Adjectives for Warrant

Adjectives For Warrant

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing warrant, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the use of adjectives with the noun 'warrant' reveals a rich tapestry of context and specificity. A 'sufficient warrant' implies adequate justification, while an 'own warrant' may delve into personal authority or self-assurance. The adjective 'such' can introduce examples or signify importance, as in 'such a warrant' could delineate a specified or previously mentioned warrant. A 'royal warrant' elevates the context to one of regal endorsement or decree, whereas a 'general warrant' broadens the scope, potentially encompassing wider legal or authoritative applications. The term 'scriptural warrant' could suggest a religious or moral underpinning. Each adjective weaves its own shade of meaning into the noun, enriching the narrative and expanding interpretation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'warrant' and the nuances they bring to language below.
sufficientThe prosecution lacked sufficient warrant to arrest the suspect.
ownThe police arrested him on his own warrant
royalThe company has held a royal warrant from the British royal family since 1837.
generalThe general warrant allowed the authorities to search any place without specifying a particular location.
scripturalThe pastor argued that his views had biblical and scriptural warrant
legalThe police officers conducted a search of the property with a legal warrant
specialThe police obtained a special warrant to search the suspect's home.
divineThe king ruled with divine warrant believing his authority came directly from God.
ampleThe decision was made with ample warrant
originalThe original warrant was issued on January 10, 2023.
onlyThe police arrest would only warrant such force if he were currently armed and dangerous.
biblicalThe pastor's sermon had strong biblical warrant
properThe police obtained a proper warrant before searching the suspect's home.
betterThe superintendant must have a better warrant to justify her concerns.
outstandingThe police confirmed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for their arrest.
literaryThe literary warrant for this claim is found in the author's extensive research on the topic.
judicialThe police obtained a judicial warrant to search the suspect's home.
federalThe FBI executed a federal warrant on the suspect's residence.
constitutionalThe constitutional warrant for such action is not free from doubt.
fullThe suspect had a full warrant for his arrest.
historicalThe historical warrant for the search was based on probable cause.
epistemicEpistemic warrant refers to the justification or reasoning behind knowledge claims.
furtherThe further warrant will be issued by the judge.
clearThe police obtained a clear warrant to search the suspect's home.
slightestHer certitude was not backed up by the slightest warrant
searchThe police officers executed the search warrant on the house.
scientificHer scientific warrant is to investigate the causes of global warming.
europeanThe European arrest warrant simplifies the process of extradition between EU member states and is known as a 'European warrant'.
writtenThe police obtained a written warrant to search the house.
arrestThe arrest warrant was issued for the suspect who fled the scene.
internationalThe international warrant for the fugitive was issued by Interpol.
lawfulThe police obtained a lawful warrant to search the suspect's residence.
rationalThe rational warrant for this argument is that it is based on evidence and sound reasoning.
officialThe police obtained an official warrant to search the suspect's home.
empiricalThe researcher was able to gather enough empirical warrant to support the hypothesis.
administrativeThe administrative warrant was issued for the purpose of determining administrative compliance, not criminal liability.
formalThe first chairperson of the commission was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen with the formal warrant
sureHis words were a sure warrant of his sincerity.
fugitiveThe police are looking for the fugitive warrant suspect.
deathThe death warrant was signed and sealed, ending the man's life.
adequateThe authorities had an adequate warrant to search the suspect's property.
criminalA criminal warrant was issued for his arrest.
immediateThe police obtained an immediate warrant for the suspect's arrest.
prioriThe police obtained a priori warrant for the raid.
separateThe police obtained a separate warrant to search the defendant's home.
necessaryThe police entered the house with a necessary warrant
soleHis sole warrant for intruding was his wife's unchecked invitation.
textualThe textual warrant supports the argument that the student should not be suspended.
freshThe police obtained a fresh warrant to search the suspect's house.
leastThe least warrant for his actions was his own conscience.
expressThe salesperson gave me an express warrant for the product, promising that it would last for a year.
illegalThe police obtained the evidence through an illegal warrant
provisionalThe judge issued a provisional warrant for the arrest of the suspect.
ultimateThe ultimate warrant is the last and final warrant.
explicitThe police officer's explicit warrant permitted them to enter the house and arrest the suspect.
dueThe committee issued a due warrant for his arrest.
ethicalThe ethical warrant of the argument is that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
fatalThe accused was executed immediately after the judge signed the fatal warrant
statutoryThe police obtained a statutory warrant to search the suspect's property.
theologicalThe theological warrant for the church's mission is found in the Great Commission.
aboveThe results are above warrant
deadThe sergeant was ordered to read the dead warrant to the prisoner.
insufficientThe judge dismissed the case due to insufficient warrant
manualThe police executed the manual warrant and searched the suspect's home.
evidentialThe study's findings provide strong evidential warrant for the conclusion that this new intervention is effective in reducing symptoms of depression.
abundantThere is abundant warrant for dismissing the claims made by the conspiracy theorists.

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