ahead.
occasionalThe occasional warnings went unheeded.
oralThe supervisor gave her oral warnings about her conduct.
salutaryHe received salutary warnings about the dangers of smoking.
repeatedThe repeated warnings from the meteorologist went unheeded.
usefulThe letter contained useful warnings about the upcoming journey.
visualThe construction site was surrounded by visual warnings including flashing lights and caution tape.
formalI was given formal warnings last year.
parentalDue to the intense and graphic nature of the content, the following program contains parental warnings
terribleThe terrible warnings echoed through the empty streets.
auditoryThe auditory warnings blared through the speakers, alerting the passengers to brace for impact.
unheededThe he unheeded warnings of the experts led to a catastrophic outcome.
sufficientThe pilot ignored the sufficient warnings and tried to make a landing anyway.
preliminaryThe judge gave preliminary warnings about the repercussions of giving false testimony.
disinterestedThe disinterested warnings from the wise sage fell on deaf ears.
necessaryThe necessary warnings were given before the experiment commenced.
sharpThe teacher issued sharp warnings to the misbehaving students.
cautionaryThe article included cautionary warnings about the potential risks associated with the medication.
faithfulThe faithful warnings of the prophet went unheeded.
continualThe continual warnings were ignored by the reckless driver.
sovietWe heeded the soviet warnings and stayed away from the area.
anonymousAs a result of the anonymous warnings the security forces were placed on high alert.
emphaticHeed the emphatic warnings lest you face dire consequences.
biblicalThere are many biblical warnings about the consequences of sin.
fearfulHe ignored the fearful warnings and continued down the dark path.
wiseHeed the wise warnings of the experienced.

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