Adjectives for Waves

Adjectives For Waves

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing waves, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'waves' invokes a range of vivid imagery, and the adjectives used alongside it can significantly alter the perception and understanding of the term. For instance, 'sound waves' evoke the realm of acoustics, emphasizing propagation and frequency, whereas 'electromagnetic waves' transport us into the realm of physics, dealing with radiation and spectrum. The adjectives 'long,' 'successive,' and 'slow' can describe the physical characteristics of waves, painting a picture of their behavior and interaction with their surroundings. 'Tidal waves,' on the other hand, bring forth the immense power and potential for destruction inherent in nature. Each adjective, when paired with 'waves,' unveils a unique aspect, reflecting the versatility and richness of language in depicting our world. Discover more nuances in the full list of adjectives below.
soundThe sound waves reverberated through the air, reaching the audience's ears.
electromagneticThe electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light.
longThe long waves gently lapped against the shore.
successiveThe successive waves of immigrants to the United States have helped to shape the country's culture and economy.
slowThe slow waves of the ocean lulled me to sleep.
tidalThe powerful tidal waves crashed against the shore, leaving behind a trail of destruction.
shortThe short waves of sunlight flickered across the pond.
lightThe light waves danced across the room like a thousand tiny rainbows.
seismicThe earthquake generated powerful seismic waves that shook the entire region.
longitudinalThe longitudinal waves travel through a medium by compressing and expanding it.
internalInternal waves were observed in the ocean's depths.
acousticThe acoustic waves reverberated through the concert hall.
ultrasonicUltrasonic waves with frequencies above the range of human hearing, are used extensively in technology.
elasticThe elastic waves rippled through the fabric, creating a vibrant shimmer.
electricThe electric waves traveled through the air, carrying the signal to the receiver.
sharpThe sharp waves crashed onto the shore.
hugeThe surfers rode the huge waves with great enthusiasm.
gravitationalThe gravitational waves emitted by the collision of two black holes were detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in 2015.
peristalticThe peristaltic waves of the intestines help to move food through the digestive system.
bigThe towering big waves crashed against the sandy shore.
sphericalThe sound waves produced by the speaker were spherical waves
blueThe blue waves crashed against the shore.
positiveThe positive waves of optimism and joy filled the air.
wildThe wild waves of the ocean crashed against the shore.
partialThe interference of partial waves causes the diffraction of light.
regularThe boat smoothly sailed through the regular waves
stationaryStationary waves are waves that oscillate in place without any net displacement of the medium.
coldThe cold waves crashed against the shore, sending up a spray of icy mist.
darkThe dark waves crashed against the shore, sending up a spray of salty mist.
shearThe shear waves are the secondary seismic waves that travel perpendicular to the direction of propagation.
secondarySecondary waves are transverse waves that travel through solids.
greenThe green waves crashed against the shore.
polarizedPolarized waves are used in radio, television, and other communication systems to improve efficiency and reduce interference.
magneticRadio waves are a type of magnetic waves
deepThe ocean's deep waves crashed against the shore.
electricalThe electrical waves that course through our brains are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
solitarySolitary waves are observed in diverse physical systems, ranging from the atmosphere to water bodies.
sinusoidalThe machine emitted a series of sinusoidal waves
longerThe longer waves of the ocean were crashing against the shore.
irregularThe irregular waves crashed against the shore.
abnormalThe abnormal waves crashed against the shore, sending spray high into the air.
continuousRadio waves were continuous waves
angryThe angry waves crashed against the shore.
periodicThe gentle lapping of the periodic waves against the shore created a soothing rhythm.
shorterThe shorter waves have higher frequencies.
gentleThe gentle waves lapped against the shore, creating a soothing rhythm.
tallThe tall waves crashed against the shore.
nonlinearNonlinear waves exhibit complex behaviors that cannot be described by linear wave models.
scatteredScattered waves sparkled on the water's surface.
progressiveThe progressive waves rolled onto the beach.
invertedThe sun sent inverted waves of light through the blinds.
giantThe giant waves crashed against the shore, threatening to engulf the small coastal town.
squareThe square waves oscillated from positive to negative amplitude values.
crestedThe crested waves crashed against the shore, sending spray high into the air.
hertzianThe radio is broadcasting on hertzian waves
tinyTiny waves lapped at the shore, creating a gentle rhythm.
sineThe gentle sine waves of the music enveloped the listeners, creating a calming atmosphere.
seaThe gentle sea waves rolled onto the sandy shore.
compressionalThe earthquake released powerful compressional waves that shook the ground.
softThe gentle sea breeze carried the soft waves to the shore.
footThe surfer's foot waves gracefully across the water as he rides the wave.
amplitudeThe amplitude waves of the sound were measured in decibels.
mightyThe mighty waves crashed against the shore, their thunderous roar echoing through the air.
oceanThe ocean waves crashed against the shore, creating a soothing rhythm.
generatedHer laughter generated waves of joy that rippled through the room.
planetaryPlanetary waves are large-scale, low-frequency oscillations in the atmosphere that can travel long distances.
prominentThe surfer rode through the prominent waves
harmonicThe harmonic waves propagated through the medium, creating a beautiful symphony of sound.

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