Adjectives for Watching

Adjectives For Watching

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing watching, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The act of watching can be transformed dramatically by the adjectives that precede it. A 'worth watching' movie suggests something that pays off your time investment, while 'careful watching' implies a need for detailed attention, perhaps in a high-stakes scenario. The joy and patience of 'bird watching' highlight an entirely different aspect, focusing on nature and tranquility. Then there's 'constant watching', often associated with vigilance or obsession, and 'close watching', which might speak to either affection or scrutiny. 'Long watching,' meanwhile, could imply endurance or dedication to the task. Each adjective opens a window into a new shade of meaning, enriching our understanding of the seemingly simple act of watching. Discover the full spectrum of emotions and situations these adjectives unveil in the complete list below.
worthThe movie was worth watching
carefulThe careful watching of the child's behavior helped the teacher detect the problem.
birdI enjoy bird watching in the park with my binoculars.
constantThe constant watching of the security cameras made me feel uncomfortable.
longI spent the long watching the clouds float by.
whaleWe went whale watching in the Pacific Ocean.
muchI have spent much watching the birds lately.
anxiousThe anxious watching the progress of the storm.
continualThe continual watching of the stars filled him with a sense of peace and wonder.
incessantThe incessant watching made me feel uncomfortable.
wearyWeary watching I saw the days pass by.
silentThe silent watching of the predator put the gazelle on edge.
patientThe patient watching the doctor work was fascinating.
passiveBrenda enjoyed the passive watching of the parade floats.
excessiveExcessive watching may cause attention issues in children.
nightThe night watching was a long and difficult one.
vigilantThe FBI's vigilant watching apprehended the suspects before they could execute their plan.
mereMere watching the show is not enough to understand it.
clockThe bored office worker resorted to clock watching while waiting for the day to end.
busyThe children were busy watching cartoons.
ceaselessThe creature's ceaseless watching filled the night with an unsettling dread.
closestShe is under the closest watching of her parents.
outsideThe children were outside watching the birds.
dailyI do daily watching of the kid to protect him from strangers.
perpetualThe perpetual watching of the neighbor's cat began to grate on her nerves.
attentiveThe attentive watching of the tutor helped the student learn quickly.
strictThe mother cat kept a strict watching over her kittens.
eagerThe children were eager watching the movie.
faithfulThe faithful watching of the sunrise was a daily ritual for the old man.
lonelyThe lonely watching eyes followed her every move.
sleeplessHe spent the night in sleepless watching his mind racing with thoughts.
fruitlessFruitless watching yielded no promising results.
prolongedProlonged watching of the television can strain your eyes.
endlessThe endless watching of the sky was a torment without end.
mutualThe two groups observed each other with mutual watching
jealousThe jealous watching of his every move made him uncomfortable.
skyRelaxing on the beach, we enjoyed sky watching with a pair of binoculars.
motionlessThe cats in the back yard were motionless watching the birds.
secretThe detectives' secret watching revealed the truth about the criminal's motives.
hopelessThe hopeless watching of the clock ticked by as the seconds seemed like hours.
breathlessThey were breathless watching the tense game.
diligentHe has been under diligent watching for days.
southThe old woman sat south watching the children play.
hourlyThe zoologist found out the pattern after hourly watching the behavior of the gorillas.
closerA closer watching would have revealed the secret.
assiduousThe assiduous watching of the hawk paid off when it finally spotted a rabbit in the grass.
girlThe man was caught girl watching at the park.
tediousThe tedious watching of the traffic jam tested my patience.
drearyShe is busy dreary watching
unweariedI remain here with unwearied watching of your proceedings.
sunsetThe couple enjoyed sunset watching on the beach.
starI enjoy star watching on the moonless nights.
persistentThe tutor's persistent watching made the student nervous.
pollThe group organized a poll watching program to observe the elections.

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