Adjectives for Waste

Adjectives For Waste

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing waste, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'waste' can significantly impact the conveyance of environmental, economic, or health-related concerns. For instance, 'solid waste' emphasizes the physical state, highlighting issues around disposal and recycling. 'Hazardous' and 'toxic' waste, on the other hand, point to dangerous substances, requiring specific handling to mitigate risks to humans and the environment. 'Nuclear waste' brings forth the challenges of long-term radioactive material management, whereas 'industrial waste' references by-products from manufacturing processes, often spotlighting the need for sustainable industrial practices. 'Great waste' suggests a profound level of inefficiency or loss. Each adjective opens a different dialogue on waste management and its implications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and grasp the deeper context they impart on the topic of waste.
solidThe city council is considering new ways to manage solid waste
hazardousThe plant leaked hazardous waste into the nearby river.
greatThe great waste of money on the project was appalling.
nuclearThe radioactive elements in nuclear waste pose a significant threat to the environment and human health.
industrialThe industrial waste was carefully disposed of in a landfill.
toxicThe toxic waste was leaking into the river, poisoning the fish and other wildlife.
humanThe human waste was piled high in the corner of the room.
municipalThe city council discussed the issue of municipal waste disposal at their last meeting.
muchThere is much waste in the world.
economicExcessive packaging is a major form of economic waste
levelThe toxic waste was dumped at a level waste site.
organicOrganic waste such as food scraps and yard trimmings, can be composted to create a nutrient-rich soil amendment.
barrenThe barren waste stretched out before him, a desolate and unforgiving landscape.
lessWe can help the planet by producing less waste
liquidThe liquid waste was carefully disposed of according to regulations.
sheerThe sheer waste of food in the world is a crying shame.
completeThat was a complete waste of time.
totalThis endeavor was a total waste of time and resources.
enormousThe party resulted in an enormous waste of food.
drearyThe dreary waste stretched out before them as far as the eye could see.
unnecessaryJohn's incessant spending led to unnecessary waste
terribleThe aftermath of the storm left behind a terrible waste of resources.
domesticDomestic waste is a major source of pollution in our environment.
considerableThe manufacturing process resulted in considerable waste
sandyThe sandy waste stretched out before us.
wideThe empty lot was a wide waste of space.
radioactiveThe radioactive waste is stored in a secure location.
medicalThe hospital disposed of its medical waste in a safe and responsible manner.
desolateThey wandered through the desolate waste searching for any sign of life.
needlessThe needless waste of resources is a problem that needs to be addressed.
pureMaking a sandcastle in the rain is pure waste
wildThey decided to go on a wild waste to pick up trash and clean up the environment.
tragicThe accident was a tragic waste of a young life.
vastThe vast waste of resources left me feeling disheartened.
infectiousThe infectious waste was carefully disposed of in a sealed container.
wantonThe wanton waste of resources is unacceptable.
mixedWe have to sort the mixed waste
agriculturalAgricultural waste is a major source of environmental pollution.
utterThat was an utter waste of time.
aridThe arid waste stretched out before them, a vast expanse of barren land.
urbanUrban waste is a major environmental problem, especially in developing countries.
excessiveExcessive waste is a major problem for many organizations.
immenseThe factory produced an immense waste of materials.
tracklessWe traversed the trackless waste in single file.
sadThe sad waste of potential is a tragedy.
recklessThe reckless waste of resources was appalling.
criminalThe criminal waste of food is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
permissiveThe permissive waste of resources led to a rapid decline in the company's profits.
awfulIt would be an awful waste if I didn't use this opportunity to thank you.
cultivableThe cultivable waste has been reclaimed for use.
oilyThe disposal of oily waste should be done properly to avoid environmental pollution.
plasticClean up the plastic waste collecting in the ocean.
consequentOur consequent waste was the result of poor planning.
absoluteSpending time on gossiping is an absolute waste
untreatedThe untreated waste was seeping into the groundwater.
wickedThe wicked waste of food is a crime against humanity.
sinfulWasting food is a sinful waste
extravagantThe extravagant waste of the royal court was a burden on the taxpayers.
apparentThe apparent waste was a calculated risk that paid off.
rawThe raw waste was treated with lime to stabilize it.
frightfulThe war resulted in a frightful waste of human life.
grayHe timidly pointed to the gray waste of the Channel to the northward.
boundlessThe desert sprawled before us, a vast and boundless waste of sand and rock.

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