Adjectives for Waters

Adjectives For Waters

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing waters, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating through the English language, the choice of adjective when paired with the noun 'waters' can dramatically alter its meaning, illustrating not just the physical attributes but also evoking specific emotions. For instance, 'coastal waters' tend to evoke thoughts of scenic shorelines, while 'deep waters' might suggest something more mysterious or even dangerous. The term 'territorial waters' introduces legal nuances, and 'shallow waters' can be both literal and metaphorical. Describing waters as 'natural' celebrates the untouched beauty of nature, whereas 'troubled waters' suggest conflict or difficulty. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of 'waters,' enriching our understanding and appreciation. Discover the full array of adjectives that can accompany 'waters' and explore the diverse narratives each word weaves.
coastalThe coastal waters were teeming with fish.
territorialThe fishing boat was seized by the coast guard for illegally entering the territorial waters
deepThe hikers trekked through the deep waters their boots heavy with moisture.
shallowThe kids splashed around in the shallow waters near the shore.
naturalThe natural waters teemed with various forms of life.
troubledThey navigated the troubled waters with grace and determination.
freshThe kayak glides silently across the fresh waters of the lake.
blueThe blue waters of the ocean sparkled in the sunlight.
navigableThe boat sailed through the navigable waters of the river.
warmThe warm waters of the Caribbean Sea were a welcome respite from the cold winter air.
darkThe dark waters of the lake shimmered in the moonlight.
clearWe swam in the clear waters of the lagoon.
coldThe cold waters of the lake were refreshing on a hot summer day.
deeperThe boat ventured into deeper waters where the fish were said to be more plentiful.
tropicalThe warm tropical waters invite you to swim and splash.
stillStill waters run deep.
upperThe upper waters of the river are clear and cold.
americanA sleek, white yacht sails through the crystal-clear american waters of the Caribbean Sea.
muddyThe muddy waters obscured the bottom of the river.
northernThe sailors set sail in the northern waters with a strong wind in their sails.
openThe ship sailed through the open waters
calmThe calm waters of the lake reflected the blue sky like a mirror.
internationalThe ship sailed through the international waters beyond the jurisdiction of any country.
quietThe quiet waters of the lake reflected the trees like a mirror.
europeanThe European waters are bracing for the arrival of a fierce storm.
marineThe marine waters around the island are home to a variety of fish and coral species.
westernWe drank western waters and ate fish caught from the mountain rivers.
britishSeveral other smaller colonies were established on islands in British waters
tidalThe tidal waters of the bay were calm and serene.
stagnantThe stagnant waters bred mosquitoes, posing a health risk to the nearby community.
coolThe cool waters of the lake were a welcome relief on a hot summer's day.
southernThe tall ship sailed through the southern waters
adjacentThe adjacent waters of the island are home to a variety of marine life.
internalIn accordance with the UNCLOS, internal waters are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the coastal state.
brackishThe brackish waters of the estuary were home to a variety of marine life.
icyThe icy waters surged against the hull of the ship, threatening to engulf it.
australianSharks are found in many parts of australian waters
unchartedThe ship sailed into the uncharted waters of the Pacific Ocean.
greenThe boat sailed across the green waters
warmerThe warmer waters were teeming with life.
turbidThe turbid waters of the lake made it difficult to see the bottom.
turbulentThe ship sailed through the turbulent waters tossed and turned by the relentless waves.
alkalineThe alkaline waters of the lake are said to have healing properties.
undergroundThe underground waters are a valuable resource for many communities.
temperateThe temperate waters of the Pacific Ocean are home to a diverse range of marine life.
murkyI hesitated to enter the murky waters
mightyThe mighty waters roared and crashed against the shore.
inshoreThe inshore waters around the island are teeming with marine life.
bitterHer tears were like bitter waters flooding her cheeks with sorrow.
japaneseThe sun was shining brightly over the japanese waters
sweetThe sweet waters of the river flowed gently over the rocks.
placidThe boat glided silently through the placid waters
pureThe pure waters of the lake were a welcome sight.
hotThe hikers drank from the hot waters of the nearby mineral spring.
richThe rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico support a wide variety of marine life.
bottomCold bottom waters often occur in lakes during winter.
oceanicThe oceanic waters were teeming with life.
canadianThe Canadian waters are home to a variety of marine life.
indianThe Indian Navy has been on high alert since the recent tensions in Indian waters
norwegianThe Norwegian waters are known for their abundance of marine life.
thermalThe thermal waters in the spa were said to have healing properties.
roughThe boat struggled to stay afloat through the rough waters
chineseThe Chinese fishermen sailed through the chinese waters
atlanticThe seaweed forest sways in the Atlantic waters
neutralThe ship sailed through the neutral waters between the two countries.
sacredThe sacred waters flowed through the temple, cleansing the hearts of the faithful.
smoothThe smooth waters of the lake reflected the sky perfectly.
narrowHe pushed the boat into the narrow waters
distantThe fishermen sailed into distant waters in search of a bountiful catch.
crystalThe sun glistened off the crystal waters of the lake.
shelteredThe sheltered waters of the bay provided a safe haven for the fishing boats.
easternIt is a shame that the fresh water does not flow from the eastern waters
broadThe broad waters of the lake stretched out before us.
stormyThe ship sailed through the stormy waters
brightSunlight danced upon the bright waters casting a dazzling shimmer across the lake.
treacherousThe ship sailed through the treacherous waters the waves crashing against its hull.
subterraneanThe subterranean waters were a vast and unexplored realm.
sparklingI enjoyed a bottle of sparkling waters with my lunch.
alaskanThe fisherman sails through the alaskan waters
holyThe pilgrims bathed in the holy waters of the Ganges River.

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