Adjectives for Wealth

Adjectives For Wealth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wealth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'wealth' when paired with adjectives like 'great', 'national', 'much', 'more', 'personal', and 'vast', unlocks a spectrum of interpretations and nuances. This unique combination reflects not only the quantity but also the nature of wealth, from the magnificent scale of 'great wealth' to the intimate depth of 'personal wealth'. Each adjective nuances 'wealth' in a way that can reflect societal values, individual accomplishments, or economic status, offering insights into how wealth is perceived and valued across different contexts. Explore the fascinating interplay of adjectives and wealth to discover what each pairing reveals about the complexities of prosperity and success. To uncover more intriguing adjective-wealth combinations, browse the full list displayed below.
greatThe family had amassed great wealth over the generations.
nationalThe national wealth of the country has increased significantly over the past few years.
muchHe lived in a palace laden with much wealth
moreWith more wealth came greater responsibilities.
personalThe couple's substantial personal wealth enabled them to retire comfortably.
vastThe vast wealth of the company had made the CEO one of the richest people in the world.
considerableHe accumulated considerable wealth through his investments.
realReal wealth is not measured in material possessions, but in the relationships we forge and the memories we make.
immenseThe royal family flaunted their immense wealth with lavish parties and extravagant jewelry.
enormousThe king had accumulated enormous wealth and power over the years.
naturalBy preserving our natural wealth we can help ensure a better future for ourselves and our children.
totalThe man invested a large portion of his total wealth into the stock market.
privateThe private wealth of the top 1% of Americans has grown significantly in recent decades.
economicThe economic wealth of the region has grown significantly in recent years.
fabulousThe lottery winner enjoyed fabulous wealth overnight.
relativeWe have no data on the relative wealth of this individual.
netHis net wealth is estimated to be over a billion dollars.
agriculturalThe country's agricultural wealth was a major source of its economic prosperity.
trueTrue wealth is not measured by the size of your bank account, but by the richness of your relationships.
untold"The lost city was said to hold untold wealth."
suddenThe sudden wealth made her feel uncomfortable.
potentialThe discovery of gold in the area led to a surge in potential wealth
financialFinancial wealth can be a blessing or a burden.
greatestThe greatest wealth is to live content with little.
spiritualSpiritual wealth can bring a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment to life.
sufficientThe family had sufficient wealth to live comfortably.
enoughHe has enough wealth to live comfortably.
gottenHis gotten wealth had made him arrogant and inaccessible.
corporateThe corporate wealth gap is a major issue in the world today.
boundlessThe boundless wealth of the kingdom amazed the travelers.
commercialThe commercial wealth of the city was growing rapidly.
taxableThe total taxable wealth of the country has increased by 10% in the last year.
futureHer wise investments ensured her future wealth
substantialThe family had acquired substantial wealth over the years.
aggregateThe aggregate wealth of the world's richest individuals has increased significantly in recent years.
abundantThe king has abundant wealth
hiddenAn ancient relic held the adventurer's hidden wealth
excessiveExcessive wealth can lead to a lack of motivation and a sense of entitlement.
intellectualAlthough technological advances have led to unprecedented material wealth, many countries still grapple with the task of developing valued intellectual wealth
comparativeThe company's comparative wealth has grown steadily over the past few years.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary wealth of the billionaire attracted widespread attention.
inexhaustibleThe king's inexhaustible wealth was the envy of neighboring kingdoms.
unlimitedUnlimited wealth opens limitless possibilities and unimaginable luxuries.
surplusThe surplus wealth accumulated by the elite has led to a widening wealth gap.
tremendousThe tremendous wealth of the family shocked everyone.
mereMere wealth cannot buy happiness.
materialHer scant material wealth failed to bring any happiness to her.
chiefThe chief wealth of the country lies in its natural resources and skilled labor force.
superiorHer superior wealth allowed her to live a lavish lifestyle.
productiveThe company's productive wealth is growing rapidly due to their investment in new technology.
concentratedThe concentrated wealth in the hands of a few individuals has led to widening income inequality.
foundThe prospector found wealth in the abandoned mine.
extremeThe extreme wealth of the tech billionaires has led to a growing wealth gap in the country.
moderateShe enjoyed a moderate wealth but was never materialistic.
superfluousThe lottery winner's newfound superfluous wealth allowed him to indulge in extravagant purchases.
infiniteThe infinite wealth of the universe is a mystery that has puzzled mankind for centuries.
tangible"The oil tycoon's tangible wealth was evident in his lavish mansion and luxury car collection."
monetaryHis monetary wealth had been greatly diminished.
hugeThe royal family's huge wealth is a testament to their enduring power and influence.
incredibleThe incredible wealth of the royal family was on full display during the coronation ceremony.
hereditaryHe has been able to live comfortably due to his hereditary wealth
acquiredHe acquired wealth through a series of shrewd investments.
earthlyDespite his earthly wealth he was still unhappy.
unboundedThe royal family possessed unbounded wealth and lived in opulent palaces.
hoardedThe greedy dragon hoarded wealth in his cave.
collectiveThe collective wealth of the community has increased significantly over the past decade.

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