Adjectives for Watch

Adjectives For Watch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing watch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a watch can subtly change its perception. A close watch suggests vigilance, highlighting attentiveness. A first watch might evoke a sense of novelty or an introduction to a cherished tradition. Using careful or strict watch underscores the importance of diligence and discipline in observation or maintenance. A constant watch speaks to unwavering vigilance, while a good watch simply appreciates its quality or reliability. Each adjective carries its own weight, painting the noun in slightly different shades of meaning. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with watch to refine your expression.
closeThe parents kept a close watch on their child's whereabouts.
firstShe arrived in time for the first watch
carefulThe security camera kept a careful watch on the bank.
strictThe prison guards kept a strict watch over the inmates.
constantShe was under constant watch by the guards.
goodI'm really enjoying this good watch
secondThe second watch ended at midnight.
vigilantThe vigilant watch kept by the guards ensured the safety of the camp.
middleMiddle watch came and ten o'clock with it.
thirdThe third watch of the night was the most dangerous.
nightThe night watch kept a diligent vigil.
sharpHe was wearing a sharp watch and a nice suit.
digitalThe digital watch on my wrist displayed the current time.
fourthThe ship was sighted during the fourth watch of the night.
starboardThe starboard watch kept a keen eye on the horizon for any sign of land.
fineI have a fine watch that I wear every day.
swissThe Swiss watch is famed all over the world for its precision and elegance.
closerThe police are keeping a closer watch on the area after the recent crime wave.
expensiveMy wealthy friend keeps his expensive watch in a case.
stopThe runner sprinted to the finish line, his stop watch recording his time.
hourThe guard on duty kept a close hour watch on the prisoners.
bigHe had a big watch
continuousThe security cameras kept a continuous watch over the property.
beautifulHe was wearing a beautiful watch
ordinaryShe looked at her ordinary watch
regularI always wear my regular watch when I go for a run.
cheapI bought a cheap watch at the flea market.
fifthThe fifth watch was a time of great vigilance and anticipation.
silentThe silent watch of the night was broken only by the crickets' chirping.
anxiousThe anxious watch ticked down, each second heavy with dread.
valuableThe valuable watch was nestled on the cushion inside the velvet-lined box.
handsomeHe wore a handsome watch that his father had given him.
heavyMy heavy watch slowed me down.
nightlyThe guards kept a nightly watch over the castle.
forenoonThe forenoon watch brought little excitement, but the captain remained vigilant.
continualThe continual watch on the perimeter prevented any intruders from gaining entry.
jealousThe boy kept a jealous watch on his father's new car.
larboardThe larboard watch was on duty when the ship hit the iceberg.
offThe lookout was off watch and couldn't see the approaching ship.
faithfulThe faithful watch of the dog provided comfort to its owner.
tinyShe discreetly glanced at the tiny watch hidden beneath her sleeve.
keenThe predators kept a keen watch on the unsuspecting prey.
lonelyThe lonely watch began, marking the long hours of solitude.
strictestThe prisoners were kept under the strictest watch
goldMy grandfather gave me his gold watch as a graduation present.
doubleThe thief kept a double watch on the sleeping guard.
niceThat's a nice watch you have on.
fashionedHe was wearing a finely fashioned watch
neighbourhoodThe neighbourhood watch organized a meeting to discuss safety concerns.
stricterThe police kept a stricter watch on the neighborhood after the recent break-ins.
keptThe guards kept watch throughout the night.
closestThe teacher kept the closest watch on the students taking the test.
brokenI forgot to wind my broken watch
goldenMy grandfather proudly wore his golden watch every day.
perpetualThe councilors kept a perpetual watch over the town during the long winter months.
wearyI had a weary watch last night.
electronicHe was wearing an electronic watch
thinThe thin watch was barely visible against her pale wrist.
whaleWe went whale watching last weekend and saw several humpback whales.
diligentThe diligent watch of the security guard prevented any unauthorized entry.
ceaselessThe vigilant guard kept a ceaseless watch over the ancient ruins.
steadyThe ship kept a steady watch on the horizon.
dollarI couldn't believe how cheaply he got that dollar watch
solitaryThe prisoner was placed in solitary watch as a punishment for his disobedience.
sleeplessHe kept a sleepless watch over his sick child.
accurateThe accurate watch kept perfect time.
clockShe glanced at her clock watch
armedThe guard was on armed watch all night.

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