Adjectives for Washing

Adjectives For Washing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing washing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe washing can significantly alter the tone and implication of a sentence. A thorough washing denotes a detailed and comprehensive cleaning process, implying nothing is overlooked. The term hand washing, on the other hand, suggests a personal, gentle approach, often associated with delicate items. Frequent washing could highlight concerns for cleanliness or the necessity for regular maintenance, while careful washing signals attentiveness to avoid damage. Additionally, white and foot washing bring their own unique contexts—connoting specific kinds of washing with cultural, ritualistic, or practical implications. Each adjective opens a new shade of meaning, enriching our understanding of the act. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color and clarity to discussions about washing below.
thoroughThe thorough washing of the car made it look brand new.
handHand washing is an important part of hygiene
frequentThe frequent washing of hands is essential for good hygiene.
carefulThe upholstery requires careful washing to prevent color loss.
whiteThe house had a fresh coat of white washing
footThe foot washing ceremony was a beautiful and moving experience.
finalWhen it comes to the final washing use cool water to preserve the colour.
goldThe historic gold washing site has attracted numerous tourists over the years.
extensiveShe insisted on extensive washing of their hands before they sat at the table.
subsequentTo ensure the removal of any remaining impurities, subsequent washing is recommended.
brainThe cult's brain washing techniques left a lasting impact on her mind.
muchI have much washing to do this weekend.
ceremonialThe ceremonial washing of the hands was performed by the priest before offering sacrifices.
simpleI prefer simple washing instead of dry-cleaning.
dailyDaily washing is important for maintaining good hygiene.
regularI always follow a regular washing routine to keep my clothes clean and fresh.
properSarah ensured proper washing before cooking the vegetables.
excessiveExcessive washing can deplete the skin's natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation.
preliminaryWe conducted preliminary washing with PBS.
dirtyPlease take the dirty washing to the laundry room.
constantThe baby clothes were stained so the constant washing was necessary.
furtherI have sensitive skin so I avoid further washing as it can cause irritation.
sheepThe sheep were all gathered for their annual sheep washing
ordinaryI do my ordinary washing every other day
gentleThe gentle washing of the waves lulled me to sleep.
completeThe cleaning service offered a complete washing of the car's interior and exterior.
compulsiveShe had to manage her problem with compulsive washing before it disturbed her personal life.
coalTo prepare coal for market, it is necessary to remove impurities through a process known as coal washing
adequateThe doctor recommended adequate washing to prevent infection.
mereHer suggestion was a mere washing over all our big worries.
weeklyMy weekly washing includes sheets, towels, and clothing.
hairI need to schedule an appointment for hair washing
prolongedThe prolonged washing of the dishes gave her dry hands.
previousI can't do that without damaging my previous washing
vigorousThe vigorous washing left her hands feeling refreshed.
insufficientThe clothes were still dirty due to insufficient washing
wetThe wet washing hung on the line, dripping with rain.
continuousDue to the continuous washing the clothes have become thinner.
mysticalThe mystical washing of the ancient artifact cleansed it of its centuries-old grime.
spiritualI felt the need for spiritual washing after the traumatic event.
bronchialBronchial washing is a procedure in which the airways are washed with a saline solution to collect cells and other material for examination.
inadequateThe inadequate washing resulted in the spread of disease.
woolThe first step in making yarn is wool washing a process that removes dirt and grease from the wool fibers.
acidThe process of acid washing removes impurities from the surface of a metal.
busyThe children were busy washing their hands.
mechanicalI prefer mechanical washing to hand washing because it is more efficient.
occasionalThe car is recommended to have occasional washing
repeatedThe repeated washing had faded the color of the fabric.
efficientThe new washing machine offers efficient washing and quick drying.
dryThe dry washing method does not use any water.
extraShe had caused extra washing without notice.
crudeThe crude washing was done by hand in a large vat.
effectiveThe effective washing method ensured that the clothes were spotlessly clean.
backMy hair falls out easily, so I stopped back washing my hair.
immediateThe dirty dishes require immediate washing
limeThe farmers used lime washing to protect their fruit trees from pests.
cleanThe fresh scent of clean washing filled the room, creating a sense of domestic tranquility.
dishI hate doing the dish washing
routineRoutine washing can be achieved by using a mild soap and warm water.
continualThe continual washing of the car made it look new again.
copiousThe copious washing left her skin feeling refreshed and clean.
incompleteI apologized for the incomplete washing of my car.
stomachThe patient underwent stomach washing to remove the toxins.
feetThe feet washing took place at the temple during the service.
usualI always do my usual washing on Saturdays.
outwardThe outward washing of the boat removed the stubborn stains.
solventSolvent washing is a cleaning technique that uses a solvent to remove contaminants from a surface.
gas"Gas washing" is a process that removes pollutants from a gas stream by scrubbing it with a liquid.
rapidThe rapid washing left the dishes spotless.
improperThe improper washing of the dishes resulted in a pile of dirty and unhygienic dishes.
symbolicThe symbolic washing ritual holds deep religious significance for the community.
periodicPeriodic washing of the car is essential to maintain its appearance.
imperfectThe toddler's imperfect washing added a touch of charm to the otherwise pristine tee.
gastricThe doctor performed a gastric washing to remove the toxic substance from the patient's stomach.

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