Adjectives for Wear

Adjectives For Wear

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing wear, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe wear can subtly alter the meaning of a sentence, illustrating not just the physical state but also the emotional or situational context. Describing something as having excessive wear might imply neglect or overuse, while abrasive wear speaks to harsh conditions or misuse. On the other hand, normal wear suggests a natural and expected level of use. The type of wear—be it rapid, formal, or ordinary—tells a story of interaction, care, and purpose. The choice of adjective paints a vivid picture of the object's life and usage. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover the myriad ways wear can be described and understood.
excessiveThe excessive wear on the tires was a safety hazard.
abrasiveThe brake pads were severely worn due to abrasive wear
normalThe clothes showed signs of normal wear and tear.
rapidThe constant rubbing caused rapid wear on the fabric.
formalShe wore formal wear to the event.
ordinaryThe clothes were worn out after ordinary wear
lessThe new shoes are made of a durable material that shows less wear
hardI need some hard wear to fix my computer.
everydayIt's best to wear comfortable shoes for everyday wear
muchThe old book showed much wear
casualShe always wears casual wear on the weekend.
mechanicalThe mechanical wear of the engine was minimal after years of hard driving.
heavyThe fabric showed heavy wear after multiple washes.
dailyPlease make sure you have your daily wear in your bag.
moreThe dress is showing more wear after being washed several times.
severeThe engine experienced severe wear after the high-performance race.
considerableThe antique table showed considerable wear from years of use.
adhesiveThe adhesive wear of the coating was evaluated using a scratch test.
constantThe constant wear and tear had begun to take its toll on the machine.
undueThe excessive use of the machine caused undue wear and tear.
unevenThe tires showed signs of uneven wear indicating a need for an alignment.
occlusalThe patient's teeth showed signs of occlusal wear indicating excessive grinding of the teeth.
greaterThe tires will sustain greater wear and tear on rough terrain.
abnormalThe abnormal wear was probably caused by the user's improper use of the equipment.
extendedMy glasses have an extended wear feature, which is really convenient.
outdoorI need to buy some new outdoor wear for my camping trip.
prematureThe premature wear of the tires was caused by the excessive weight of the vehicle.
physicalThe heavy backpack caused physical wear on her shoulders.
corrosiveThe corrosive wear was so severe that the metal had to be replaced.
unnecessaryThe unnecessary wear on the tires was caused by the driver's aggressive maneuvering.
dentalDental wear and tear can be caused by several factors such as grinding, acidic foods, and poor oral hygiene.
longerThe paint's longer wear ensures that your walls will look fresh for years to come.
slightThe book showed only slight wear
westernMy cowboy uncle wore western wear to every family gathering.
greatestThe old building showed the greatest wear
useThe use wear on the shoes indicated that they were used often for hiking.
fairThe couch showed fair wear after years of use.
daytimeShe packed only daytime wear for her trip to the beach
extraThe tires had extra wear from the rough terrain.
dayShe prided herself on her elegant day wear
extremeThe extreme wear and tear on the equipment led to an early breakdown.
continuousThe continuous wear of the fabric had caused it to become thin and frayed.
informalShe was wearing informal wear like jeans and a T-shirt.
reasonableThe warranty on the item does not cover damage caused by reasonable wear
maximumThe car's tires had reached maximum wear and needed to be replaced.
usualHe was dressed up in his usual wear which consisted of jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.
excessThe tires showed excess wear from hard cornering on the track.
extensiveThe car's engine showed extensive wear after the cross-country road trip.
frictionalFrictional wear is the wearing away of a material due to the friction of another material rubbing against it.
unequalThe machine cannot run efficiently because of the unequal wear on the parts
roughThe camping equipment had been through rough wear
mildThe sofa showed mild wear after years of use.
appreciableThe old car had appreciable wear on its tires.
minimumThe vintage furniture showed minimum wear
moderateThe couch showed signs of moderate wear and tear.
unusualThe dress showed unusual wear for its age.
bodyI'm wearing a new body wear
termThe term wear refers to the clothing worn by people during their work shifts.
leastThe old shirt had the least wear of all.
gradualThe gradual wear of the tires was evident in their reduced tread.
consequentThe natural consequent wear of the product is a visual patina.
timeTime wears away strength and beauty.
athleticI need to buy some new athletic wear for my workout tomorrow.
fashionableShe showed off her fashionable wear at the party.
lightThe shirt shows light wear with some minor fading and a few small stains.

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