Adjectives for Wars

Adjectives For Wars

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wars, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives associated with 'wars' reveals a rich tapestry of human history and potential future conflicts. Terms like 'civil,' 'napoleonic,' and 'religious' not only describe the nature or origin of these conflicts but also hint at the deep societal, cultural, and political undercurrents driving them. The designation 'indian' and 'foreign' can reflect geographical contexts or perspectives, suggesting a complexity beyond mere location. Considering 'future' wars sparks a conversation on the evolution of conflict and the anticipation of new challenges. Each adjective, when paired with 'war,' invites a deeper understanding of its causes, participants, and impacts. Delve into the full list below to uncover more nuances these combinations unveil.
civilThe two civil wars fought over the presidency of Abraham Lincoln claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
napoleonicThe Napoleonic wars were a series of armed conflicts in Europe from 1803 to 1815.
indianThe Indian wars were a series of armed conflicts between the United States government and Native American tribes.
futureFuture wars may be fought with artificial intelligence and drones.
longThe long wars had been fought in vain.
frenchThe French wars were fought between the British and French over colonial territory in the 18th century.
europeanThe European wars have had a profound impact on the development of Europe.
colonialThe colonial wars led to the independence of many countries.
persianThe Persian wars were a series of conflicts between the Persian Empire and Greek city-states.
bloodyIn the wake of bloody wars nations must strive for reconciliation.
previousThe country suffered heavy losses in the previous wars
recentRecent wars have left many countries in ruins and displaced millions of people.
holyThe holy wars raged on for centuries.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary wars in the 18th and 19th centuries were a major turning point in world history.
balkanThe Balkan wars were a series of conflicts in the Balkans region that took place between 1912 and 1913.
modernModern wars are often characterized by the use of advanced technology and weaponry.
frequentFrequent wars ravaged the ancient world.
internalThe country was ravaged by internal wars for decades.
tribalThe neighboring tribes engaged in fierce tribal wars for many years.
pastThe museum had a whole wing dedicated to the history of past wars
constantConstant wars have ravaged the land for centuries.
italianThe Italian wars were a series of conflicts fought between 1494 and 1559 in Italy.
privateAll the private wars I have with myself are fought in my head.
limitedThe Cold War was characterized by a series of limited wars
earlierHe related to the heroisms of soldiers in earlier wars
formerThe new general studied the maps of former wars
internationalInternational wars have lasting and devastating effects on the lives of civilians.
lateThe late wars left an impact on the generations that followed.
punicThe Punic wars were fought between Rome and Carthage.
numerousThe country has been tormented by numerous wars for many years.
successfulThere have been no successful wars
endlessThe endless wars had taken their toll on the kingdom.
incessantIncessant wars have ravaged the countryside for centuries.
internecineThe internecine wars within the kingdom had weakened it from within.
subsequentSubsequent wars have ravaged the country.
centuryFrance resorted to espionage, sabotage and trickery to defeat its enemy after the century wars
destructiveThe destructive wars left the country in ruins.
turkishThe Turkish wars were a series of conflicts fought between the Ottoman Empire and various European powers.
pettyThe petty wars between neighboring cities were a constant source of annoyance.
aggressiveThe country has engaged in several aggressive wars in recent years.
laterLater wars provided many advancements in technology.
disastrousThe disastrous wars left the country in ruins.
dutchDutch wars were a series of conflicts between England and the Dutch Republic in the 17th century.
israeliThere have been numerous Israeli wars since the state's inception in 1948.
unjustUnjust wars breed more unjust wars
defensiveThe country fought many defensive wars
calledThe historian discussed ancient history, especially called wars
costlyThe costly wars sapped the nation's resources.
successiveModern infantry takes advantage of technology developed during successive wars
continentalThe continental wars brought widespread devastation to Europe.
devastatingThe devastating wars had shattered the nation beyond repair.
conventionalConventional wars are decreasing in number in favor of insurgencies and terrorism.
bitterThe country is experiencing bitter wars with its neighbors.
cruelThe cruel wars had consumed countless innocent lives.
romanThe Roman wars were brutal and bloody.
protractedThe protracted wars in the region have left a trail of destruction and despair.
scottishThe Scottish wars of Independence were a series of conflicts fought between Scotland and England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.
dynasticThe dynastic wars ravaged the kingdom.
perpetualNations that seem doomed to a cycle of perpetual wars
fierceThe fierce wars raged on for centuries, leaving behind a trail of destruction and loss.
globalGlobal wars have had a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide.
navalThe two countries had engaged in extensive naval wars throughout the 18th century.
hussiteThe Hussite wars were a series of religious wars fought in the Kingdom of Bohemia between 1419 and 1436.
continuousThe endless and continuous wars that have plagued the region have left an uncountable number of innocent civilians dead.
regionalHe picked up a magazine and flipped through the pages, stopping at an article about regional wars
interstateThe interstate wars caused great loss and suffering for the people.

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