Adjectives for Watershed

Adjectives For Watershed

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing watershed, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to complement the noun 'watershed' can vastly alter the nuance of a sentence, highlighting different aspects of the watershed's significance or scale. Descriptors such as 'great' and 'important' emphasize the magnitude or criticality of the watershed in ecological or historical contexts. 'Entire' and 'main' focus on the scope and central role of the watershed, suggesting an encompassing or pivotal nature. Conversely, 'small' invites a closer, perhaps more intimate consideration of a watershed, possibly shifting the narrative to a local or specific ecosystem. This nuanced interplay between adjectives and the noun 'watershed' enriches language, allowing for more precise and expressive communication. Discover the full range of adjectives to describe various watersheds below.
greatThe river runs through a great watershed
entireThe entire watershed of the Charles River is 308 square miles.
majorThe construction of the dam created a major watershed
mainThe main watershed of the Andes gives rise to over 40 rivers of varying lengths and flow rates.
importantThe Columbia River Basin is an important watershed in the Pacific Northwest.
smallLocal communities share responsibility for managing their small watershed
upperThe upper watershed of this river is a major source of water for the city.
historicalThe signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a historical watershed in the fight for racial equality.
wholeThe whole watershed is managed by the government to protect the natural resources.
western"Western Watersheds" is a nonprofit conservation organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
politicalThe election of 1932 was a political watershed that ushered in the New Deal era.
forestedWater from the forested watershed flows into the reservoir.
centralThe central watershed divides the watershed into two smaller watersheds.
southernThe southern watershed of the Garonne River is located in the Pyrenees mountains.
agriculturalThe agricultural watershed is a critical component of the regional water system.
easternThe eastern watershed of the Missouri River is the James River.
lowThe low watershed was a major concern for the engineers.
northernThe cold, clear waters of the northern watershed flowed down the mountainside.
realThe collapse of the Soviet Union turned out to be a real watershed for Central and Eastern Europe.
significantThe Amazon basin is thought to be the most significant watershed in the world.
naturalThe natural watershed preserves the purity of the water.
crucialThe summit took place at a crucial watershed in the conflict.
particularThe particular watershed has been a subject of much debate.
criticalThe critical watershed is facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change.
cultural"The invention of the automobile and the airplane are two cultural watersheds of the 20th Century."
urbanThe urban watershed is a complex system that includes both natural and human-made elements.
trueThe natural disaster caused by extreme rainfall formed a true watershed moment.
historicThe historic watershed marked the boundary between two different geological eras.
acreThe acre watershed provides a valuable source of water for the local community.
vastThe vast watershed provides water for millions of people.
nileThe Nile watershed covers an area of over 3.5 million square kilometers and is home to over 400 million people.
lowerThe lower watershed is home to a variety of plants and animals.
decisiveThe Berlin Wall's collapse in 1989 was a decisive watershed in global history.
continentalThe continental watershed divides the east-flowing rivers from the west-flowing rivers.
experimentalThe experimental watershed was used to test the effects of different land management practices on water quality.
atlanticThe Atlantic watershed is the area of land that drains into the Atlantic Ocean.
principalThe Apalachicola is a principal watershed in Florida.
tributaryThe Bow River is a tributary watershed that flows through the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the prairies of Alberta.
largerThe larger watershed includes many smaller ones.
himalayanThe himalayan watershed is the source of many major rivers in Asia.
coastalThe coastal watershed is home to many different species of plants and animals.
appalachianThe Appalachian watershed is a vast and diverse region that plays a vital role in the environmental and economic health of the United States.
largestThe Amazon River basin is the largest watershed in the world.
mileThe mile watershed is a region of land that drains into a specific river or lake.
intellectualThe idea of a revolution in science marked an intellectual watershed
clearThe creek flows through a clear watershed its waters sparkling in the sunlight.
upstreamThe healthiest upstream watershed provides a refuge for the salmon as they migrate upstream.
adjacentThe adjacent watershed is a major source of water for the town.
tropicalThe tropical watershed is a vital ecosystem that provides clean water, food, and shelter for millions of people.
distinctThe river flows through a distinct watershed
psychologicalThe experience was a psychological watershed that led to a significant shift in her perspective.
convenientThe convenient watershed allows for easy access to water resources.
mountainousThe mountainous watershed provides clean water for the surrounding communities.
narrowThe resort is located in a narrow watershed that receives less than 20 inches of rain annually.
hugeThe Amazon River is fed by a vast network of tributaries that form a huge watershed
undisturbedThe undisturbed watershed is home to a variety of plant and animal life.
extensiveThe project will enhance the resilience of a small stream that feeds an extensive watershed
zambeziThe Zambezi watershed is the fourth largest in Africa.
ruralThere are many towns and villages located in the rural watershed
subThe sub watershed is a smaller hydrologic unit within a larger watershed.
regionalThe regional watershed is an important part of the local ecosystem.
alpineThe alpine watershed is an important source of water for the region.
microThe micro watershed is a small area of land that drains into a larger body of water.
genuineThe crisis was a genuine watershed in the evolution of the state's policy on homelessness.
steepFarmers used terracing to slow soil loss in the steep watershed
southThe south watershed is the area of land that drains into a river or stream that flows south.
municipalCharlotte, NC's municipal watershed provides drinking water for over 2 million people.
ideologicalThe meeting represented an ideological watershed between the two factions of the party.
symbolicThe project is a symbolic watershed in our collective progress toward a more sustainable future.
definiteThe Mississippi River forms a definite watershed in the middle of the United States.

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