Adjectives for Wave

Adjectives For Wave

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wave, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'wave' carries a multitude of meanings and emotions, further enriched by the adjectives that can precede it. Describing a wave as 'first' or 'second' not only hints at its order but may also evoke a sense of anticipation or sequence in events. A 'new' wave suggests innovation or a break from the traditional, challenging the status quo. 'Tidal' and 'great' evoke the awe-inspiring power of nature, reflecting the magnitude or impact of the wave, whether metaphorical or literal. Meanwhile, a 'sound' wave shifts the context to the auditory, emphasizing the sensory experience. Selecting the right adjective can transform 'wave' from a simple noun into a vivid, dynamic concept. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuanced meanings they bring to 'wave' below.
firstThe first wave of the pandemic hit the city hard.
newThe new wave of music is characterized by its use of synthesizers and electronica.
secondThe second wave of the pandemic has hit the country hard.
tidalThe tidal wave crashed into the shore with a deafening roar.
greatThe great wave crashed against the shore with a thunderous roar.
soundThe sound wave traveled through the air, carrying the melody of the song.
sineThe graph of the function traces a sine wave
electromagneticRadio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave
thirdThe third wave of coffee has brought about a focus on single-origin beans and artisanal brewing methods.
nextThe next wave of immigrants will bring new ideas and perspectives to our country.
currentThe current wave of the pandemic is proving to be even more difficult to manage than the earlier ones.
continuousThe continuous wave was sent at a frequency of 100 MHz.
shortThe short wave radio signal was weak and intermittent.
acousticThe guitar's acoustic waves resonated through the concert hall.
slowThe slow wave of the water sent a shiver down his spine.
hugeThe huge wave crashed against the shore, sending sprays of water high into the air.
bigA big wave crashed against the shore.
sphericalThe spherical wave propagates in all directions from the point source.
longitudinalThe sound wave traveling through the air is an example of a longitudinal wave
lightThe light wave traveled through the crystal, bending its path.
modulatedThe modulated wave created an audible tone.
coldThe cold wave sent shivers down the spines of the people who experienced it.
initialThe initial wave of immigrants came to America in the early 1900s.
halfThe half wave of the signal is clipped.
negativeA negative wave of emotions washed over me.
sinusoidalThe sinusoidal wave oscillated smoothly along the x-axis.
polarizedThe polarized wave propagated through the medium, inducing a strong electric field.
positiveThe positive wave of energy washed over me, filling me with a sense of joy and optimism.
peristalticThe peristaltic wave propelled the food through the digestive system.
suddenWe were just enjoying the sun, when a sudden wave knocked us into the water.
freshThe fresh wave of innovation has transformed the industry.
squareThe square wave generator produced a consistent signal.
transmittedRadio waves are a type of transmitted wave
incomingThe incoming wave crashed against the shore.
scatteredThe scattered wave caused the signal to be distorted.
complexThe complex wave pattern rippled through the water.
progressiveThe progressive wave moved across the water, creating ripples that spread outwards.
fourthThe fourth wave of feminism is a movement to empower women and fight for their rights.
pureThe sound of the bell was a pure wave that washed over me.
resultantThe resultant wave had a significant impact on the coastline.
solitaryThe solitary wave moved slowly across the ocean, leaving a momentary ripple in its wake.
fourThe surfers skillfully navigated the four wave sets.
mightyThe mighty wave crashed against the shore, sending spray high into the air.
permanentShe got a permanent wave to give her hair more body.
massiveThe massive wave crashed upon the shore, sending spray high into the air.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary wave swept through the kingdom, overthrowing the old order.
seismicThe seismic wave shook the ground violently.
ultrasonicThe ultrasonic wave has a frequency greater than 20,000 hertz.
triangularThe sound wave is in a triangular wave pattern.
giantThe giant wave crashed onto the shore, sending water and sand flying.
secondaryFlooding can also occur as a secondary wave from dams or reservoirs that are being forced to release water.
elasticThe elastic wave propagated through the medium.
monochromaticThe monochromatic wave had a wavelength of 600 nm.
stationaryThe guitar string vibrates in a stationary wave pattern.
periodicThe periodic wave propagated through the medium.
friendlyThe friendly stranger greeted me with a friendly wave
evanescentThe evanescent wave extended beyond the boundary of the waveguide.
dicroticThe dicrotic wave was evident on the patient's blood pressure waveform.
partialThe partial wave expansion is truncated at some finite multipole order.
slightShe gave him a slight wave as she walked away.
latestHe wanted to join the latest wave of crypto investments.
prominentThe prominent wave reached the shoreline with a powerful roar.
enormousThe enormous wave crashed against the shore, sending a spray of water high into the air.
tremendousThe tremendous wave crashed onto the shore with an earth-shattering roar.
rectangularThe rectangular wave has a constant amplitude and switches abruptly between two levels.
electricThe electric wave propagates through the medium at the speed of light.
outgoingThe outgoing wave spread rapidly across the water's surface.
tallThe tall wave crashed against the shore.
opticalThe chip included an optical wave designed to manipulate and shape the trajectory of the photons.
extraordinaryThe recent storms have created extraordinary waves that have been crashing against the shore with great force.
invertedThe patient's inverted wave caused the doctor to change the dosage on medication.

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