Adjectives for Washer

Adjectives For Washer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing washer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives when paired with the noun 'washer' can significantly change the perception and functionality of the item. A 'new washer' promises cutting-edge technology and efficiency, while an 'automatic washer' emphasizes ease and convenience. The size descriptors, such as 'large' and 'small,' cater to different space requirements, impacting where the appliance can be placed. In contrast, 'electric' suggests a specific mode of operation that could influence a buyer's decision based on their utility setup or environmental beliefs. The choice of adjective not only conveys vital information but also evokes an emotional response, guiding potential customers towards a decision. Explore the full array of adjectives to discover how they uniquely describe and differentiate washers.
newI need to buy a new washer
automaticThe automatic washer is a great way to save time and energy.
flatThe flat washer provided a smooth transition between the bolt and the surface.
largeThe plumber brought a large washer to fix the leaking pipe.
electricThe clothes are clean after a cycle through the electric washer
smallI need a small washer to fix the leak in the kitchen sink.
oldThey decided to replace their old washer with a new one
splinedThe splined washer was a crucial component in the assembly of the device.
thinThe thin washer was used to tighten the bolt.
specialThe special washer in the machine needs to be replaced.
plainTighten the bolt using a plain washer
secondI need to buy a second washer
thickThe thick washer provided a good seal between the two surfaces.
typeThe type washer was used to clean the clothes.
mechanicalMy grandfather had to fix the mechanical washer last week because it was malfunctioning.
plasticThe plastic washer is a small, flat disc that is used to distribute the load of a bolt or screw.
rotaryThe rotary washer was spinning wildly.
softThe soft washer removed the dirt from the clothes without damaging them.
gullyThe gully washer flooded the basement and ruined all the boxes.
whiteThe white washer was very meticulous in his work.
standardHe purchased a standard washer and dryer set.
selectiveThe selective washer is designed to clean specific areas of a surface.
compulsiveShe was a compulsive washer spending hours scrubbing her hands until they were raw.
windowThe window washer carefully cleaned the dirty windows of the skyscraper.
goldThe gold washer spent hours sifting through the sand, hoping to find a few precious nuggets.
hardenedThe hardened washer was used to secure the bolt tightly.
shapedPlease bring me the shaped washer from the toolbox.
automatedThe automated washer efficiently cleaned the laundry.
lowerThe lower washer is broken.
heavyThe heavy washer made a loud noise while it was running.
outerThe outer washer was broken, so I had to buy a new one.
upperThe upper washer was spinning loudly.
chiefThe chief washer oversaw the laundry process, ensuring that all linens were cleaned and ready for use.
rearThe rear washer is not working.
inchMake sure to use a quality inch washer to get the best results.
lockThe lock washer prevented the bolt from loosening.
innerThe inner washer needs to be replaced.
circularThe circular washer was stuck between the bolt and the nut.
handI need someone who is a hand washer to work in my hospital.
ironThe iron washer fell off the bolt and rolled under the table.
conicalThe conical washer needs to be replaced, as it is leaking water.
frontI always remember to fill up the front washer of my car.
wornThe worn washer was replaced by a new one.
looseThe loose washer rattled around in the dryer with every spin.
topI put my shirt in the top washer
roundThe round washer was used to seal the pipe.
typicalIn this house, we use a typical washer for the laundry.
dryThe dry washer was used to separate gold from dirt and other materials.
spikedThe spiked washer was used to secure the metal plate.
separateThe separate washer is able to wash different types of clothes at the same time.
commercialThe commercial washer was able to clean the clothes very well.
pressureI used a pressure washer to clean the patio.
ordinaryThe ordinary washer can handle up to 11 pounds of laundry.
sphericalThe spherical washer is a three-dimensional object that is generated by rotating a disk about an axis that is perpendicular to the plane of the disk and that does not intersect the disk.
doubleAfter installing the new faucet, I carefully placed a double washer between the supply line and the faucet body to prevent any leaks.
continuousThe continuous washer cleans the dishes all at once.
conventionalWhen using a conventional washer the water and detergent are added to the clothes.
efficientWe need to replace the old washer with a new efficient washer
jointThe joint washer is used to prevent leakage in plumbing systems.
wetI use a wet washer to clean my face.
regularI need to buy a new regular washer for my house.
slottedThe slotted washer was used to secure the bolt with greater precision and prevent it from loosening.
operatedThe operated washer needed some maintenance work.
keyedThe keyed washer helped to prevent the bolt from loosening.
cuppedThe installer hand-tightened the cupped washer onto the pipe.
thickerThe thicker washer was needed to provide a tighter seal.
portableThe portable washer is a convenient way to do laundry in small spaces.
archivalThe archival washer carefully preserved the antique documents.
stainlessThe stainless washer was resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.
beveledThe beveled washer was used as a spacer between the two metal plates.
andThe machine washed and washer my tennis shoes
dishedThe dished washer was broken, so we had to wash the dishes by hand.
serratedThe mechanic secured the bolt with a serrated washer to prevent it from loosening.
ultrasonicThe small parts were cleaned thoroughly by the ultrasonic washer
bottomThe bottom washer of the faucet was loose.
correctEnsure a correct washer matches the machine you are servicing.
footThe foot washer cleaned the mud off of my feet.
woodenHe used a wooden washer to level out the table leg.
wavyThe wavy washer is spinning the clothes.

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