Adjectives for Weapon

Adjectives For Weapon

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing weapon, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'weapon' can significantly alter the perception and emotional impact of your sentence. A 'powerful weapon' evokes a sense of overwhelming force, while a 'new weapon' hints at technological advancements and unknown capabilities. The term 'nuclear weapon' immediately brings to mind devastation on a massive scale and the gravity of warfare's consequences. Describing something as the 'only weapon' suggests a last resort or a unique advantage. An 'effective weapon' pragmatically evaluates its success in achieving its purpose, whereas a 'secret weapon' implies an ace up one’s sleeve, something hidden that can change the course of events. Explore the full spectrum of nuances with our comprehensive list of adjectives paired with 'weapon'.
powerfulThe powerful weapon was used to defeat the enemy.
newThe soldiers tested the new weapon on the firing range.
onlyHer only weapon was her knowledge.
secretThe army used a secret weapon to defeat the enemy.
deadlyThe hiker always carried a deadly weapon with them when going on long trails.
potentThe potent weapon had the ability to inflict maximum damage.
dangerousThe suspect was wielding a dangerous weapon when the officers arrived.
formidableHer formidable weapon was hidden under her cloak.
ultimateThe final boss was defeated with the adventurer's ultimate weapon
offensiveThe police seized a variety of offensive weapons from the suspects.
bestThe best weapon is knowledge.
importantThe cannon was an important weapon during the Revolutionary War.
chiefDiplomacy was his chief weapon
mainThe main weapon of the army was a tank.
lethalThe gun he was holding was a lethal weapon
principalThe enemy's principal weapon was stealth.
majorThe major weapon in the battle was an artillery cannon.
terribleOn a clear day, the castle looked like a terrible weapon
defensiveThe police officer used a defensive weapon to protect himself from the attacker.
concealedThe police officer discovered the concealed weapon during the traffic stop.
usefulThe sword was a useful weapon in battle.
militaryThe military weapon was used to defend the country from its enemies.
favoriteMy favorite weapon is a sword.
strongestThe strongest weapon is knowledge.
primaryHe used his primary weapon a sword, to defeat his opponent.
heavyThe soldiers used heavy weapons to attack the enemy positions.
competitiveThey used a competitive weapon to gain an advantage.
greatestEducation is the greatest weapon in fighting poverty.
favouriteMy favourite weapon is a sword.
sharpThe police confiscated a sharp weapon from the suspect.
strategicThe government has developed a new strategic weapon
mightyThe mighty weapon had the power to destroy the world.
valuableThe sharp sword was a valuable weapon against the enemy.
tacticalThe tactical weapon was used to neutralize the threat.
standardThe standard weapon of the army is a rifle.
efficientThe efficient weapon was the only thing that could defeat the enemy.
decisiveThe decisive weapon in the conflict was the unwavering determination of the people.
potentialThe officer shot the suspect because he was holding a potential weapon
excellentThe sword was an excellent weapon both sharp and well-balanced.
availableThe police had to resort to using the last available weapon
psychologicalThe psychological weapon was used to manipulate the minds of the enemy soldiers.
legitimateI don't believe that a gun is a legitimate weapon for self-defense.
murderousThe murderous weapon was discovered at the crime scene.
soleTo be successful, honesty is the best sole weapon
revolutionaryThe revolutionary weapon transformed the battlefield, giving soldiers unprecedented power.
handyIn the midst of the chaos, he brandished his handy weapon prepared to defend himself against the approaching horde.
antitankThe antitank weapon was powerful enough to destroy a tank.
convenientThe convenient weapon was a sturdy stick which could be found anywhere.
devastatingThe sudden nuclear strike was a devastating weapon that left the city in ruins.
fatalThe fatal weapon was a knife that had been used to inflict multiple wounds.
rangeThe ranger aimed his range weapon at the target.
tankThe tank weapon was a powerful force on the battlefield.

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