Adjectives for Water

Adjectives For Water

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing water, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Water, a fundamental element for life, takes on new meanings when paired with distinct adjectives. Describing water as hot or cold not only conveys its temperature but evokes unique sensory experiences. Fresh water carries connotations of natural purity, while distilled highlights a process of purification. The adjective warm might bring comfort or relaxation, contrasting with deep water, which introduces a sense of mystery or danger. These adjectives illustrate how the simple noun 'water' can transform, reflecting a wide range of qualities, emotions, and contexts. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with water below.
hotI prefer hot water to cold water.
coldThe cold water chilled my skin.
freshThe crystal clear fresh water of the lake was a sight to behold.
distilledThe distilled water was used to clean the laboratory equipment.
warmThe warm water felt soothing on my skin.
deepThe deep water concealed the jagged rocks below.
pureI need a glass of pure water
shallowThe children played in the shallow water by the shore.
highThe high water flooded the streets, leaving cars and homes submerged.
littleThe small cup contained little water
moreI need more water
clearThe clear water cascaded down the rocks, creating a symphony of sound.
muchI must have drunk much water because I need to use the restroom.
cleanClean water is essential to human health and well-being.
openWaves crashed against the open water
holyThe priest sprinkled holy water on the congregation.
enoughI don't have enough water to fill up the pool.
coolThe cool water ran down his back, refreshing him on the hot day.
seaThe sea water was a beautiful shade of blue.
sterileIn order to mix the solution, I used sterile water as a solvent.
freeThe free water content of the soil was determined by the gravimetric method.
irrigationThe farmer was concerned about the salinity of the irrigation water
liquidThe liquid water was contained in a small glass vial.
excessThe excessive rainfall resulted in excess water in the region, causing widespread flooding.
blueA sailboat glides across the blue water
deeperThe boat went into deeper water
sufficientShe made sure her plants had sufficient water
brackishWe kayaked through the brackish water of the estuary.
muddyThe children splashed in the muddy water
stagnantMosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water
groundThe ground water is clean and safe to drink.
heavyThe heavy water was used in the nuclear reactor to slow down the neutrons.
potableAccess to potable water is essential for human health and well-being.
lessUse less water to conserve water resources.
soapyThe dirty dishes sat in soapy water in the sink.
dirtyThe dirty water flowed down the street.
darkThe dark water swirled around her ankles.
wellOur well water is pure and refreshing.
stillThe still water reflected the trees like a perfect mirror.
saltI love to swim in the salt water
tepidThe lukewarm, tepid water was uncomfortable to bathe in.
icyThe icy water made me shiver.
softThe soft water flowed gently over the rocks.
limeThe clear solution slowly changed to a cloudy white color as the lime water reacted with the carbon dioxide in the air.
lukewarmThe lukewarm water flowed lazily from the faucet.
plainThe doctor recommended I drink plain water every day.
undergroundThe underground water is a valuable resource that needs to be protected.
sweetThe sweet water from the well was a welcome sight after the long journey.
bottledI bought a bottle of bottled water at the store.
safeStudents rely on the school to have safe water for preparing food.
smoothThe smooth water flowed over the rocks.
rawThe raw water must be treated before it can be used.
availableWe can conserve available water by turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth.
andBring bread and water for the journey.
calmThe calm water gently lapped at the shore.
pollutedThe polluted water was making the fish sick.
oceanThe ocean water was crystal clear.
bottomThe bottom water was cold and dark.
icePour some ice water into the glass.
roughThe boat tossed and turned in the rough water
quietThe quiet water reflected the sunset perfectly.
icedI poured a glass of iced water and took a sip.
boiledI boiled water for tea.
poreThe pore water contained high levels of dissolved organic matter.
abundantThe lush rainforest was blessed with abundant water
slackThe slack water of the bay made it easy to row the boat.
boundThe bound water molecules are tightly held by the soil particles and are not available for plant uptake.
coloredThe glass was filled with colored water
acidThe acid water corroded the metal surface.
impureThe impure water caused many people to get sick.
warmerThe warmer water was enjoyed by the swimmers.
crystalThe crystal water glistened in the sunlight.
murkyThe murky water hid the jagged rocks below the surface.

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